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19th Century Botanical Print Art in the Health Sciences Library Exhibit No.1

Image of plant known as Amargo.  Genus: Quassia  Species: Amara

"19th Century Botanical Prints," a series of 16 framed digitized botanical images, is on permanent display in the Administration area of the Health Sciences Library.

Made possible through the generous support of the Friends of the Health Sciences Library and the Medical Historical Society, the exhibit is the first of a series.

The talented Instructional media designers reproduced the botanical prints from a book published in 1863 owned by the Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection. Darstellung und Beschreibung sammtlicher in der Pharmacopoea borussica aufgefuhrten offizinellen Gewachse oder der Stoffe... (Presentation and Description of all Official Plants Listed in the Book Pharmacopoea Borussica...) contains images of plants with medicinal properties listed in another book entitled Pharmacopoea Borussica, also owned by the History Collection. The Collection, with over 13,000 volumes, contains a wealth of resources which the Committee will use to create future exhibits.

Illustrated note cards measuring 5.5" by 4.25" and prints measuring 11" by 17" featuring these flowering botanicals digitally restored from the original publication are available for purchase.
Contact Linda Lohr (716) 829-5737 .