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University at Buffalo Libraries

University Archives

Collections of Student Life at the Archives

The University Archives keeps many student publications (9/7) that are not listed here including newsletters, magazines and newspapers regarding student movements, Alternative Press, Student poetry and prose, humor, etc.

Graduate Student Association records, 1963-1970


Records of the Graduate Students Association of the State University of New York at Buffalo reflecting the interest of the GSA in issues of university governance and policies pertaining to graduate studies including correspondence; financial records; reports; minutes; and other materials.

Also records documenting graduate student involvement in the social issues in the 1960s such as opposition to the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1964; opposition to the war in Vietnam; and support for the civil rights movement. Guest speakers at GSA-sponsored events included Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Benjamin Spock.

Graduate Student Association records, 1970-1976


Records of the Graduate Students Association of the State University of New York at Buffalo concerning the Graduate School; Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU); Student Association of the State University (SASU); National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education; and other bodies. Topics covered include collective bargaining; grievance procedures; state support for higher education; lobbying; student rights; and student services.

Records include correspondence of GSA officers; reports; position papers; minutes; leaflets; notes; budget working papers; and other items. SOME RESTRICTIONS: Folders titled "GSA Grievances, 1972-1975" are restricted; consult archivist.

National Student Association Buffalo Chapter Records,1946-1967


Records of the University of Buffalo Chapter of the National Student Association, 1946-1964, and 1967. Includes material from the First through Sixteenth N.S.A. Annual Congresses (1946-1964) and from the Twentieth Congress (1967). The Twentieth N.S.A. Congress was notable for the controversy over Central Intelligence Agency funding of the N.S.A.

Kim Darrow Papers, 1963-1967


Miscellaneous materials, 1963-1965, of the Student Senate Civil Rights Committee kept by Kim Darrow, student leader.

Student Association records, 1961-1967

Records of the Student Association of the State University of New York at Buffalo including minutes; letters; memoranda; and other papers.

Student Coordinating Council and Polity Minutes, 1967-1972

Minutes of the Student Senate (1967-1968), and its successor, the Student Coordinating Council and Polity (1968-1972).

Sesquicentennial time capsule (sealed until 2046)

Office of the President, State University of New York at Buffalo, May 19, 1996. Mementos of 1996 collected by State University of New York at Buffalo students during the sesquicentennial of the University and intended to remain sealed as a time capsule until 2046. The items were presented to President William R. Greiner at the 150th commencement on May 19, 1996. This time capsule contains more than fifty items. The items relate to student life and information about the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1996.

Black Student Union


Publications from 1970 onward

Sigma Kappa Phi Sorority scrapbooks, 1959-1970

Phi Psi Sorority Scrapbooks, 1928-1946

Scrapbooks of the Phi Psi Sorority including chapter minutes; descriptions of social activities; capsule history of the U.B. campus until the late 1930s; and other miscellaneous items.

Women's Honor Societies Scrapbooks, 1924-1964

Cap and Gown History Booklet, 1924-1968

Bison Head Constitution, 1923



Includes Iris, Buffalonian, The Reflector, The Medentian, The Avocate, Signa, Kranteras, Continuum, Transition, and the SAED.

Medentian : Collection, 1949-1967


Collection documenting procedures involved in publishing a student yearbook including layout sheets; paste ups for the 1967 yearbook; financial records; and correspondence with publisher, advertisers and patrons.

Ethos Collection, 1968-1978

Ethos grew out of the Commuter Council Newsletter which began publication in 1968; Ethos was intended to reflect the philosophy of the student body and provide a more conservative alternative to the Spectrum. Files contain correspondence of the editors concerning management issues of a mostly financial nature such as advertising; marketing; contracts; overdue accounts; and other similar matters; also correspondence with contributors; officers of the student government; and political figures including Hubert Humphrey; Ted Kennedy; Jacob Javits; George McGovern; and Jack Kemp. In addition to correspondence, files include constitution; by-laws; budgets; news releases; forms; and other items.

Undergraduate Research Council records, 1967-1973


The Undergraduate Research Council is a special committee of the Student Association which funds undergraduate research projects. Records of grant recipients; may include applications; budgets; correspondence; and research reports.

Argus, Publications Office, University of Buffalo, 1947-1950


"Official publication of the University of Buffalo written for and by the students."

