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HSL Exhibits

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HSL's exhibit cases are available for use by any faculty, staff or student at UB for displays that support teaching or research at UB. Displays must be for non-commerical purposes only. The exhibit cases can be reserved for extended lengths of time at no charge. To apply, please print out, read, sign and return the Guidelines for the Use of Display Cases and the Application for Use of display Cases, or contact Pamela Rose at 829-5722.

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Current Exhibits


Self Advocacy: A History of People Speaking Up for Themselves

HSL, Lobby, April 1-31, 23015

Photo of exhibit panels in HSL lobbyTo celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),four panels trace the Self-Advocacy Movement from early educational facilities to the development of organizations established for and by individuals with disabilities. This includes the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Accompanying the panel display are historical artifacts from the History of Medicine on the lower level, including splints, a "deaf and dumb" cup, and several artificial hands.

Please stop by and check out this informative exhibit from the Museum of Disability History.














To Read is To Fly

HSL, Lower Level, wall case opposite History of medicine

Photo of Ethiopan girl reading

The images displayed here belong to Steve McCurry and can be found on his blog ( under the “To Read is to Fly” project. This project combined photos of very different people from across the globe all enjoying a similar moment of reading.

Steve McCurry is an editorial photographer perhaps best known for the very famous photo “Afghan Girl” which was first published on the cover of National Geographic in June 1985. He is considered one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photographer for the past 30 years.

McCurry, S. (2012-2015) Biography. Retrieved from
McCurry, S. (2014, April 24) To read is to fly. Retrieved from

Curated by Erin Keenan


UB People and Their Pets

HSL 2nd Floor, just outside the Main Reading Room, December 2014-

Photo of Chessie, the cat

Photos from UB faculty and staff depicting their pets. The exhibit coincides with the 7th UB Libraries Stress Relief Days event, which offers therapy dogs, music, food, massage, reiki, and other stress relievers to help students get through exams at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters.

Curated by Molly Poremski, International Languages and Literatures Librarian
Contact Pamela Rose for more information

A Growing Industry - an Overview of Recent Research and Results in Nutrition Therapy for Mental Health

HSL, Reference Consultation area, first floor, January 2015-

Image of a glass of orange juiceThis display focuses on how a selection of mental health issues have been treated with nutritional therapies. Many of these treatments still require more study.

Curated by Erin Keenan











A Game of Medicine: Medicinal Practices in Fantasy and Reality

Reference area, first floor, HSL, April 2014-

Photo of diseases section of Game of Medicine exhibit

Revolving around the theme of historical medical practices within George RR Martin and HBO’s Game of Thrones world, this exhibit bridges the gap between how medical personnel and medicines are used in this fictional world versus how they were utilized in history.  

  • Are any of the medicines and poisons based on real plants and herbs? 
  • Is there any truth in the presented diseases and illnesses? 
  • How do maesters compare to doctors and healers in medical history?   

Find out all this and more!  

For those of you that are concerned about spoilers, don’t worry, you can still enjoy the exhibit too!  The subject matter that is covered does not go beyond Season 3 of the television series, so consider it spoiler-free.

Curated by Eugenia Liu, Jackie Coffey Scott, Pat Melfi, and Jesse Bellini with assistance from Michelle Zafron, Liz Stellrecht, Keith Mages, and Linda Lohr

Contact Pamela Rose for more information

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