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HSL Exhibits

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HSL's exhibit cases are available for use by any faculty, staff or student at UB for displays that support teaching or research at UB. Displays must be for non-commerical purposes only. The exhibit cases can be reserved for extended lengths of time at no charge. To apply, please print out, read, sign and return the Guidelines for the Use of Display Cases and the Application for Use of display Cases, or contact Pamela M. Rose at 829-5722.

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Current Exhibits

A Game of Medicine: Medicinal Practices in Fantasy and Reality

Reference area, first floor, HSL, April 2014-

Photo of diseases section of Game of Medicine exhibit

Revolving around the theme of historical medical practices within George RR Martin and HBO’s Game of Thrones world, this exhibit bridges the gap between how medical personnel and medicines are used in this fictional world versus how they were utilized in history.  

  • Are any of the medicines and poisons based on real plants and herbs? 
  • Is there any truth in the presented diseases and illnesses? 
  • How do maesters compare to doctors and healers in medical history?   

Find out all this and more!  

For those of you that are concerned about spoilers, don’t worry, you can still enjoy the exhibit too!  The subject matter that is covered does not go beyond Season 3 of the television series, so consider it spoiler-free.

Curated by Eugenia Liu, Jackie Coffey Scott, Pat Melfi, and Jesse Bellini with assistance from Michelle Zafron, Liz Stellrecht, Keith Mages, and Linda Lohr

Contact Pamela Rose for more information


3D Printing In Medicine

Book Shelf Area near the main staircase, HSL Lobby, 1st Floor

Image of 3D printerWhat if instead of waiting for a kidney or liver transplant, scientists could print one with a desktop machine? Three dimensional printing technology may someday make that dream a reality!

  • In March of this year, doctors in the Netherlands replaced the top of a patient’s skull with a customized implant made using a 3D printer.
  • The biomedical research company Organovo recently broke the news that they have printed viable human liver tissue.

While the following stories may sound like science fiction, 3D-printed body parts truly are poised to revolutionize medicine within our lifetimes. Stop by to discover more about this exciting and timely topic in the field of medicine.

Curated by Jessica Bellini






Image of 3D printed bionic ear

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