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Printing in the UB Libraries

Where can I print in the UB Libraries?

Most Library Research Stations and all Cybrary Stations in the UB Libraries have printing capability. Consult the Libraries Computer Location Chart for details.

Is there a charge for printing?

Current students, faculty and staff members receive an allotment each semester; they should visit the page iprint@UB for more information.

Alumni, guests and visitors will pay $.10 per page for printing. Use the print/copy card to pay for printing. Visit the page iprint@UB for details on printing.

I've used up my printing allocation; how do I print?

You can purchase additional printing using a print/copy card or Campus Cash. Print/copy card users must release documents at specially-equipped print/release stations.

Costs for students, faculty, and staff are $.05 a page printed single-sided or $.04 a page printed double-sided.


Can I print from a wireless computer?

UBIT has a program allowing printing from your personal computer to printers in the public computing sites. There are some limitations. For more information, see iprint anywhere.

How long will it take to get my print job?

Delays vary by site and can range from just five minutes to more than 24 hours. Printers are in the highest demand during weekday afternoons. Avoid potential delays by printing during off-peak hours (early morning, late evening, or weekends).

What if the computer is unable to locate/connect to a printer?

If you attempt to print from a Library Research or Cybrary Station and receive a message that the computer is unable to locate or connect to a printer, your UBIT password does not meet current security requirements. You will need to change your UBIT password in order to print from the Libraries' computer workstations.

In order to pass the security test, new passwords must be at least six characters long and be a combination of letters, numbers and/or selected characters.

What are the alternatives to printing a document?

  • E-mail: Most electronic databases allow users to send search results to their e-mail
  • File saving: Store documents on removable media such as portable USB drives, floppy disks, or CD-Rs.
  • Photocopying: Many full-text online resources are also available in print within the UB Libraries.

Are there printing limits?

Files cannot exceed 25 MB in size (the computer will alert that your print job has been deleted if your file exceeds the printing size limit). You can divide a large print job into multiple smaller ones by using the "Page Range" feature in the lower left-hand corner of the gray print confirmation box.

How will I find my print job in the library?

Finished print jobs can be picked up at the Print Service Counters located in the Cybraries and Public Computing Sites. They will be sorted by the username used to log on to library workstations.

How do I print from MyUB?

Printing a document from MyUB requires special attention because this site uses "frames", a type of page design that splits the screen into sections. Trying to print with the web browser will print only the top section (the "header"), leaving the rest of the page blank.

To print from MyUB:

  1. Position your mouse arrow over the section you would like to print
  2. Right-click
  3. Select "Print" from the list of options presented

This method will print only the contents of the frame where you clicked the mouse, and not the contents of the header or side bar.

How do I print from UBlearns?

UBlearns uses "frames" in its page design, which splits the screen into sections. To print a document from UBlearns, you must open it in a new browser window.

  1. Before opening the file you want to print, right-click on the hyperlink.
  2. Select "Open Link in New Window"
  3. Send it to Print (or press Ctrl + P).

How do I print PDF files?

PDF files are essentially "scans" of the source material. They show the document as it originally appeared, with page numbers, images, and sidebars. In order to view PDFs, your computer must be equipped with the program Adobe Acrobat Reader. All Cybrary terminals and library research computers contain this program.

When you open a PDF file, Adobe Acrobat Reader displays its own toolbar on the screen. You must use the "Print" icon on Adobe's toolbar to print a PDF document.

How do I print PowerPoint slides?

Some professors post their lecture presentations in PowerPoint format on UBlearns. Printing the slides can be done in two ways: the presentation can be printed with one slide on each page; or it can be manipulated into "handout" form with three or more slides on each page. Printing slides in "handout" form is quicker, saves paper, and gives you room to make notes next to each slide.

To print "handout" form:

  1. Be sure the PowerPoint opens in a new window.
  2. Send it to Print.
  3. In the print confirmation box, look at "Print what" in the lower left-hand corner.
  4. Select "Handouts" from the drop-down list.
  5. Choose the number of slides per page from the drop-down list.
  6. Press "OK" to send your document to the printer.

Where can I print a Word document?

If you need to edit the document in Word before printing, use the Cybrary Stations (identified by a green sign on top of the monitor). Note that Cybrary Stations are not available to guests of the UB Libraries.

Library Research Stations (identified by a blue sign on top of the monitor) are NOT equipped with Microsoft Word. However, they do contain the Word Viewer, meaning that Word documents on a web page or saved to a floppy disk can be printed (but not modified in any way) from these terminals.

Can I print in color?

Yes, color printing is now available from computers in HSL, Silverman and Lockwood.

Select the color print queue, which will end with either \capen-color, \lockwood-color or \abbott-color.

Students, faculty and staff are charged $.30/page, with no discount for duplex printing. Library guests are charged $.60/page.

All pages submitted to the color printer will be charged at the color rate, regardless of whether the page contains any color. To keep costs down, submit only pages containing color to the color printers, and send remaining pages to black and white printers. Color printers print only on 8.5 x 11 white paper. You can also print to the color printers from home or residence hall using iprint anywhere. See the news from UBIT.


Also try:

Great Lakes Graphics & Printing
UB Commons, Suite 105
(off the Courtyard)

University Print Services Quick Copy Center
201 Alfiero Center
(adjacent to Jacobs)

Can I print on legal size paper?

Unfortunately, the Public Site labs are only equipped to print on the standard letter size paper. You would have to contact a 3rd party to print on any other size paper.

Why does it say that my print job has been deleted?

If a print job is too large, the iPrint pop-up page will say that your job has been deleted.  Divide the job into smaller units by printing only some of the pages each time.  This is done on the window that opens when you send a job to print.

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Last Update: December 2013