The Bee, 1921-1950

The Spectrum

Graduate Student Employees Union Records, 1974-1977


The Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU) was organized during the Spring and Summer of 1974, partially in response to cuts in the SUNY budget the previous year. Its purpose was to promote the best interests of students and education at the State University of New York at Buffalo. The union ceased functioning in 1978. Records of GSEU documenting the history of the union from its inception (1974) through the strike referendum in the Spring of 1977 including newsletters; leaflets; minutes; agendas; membership lists; correspondence; and other materials; also publications from graduate students at other institutions; other unions; and printed material from the 1974 convention of the American Federation of Teachers.

Papers of Students

Frank B. McCollum, Football Scrapbook, 1918-1919

McCollum was quarterback and captain of the University of Buffalo 1919 football team, and graduate of the UB Dental School, Class of 1922. Scrapbook, 1918-1919, kept by Frank McCollum including clippings from local newspapers for games played in the 1918 and 1919 seasons; also programs from a 1919 reception sponsored by the Dental School Class of 1922 in honor of the Class of 1921; and a program for the 1919 annual banquet of Xi Psi Phi, a dental fraternity.

Kenneth H. Eckhert Papers as Editor of the Bee and Medentian, 1931-1955

Eckhert received his BA from the University of Buffalo in 1931 and his MD from the University of Buffalo in 1935. The Bee was the University of Buffalo student newspaper; the Medentian was the magazine of the Medical and Dental Schools.

Papers of Kenneth Eckhert as the editor of The Bee, 1930-1931, and editor of the Medentian, 1932-1933; also includes later papers, 1941-1949 and 1954-1955, as the faculty advisor to the Medentian. Papers include correspondence; printed materials; news releases from the National Student Federation of America; and other material.

Paul Burgdorf Letters, 1906-1909

Burgdorf was a Pharmacy student at UB from 1906-1909. Letters, 1906-1909, written by Burgdorf to Grace, his future wife.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorabilia Collection

Memorabilia of Martin Luther King Jr. in Buffalo including a signed introduction; newspaper article; and program of speaker series.

Roland R. Benzow Scrapbook, 1930-1933

Benzow was a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, 1930-1933. Scrapbook, 1930-1933, kept by Roland R. Benzow including clippings from campus and local newspapers; programs, tickets and other printed memorabilia from athletic events, dances, plays and other social events; award ribbons from the Moving Up Day Track Meet; a badge from the campus newspaper, The Bee; and other items illustrating campus life at the University of Buffalo in the early 1930s.

Bertha Nax Irwin Photographs, 1937-1939

Irwin gradated with the Class of 1939 from Arts and Sciences. Photographs, 1937-1939, kept by Bertha Nax Irwin, of student life at the University of Buffalo, including members and activities of Cap and Gown, Phi Psi, the Men's and Women's Glee Clubs, and graduation.

Beatrice Jaffey Gorbaty Textbooks, 1942

Gorbaty graduated with the Class of 1942 at the University of Buffalo. Textbooks, 1942, used at the University of Buffalo for sociology, economics and history.

Berten C. Bean original drawings for the Medentian, 1940

Berten C. Bean was a member of the 1941 class of the School of Medicine. He served as Art Editor of the Medentian, the yearbook for the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. Four drawings by Berten C. Bean which appeared in the 1940 edition of the Medentian. Also includes a photographic collage which appeared in the same edition.

Willis Bryan Fitch pharmacy class lecture book, ca. 1898-1900

Willis Bryan Fitch of Mooers, N.Y. was a member of the School of Pharmacy class of 1900. After graduation he worked as a pharmacist in Mooers. Holograph class lecture book (142 leaves) maintained by Willis Bryan Fitch as a student in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Buffalo.

Victor Reinstein photograph album, ca. 1960

Victor Reinstein was born in 1894 and was a member of 1916 graduating class of the University of Buffalo School of Medicine. He later received a law degree. His mother was Dr. Anna Reinstein, the first doctor to live in Cheektowaga, N.Y. Victor Reinstein spent most of his life in Cheektowaga where he and his wife, Julia Boyer Reinstein, were community benefactors. He died in 1984.

Disbound photograph album compiled by Victor Reinstein in the 1960s. Photographs of faculty of the School of Medicine of the University of Buffalo, ca. 1916, and of nurses at Buffalo General Hospital, ca. 1916. Many photographs are not identified. For each graduate of the School of Medicine class of 1916 there is a page of photographs including images from anatomy classes. Also included is a photograph of the 1917 meeting of the School of Medicine Alumni Society. Album pages are numbered 1-102.

Gustave A. DaLuiso medical school lecture notes, 1927-1929

DaLuiso graduated from the UB School of Medicine in 1931 and was for many years chief of ophthalmology at Our Lady of Victory Hospital in Lackawanna. This collection consists of day-by-day class notes for his first two years in medical school.