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Central Technical Services

Central Technical Services (CTS) is a unit of the University Libraries, responsible for acquiring, organizing, delivering, and preserving content in all formats. The activities of all areas of the University Libraries are supported by Central Technical Services.

Hours and Location

Central Technical Services is not open to the public. Staff members are available for assistance Monday-Friday, from 8:30 am-5:00 pm. The unit is located on the first (ground) floor and basement levels on the south side of Lockwood Library.

Central Technical Services
University at Buffalo
134 Lockwood Library
Buffalo, NY 14260-2210
(716) 645-2305

Mission and Values

Central Technical Services acquires and provides access to library materials in all formats in support of the teaching and research missions of the University at Buffalo. The prompt and efficient purchasing and cataloging of new materials, the licensing of electronic resources, the maintenance of a high quality bibliographic database, and the preservation of older materials facilitate teaching, learning, and research throughout the University community.

Central Technical Service staff promote the development and use of standards for technical services throughout the University Libraries, in Western New York libraries, and among other SUNY libraries. Through participation in BIBCO, CONSER, and NACO, the staff contribute to bibliographic and authority control at the international level.

The use of technology has been at the heart of the work of Central Technical Services for over thirty-five years. OCLC has been used for cataloging since 1974. Ex Libris’ Aleph is used as the integrated library system, and Innovative Interfaces’ ERM is used for managing electronic resources. Numerous locally-developed programs are also used by the staff.

Central Technical Services is committed to providing students in the University at Buffalo’s Department of Library and Information Studies with opportunities for gaining meaningful work experience in a dynamic research library technical services environment.

All staff in Central Technical Services are committed to providing the highest quality of service in the most efficient manner possible in support of the core missions of the University Libraries and the University at Buffalo.

What We Do

Central Technical Services orders, receives, and catalogs materials—whether purchased, free, or received via state, federal or international government document depository programs—in support of the University Libraries. CTS staff manage the annual expenditure of an acquisitions budget of more than $8 million dollars and the related financial records. In addition, they gather and report collection statistics to be provided to major library organizations and the State of New York.

CTS staff negotiate licenses or terms for, provide access to, and maintain information about the majority of the University Libraries’ electronic periodicals, e-books, and databases, as well as print periodicals and other materials received on standing order. Staff bind periodicals and other library materials for the Arts and Sciences Libraries. Preservation conserves, preserves, and repairs materials in all formats; oversees disaster responses within the Libraries; and provides all units of the University Libraries with support for exhibits.

CTS catalogers provide access to materials purchased for or received as gifts by most units of the University Libraries. The catalogers participate in and contribute records to the Program for Cooperative Cataloging’s (PCC) Cooperative Online Serials Program (CONSER), the Monograph Bibliographic Record Program (BIBCO), and Name Authority Cooperative Program (NACO). Staff in CTS also provide authority control for the Libraries’ catalog and metadata for digitized collections. The unit maintains the Libraries’ bibliographic database and handles bibliographic control aspects of transfers among units of the Libraries and the Library Annex.

Sections and Divisions


Staff Support

The Staff Support Section supplements staffing in other areas of Central Technical Services and undertakes special projects. As needed, staff in the section participate in the work of the Authority Control & BISON Database Management, Continuing Resources, Monographs, and Preservation operations. Staff in the section also work on specialized technical services projects for which bibliographic and holdings expertise are required.

Vocabulary Control & BISON Database Management

The Vocabulary Control & BISON Database Management Section assures the consistency and quality of all records that reside in our Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) and Digital Collections. Staff provide support and expertise to all areas of Technical Services.

The Vocabulary Control Section coordinates all policies and procedures relating to the control of names, subjects, and series in MARC bibliographic records created or obtained by the University Libraries. The University Libraries’ vendor-supplied authority control services are administered entirely within this section. Vocabulary Control is also the focal point for NACO record contributions to the Library of Congress Name Authority File and for all training related to the PCC’s NACO Program. In addition, the section serves as the locus for vocabulary control and metadata schema selection in digital collections created and maintained by the University Libraries and its related partnerships.

The BISON Database Management Section handles the editing of all bibliographic and holdings information related to volume additions. Processing of journals, serial chapbooks, and little magazines for UB’s Poetry Collection are handled here, as are special projects related to the bibliographic and physical aspects of collection relocation.

BISON Database Management staff are also responsible for both copy and original cataloging of many titles in the Libraries’ e-book packages, and coordinate the preparation, loading and maintenance of all e-book packages. In addition, staff assist in special projects, staff productivity enhancement, monographic ordering, system reports, and budget management.

Continuing Resources Division

Continuing Resources Acquisitions

Continuing Resources Acquisitions is responsible for the ordering, cancellation, renewal and license administration of continuing resources (regardless of format) and databases for all units except Law and Poetry. Staff handle the acquisitions functions and work closely with collection development librarians across the Libraries. They serve as the primary contact with publishers and other suppliers of journals and databases as well as the primary administrative contact for electronic journal subscriptions. Staff also handle the review and negotiation of license terms prior to formal approval and maintain a complete and up-to-date file of license agreements for both the Continuing Resources and the Monographs Divisions.

