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Library Skills Workbook

The Workbook is an online tutorial designed to help UB undergraduates develop their library research skills. It is a General Education requirement for all UB undergraduate students, including transfer students. All undergraduate students are required to complete it during their first year of study at UB, and it will take approximately one hour to complete. You do not need to study or prepare in any way prior to completing the Workbook. Each question will provide or link you to the information you need to answer correctly. If you are an incoming student, you may complete the Workbook anytime, even over the summer prior to your first semester, so long as you have an active UBIT name and password.

You may access your Workbook score at any time by logging into the Library Skills Workbook on UBLearns and clicking on "My Scores" from the main left navigational menu. Within 5 business days of completing and passing the Workbook, your HUB Academic Advising Report will be updated to indicate that you successfully completed it. See below for instructions on printing your HUB Academic Advising Report. Please feel free to send questions to

We do advise that you use your personal computer or tablet to complete the Workbook, rather than your mobile phone, since directions within the questions will not apply to the Libraries' mobile web site.

Periodically, the Workbook is redesigned, and at that time incomplete attempts are cleared. If you had begun but not completed the Workbook before that date, you will need to re-enroll and begin again.

Discipline-Specific Versions

We now offer 5 discipline-specific versions of the Workbook. Each of these are optional, alternate versions of the Workbook. Any UB student may choose to complete one of these versions or the general version addressed above; any one of them will fulfill the requirement. Students should complete only one version. The 5 discipline-specific versions are: Architecture, Business & Management, Engineering, Health Sciences, and History.

How to enroll in the Library Skills Workbook:

  1. Go to UBlearns to get started.
  2. Click on User Login. Enter your UBITName and Password.
  3. Click on the Courses tab on top.
  4. Enter Library Skills Workbook in the Course Search box in the upper left corner and click Go.
  5. Your options will appear as follows, and you may choose any one of them:
    • Library Skills Workbook, OR
    • Library Skills Workbook - Architecture Version, OR
    • Library Skills Workbook - Business & Management Version, OR
    • Library Skills Workbook - Engineering Version, OR
    • Library Skills Workbook - Health Sciences Version, OR
    • Library Skills Workbook - History Version.
  6. When you've made your selection, hover your cursor over the Course ID, and a small drop down arrow will appear just below it. Click the arrow, and then Enroll.
  7. Click Submit and then click OK. This completes the enrollment process.

The Library Skills Workbook Learning Outcomes

After completing the Library Skills Workbook, students will be able to:

  • …formulate a topic that is neither too narrow nor too broad in order to adequately address that topic in an undergraduate-level research paper.
  • …construct a search strategy in order to effectively search library databases.
  • …locate both print and electronic books via searching by keyword, title and author in order to retrieve books that are relevant to their research topic.
  • …identify Library of Congress subject headings in order to locate additional material relevant to their research topic.
  • …navigate the Library of Congress call number system in order to locate print books and other materials in the Libraries.
  • …locate library databases in order to retrieve relevant, scholarly articles within a particular discipline.
  • …locate a particular journal title in print or online in order to retrieve specific articles.
  • …evaluate different types of periodicals in order to retrieve appropriate articles for a given assignment.
  • …implement Google Advanced Search techniques in order to efficiently and productively search the free web.
  • …evaluate free web sites in order to retrieve credible, updated information from trustworthy sources.
  • …recognize the difference between subscription databases and the free web in order to consult appropriate sources for a given assignment.
  • …recognize the library website as a place to find information about library services.
  • …identify the meaning of academic integrity in order to avoid plagiarism.
  • …identify a specific style of citation in order to correctly and appropriately give credit to consulted sources.

Printing your HUB Academic Advising Report

You may print your HUB Academic Advising Report to demonstrate to your instructor that you have passed the Workbook (access HUB via MyUB; a full tutorial is available here.). On your Academic Advising Report, in the General Education section, you will see Library Skills Workbook with an indication of “ Satisfied” or “Not Satisfied.” Your Academic Advising Report will reflect that you have satisfied the requirement within 48 business hours of completion.

To print your Academic Advising Report:

1. Go into MYUB; click the link HUB Student Center.

2. Under the wide, blue bar at the top labeled Academics, click on the link My Academics.

3. On the next page, click the link View My Advisement Report

4. Up at the top of your report, select view report as PDF. This will open a new box with a PDF version of your report. Select the Print icon in the new box to print your report.

6. Look in the General Education section to see Library Skills Workbook, and the "Satisfied" indication.


"The test was very concise for the amount of information that it contained."

"I felt that it showed very important concepts and got information across quickly and easily."

"I really appreciated doing this workbook. It really opened my eyes and got me familiar with how my work will be when I enter college. It is nice that time is taken to prepare this workbook and distribute it to the students for us to all learn from and benefit."

"Good idea making this a requirement for undergrads, I would continue doing this for future students."

"This is a very good idea as a requirement for every student, because no matter what their field of study may be, the information obtained in the library skills workbook is useful to everyone."

"I did not want to take this but at the end it was very useful!"

"I liked the opportunity to choose an engineering oriented version."

For further information:

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