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University at Buffalo Libraries

Endnote™ X7 for Windows Information

This software is licensed for current University at Buffalo affiliates ONLY.


You must have administrative rights on the computer to install this software. Be sure to close all windows applications before installing EndNote.

Endnote System and Hardware requirements are listed on the Endnote website

Please note that some browsers may flag the program with security reminders.  You may have to choose "more options"  and confirm that you wish to install the program.

To install the SUNY-Buffalo Endnote filter, you must copy the file named SUNY-Buffalo.enf into the folder named c:\program files\EndNote X7\Filters. (If you are running 64-bit Windows 7, this will be in c:\program files (x86)\Endnote X7\Filters)  Go into the Endnote program, click on Edit, Import Filters, Open Filter Manager.  Scroll down to SUNY Buffalo and put a check mark in the box. 

To activate the SUNY-Buffalo connection, go to Edit, Connection Files, Open Connection Manager.  Scroll down to SUNY-Buffalo and put a check mark in the box.


To greatly improve the success rate of the Find Full-Text feature:

1) Click on Edit: Preferences. Select "Find Full-text" item in left-hand column.
2) Check "PubMed LinkOut" boxes (all check boxes should now be checked)
3) Insert the following URL into BOTH the "OpenURL Path" and the "Authenticate with: URL" text box:
4) Click Apply, OK.


Last Update: 21 March, 2016