The section works closely with the Electronic Periodicals Management & Continuing Resources Cataloging section regarding access, holdings, and troubleshooting problems for electronic journals. Both sections work together to oversee the annual renewal of print and online periodicals for the Arts and Sciences Libraries, the Health Sciences Library, and the Music Library, and to manage the Innovative Interfaces Inc. Electronic Resources Management (ERM) system.

Electronic Periodicals Management & Continuing Resources Cataloging

The Electronic Periodicals Management & Continuing Resources Cataloging section (EPM&CRC) handles copy and original cataloging for print and electronic periodicals, as well as for other electronic continuing resources, including databases and websites. As an associate member of the CONSER program, staff edit, upgrade, and authenticate shared master serial records in the OCLC database.

The section creates and maintains BISON holdings records for a constantly changing list of electronic periodicals as well as other online continuing resources, whether paid or free. Staff manage the Libraries’ A-Z E-Journals List through Serials Solutions and work with Continuing Resources Acquisitions to create and maintain data in the Innovative Interfaces Inc. Electronic Resources Management (ERM) System. In addition, EPM&CRC administers the Libraries’ 360 Link implementation and the LOCKSS digital preservation program. Together with Continuing Resources Acquisitions, the EPM&CRC section oversees the annual renewal of print and online periodicals for the Arts and Sciences Libraries, the Health Sciences Library, and the Music Library.

Print Periodicals & Serials

The Print Periodicals & Serials Section manages the receipt, processing, claiming and binding of periodicals and other serials received in a format other than electronic for all areas of the University Libraries except Law. The materials handled include paid, free, and government published periodicals and serials and require that staff be in regular contact with a variety of publishers, vendors and suppliers.

Funds Management & Technical Services Support

The Funds Management & Technical Services Support Section is responsible for the maintenance of the materials budget accounts of the University Libraries. Currently, these state and restricted accounts amount to approximately $8.5 million annually. The Funds Management & Technical Services Support Section must maintain direct contact with publishers and suppliers relating to payments and accounts.

The Funds Management & Technical Services Support Section places all liens, approves all payments for the Arts and Sciences Libraries, the Health Sciences Library, the Music Library, and Special Collections. For all areas of the University Libraries the section prepares purchase requisitions for the materials budget, maintains materials budget accounts, and, for that budget, serves as the liaison between the University Libraries and the University Purchasing and Accounts Payable Departments.

The Funds Management & Technical Services Support Section is also responsible for technical services data collection, ordering and maintaining all supplies and equipment used by staff in Central Technical Services, overseeing the maintenance of the physical facility, and processing timesheets, time and attendance reports, and travel vouchers.

Monographs Division

The Monographs Division’s responsibilities include ordering and cataloging of monographic materials in all formats for the Arts and Sciences Libraries, the Health Sciences Library, the Music Library and the Poetry/Rare Book Collection. Staff receive material on firm orders, approval plans, blankets, and monographic series. Gift donations are also processed. Technical services activities for the U.S. federal, Canadian, New York State and European Communities documents received on depository are coordinated in this division.

The Division contributes to BIBCO and NACO components of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging. Through these programs, the quality of the bibliographic database through adherence to national standards such as MARC, AACR2, NACO, LCHS, NLM, MeSH, and Library of Congress Rule Interpretations and other policies is assured.

Technical services processing for SUNY Delhi’s library is handled in the Monographs Division. This includes ordering, receiving, copy cataloging, and posting payments in Delhi’s Aleph system.

The division is involved with three “Purchase on Demand” programs which involve ordering and cataloging materials that are requested through Interlibrary Loan. The programs are SUNYOne (first title added by a SUNY institution), WNYLRC (first title added by a WNYLRC member), and POD ILL (those materials that do not fit in the SUNYOne and WNYLRC profiles, but have been published within the past 5 years, are inexpensive, and are readily obtained).

Materials received from the University Press SUNY shared collection program are processed by the Division. All titles from 8 university presses are ordered automatically and held at one of the 4 SUNY Centers (Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, and Stony Brook), with titles from Duke, Cornell, and Michigan being housed at UB. Titles housed at the other three Centers are added to the BISON catalog and include those published by the university presses at Chicago, Harvard, Minnesota, Washington, and Yale.


The Preservation Program is funded annually through state aid granted by the New York State Library, Division of Library Development. Each year, an aid application is completed to outline preservation activities for the upcoming fiscal year. The overall mission of the program is to preserve the content of the University Libraries’ collections so that it is safeguarded and accessible for future study and use. Specifically, this may include conservation, restoration, and reformatting of items. In some cases, rebinding or replacement accomplishes this goal in a more cost effective manner.

The program actively participates in grant funded projects through the New York State Library’s Coordinated Grant Program for special projects. Since 1986, Preservation has participated in more than twenty cooperative conservation projects with ten other comprehensive research libraries in New York State.

The Preservation Program is responsible for disaster response and recovery efforts with the formation of a response team and a comprehensive disaster plan.