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University Libraries 2020

Communities: Focus on UB Faculty, Students and Staff


  • Create e-Textbooks Portal
  • Develop Library User Code of Conduct
  • Develop a process and strategic plan in creating and promoting digital collections
  • Examine Libraries’ impact on student success: ULC 257
  • Perform analysis of Delivery+ efficiencies (ILL, POD, Delivery+, purchase requests)
  • Library Skills Workbook/Info Lit Analysis
  • Track and analyze IT tickets related to e-resources programs reported by our community
  • Develop plan for Library Guides
  • Implement EZ proxy software upgrade and server virtualization
  • Develop policies and procedures for the new Medical School Library
  • Develop HOTC Capen 3 services and staffing levels
  • Perform Facilities Master Plan, Phase I: Existing Facilities Assessment
  • Implement Facilities projects in accordance with Existing Facilities Assessment Final Report
  • Perform Facilities Master Plan, Phase II: Data Collection and Environmental Scan
  • Perform outreach to Finish in Four and University Scholars students
  • Increase Faculty/Departmental contacts
  • Rethink e-Reserves
  • Analyze marketing effectiveness

Institution: Focus On Institutional Directions


  • Identify or create an annual reports system for faculty and staff, Phase I: Environmental scan of existing systems
  • Create ORCiD IDs, Phase I: Law Faculty Pilot
  • Analyze impact of University Libraries' staff scholarship
  • Create plan for Empire Shared Collection, Phase II
  • Assess current Acquisitions/Cataloging Shared Services Programs
  • Join SHARE
  • Analyze scholarship partnerships
  • Perform OA/Data mandate, Phase I
  • Centralize processing of student assistant hires
  • Develop guidelines for student employment
  • Standardize language in Conditions of Employment Letters (COELs)

Libraries' Staff: Focus on Learning and Growth

libraries staff

  • EZ Proxy log file analysis, Phase I: Exploration
  • Update Staff Web, Phase I
  • Create faculty mentoring program
  • Develop safety training program

Finance: Focus on Finanical Health

  • Perform analysis of grant funding
  • Increase number of first-time donors
  • Develop new acquisitions infrastructure, Phase I: Compress Vendors and Transition to EDI
  • Extend access to financial reports in UB Strategic Information Reporting Initiative (SIRI) to unit level