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University at Buffalo Libraries

Microform Readers/Printers

What microform readers and/or printers are available in the Libraries?

  • Architecture & Planning Library
    A reader for microfiche is available, no printing. Also, a portable reader is available for loan. Ask at the Circulation Desk.
  • Health Sciences Library
    Microform readers/printers are available in the Digital Media Resources Center in the basement of HSL.
  • Law Library
    Microform readers/printers are available in the Koren A/V Center. There are two microform reader-printer machines and a printer is available.
  • Music Library
    Microform readers are available, no printing.
  • Silverman Library
    The second floor of Silverman Library has readers for microfiche, microfilm, microcard and ultrafiche. Items can be emailed from your UB email account, or downloaded to floppies, CD-Rs, or flash drives.  You can also print for $.10 per page with a Print/Copy Card. Certain microforms cannot be printed.  We recommend that you bring a flash drive or recordable CD-R to download the images.
  • Lockwood Library
    First floor of Lockwood Library has a microfilm reader/scanner/printer.

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Last Update: August 2013