Enhanced Shipping List Service
Federal Depository Library Program University at Buffalo
Welcome to the Enhanced Shipping List Service, brought to you through a cooperative agreement between the State University of New York at Buffalo and the
Federal Depository Library Program.

Label Information and Instructions

In order to use the inclusion checker/label program, you need to have the following:

This is how you do it:

How to Load the Programs:

  1. Create a directory called docs, like this:
    C:\>md docs
  2. Download the following programs to the docs directory:

How to Create/Edit an Inclusion File

There are two ways to get an updated inclusion list, but first do the following:

Then, do one of the following:

  1. One method is to use the DSIMS site.
  2. The method below won't require a password

You might want to do this every quarter, as your inclusions change. You can also edit the file myitems.txt whenever you make a change to your profile.

How to Download the Shipping Lists

  1. Get on the World Wide Web
  2. Open the URL: http://ublib.buffalo.edu/libraries/units/cts/acq/gpo/
  3. Select Paper, Electronic, or Separate in the Label section of the Shipping List Navigator box.
  4. Select the shipping list you want.
  5. Save it as c:\docs\sudoc.txt. If/when asked if you want to overwrite the existing file with that name, say yes.

How to Run the Program

  1. Be sure your printer is online and loaded with labels. Thin Labels (3 1/2" x 7/16") work well.
  2. Get into the docs directory, like this:
  3. Enter the word docs
  4. Follow the instructions.
  5. When the file of SuDoc numbers appears, delete the word EXCLUDED by using the delete key (Ctrl/Y), then save the file and exit.

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Page last updated: March 5, 2013