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HSL Exhibits

The 3rd edition set of our beautiful botanical notecards are now in available! Visit our 19th Century Botanicals page for more information.

HSL's exhibit cases are available for use by any faculty, staff or student at UB for displays that support teaching or research at UB. Displays must be for non-commerical purposes only. The exhibit cases can be reserved for extended lengths of time at no charge. To apply, please print out, read, sign and return the Guidelines for the Use of Display Cases and the Application for Use of display Cases, or contact Pamela Rose at 829-5722.

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Current Exhibits

Contact Pamela Rose for more information


Pick Your Poison: Intoxicating Pleasures & Medical Prescriptions

HSL, Lobby, February 6 - March 18, 2017

Ad for Cocaine toothache remedy

Mind-altering drugs have been used throughout the history of America. While some remain socially acceptable, others are outlawed because of their toxic, and intoxicating, characteristics. These classifications have shifted at different times in history, and will continue to change. The six banner traveling exhibition Pick Your Poison: Intoxicating Pleasures & Medical Prescriptions explores the factors that have shaped the changing definitions of some of our most potent drugs, from medical miracle to social menace.

A “Digital Gallery” offering a selection of digitized, historical texts from the History of Medicine Division’s diverse collections can be found as part of the online version of the exhibition.

This exhibition was developed and produced by the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health and the National Museum of American History.

Contact Pamela Rose for more information.



To Read is To Fly

HSL, Lower Level, wall case opposite History of medicine

Photo of Ethiopan girl reading

The images displayed here belong to Steve McCurry and can be found on his blog ( under the “To Read is to Fly” project. This project combined photos of very different people from across the globe all enjoying a similar moment of reading.

Steve McCurry is an editorial photographer perhaps best known for the very famous photo “Afghan Girl” which was first published on the cover of National Geographic in June 1985. He is considered one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photographer for the past 30 years.

McCurry, S. (2012-2015) Biography. Retrieved from
McCurry, S. (2014, April 24) To read is to fly. Retrieved from

Curated by Erin Keenan


Austin Flint and Charles Abbott - Lives and Legacies

HSL 2nd Floor, just outside the Main Reading Room, October 2016-

Austin Flint imageCharles Abbott imageDr. Austin Flint and Charles Abbott - two signature names associated with the Health Sciences Library.

Dr. Flint's name graces our beautiful Reading Room on the 2nd floor, and Abbott Hall is named for Charles Abbott, who was the first librarian for the original Lockwood Library after its construction in the 1930s. As you enter the Reading Room, the case on the right features information about Dr. Flint, and the case on the left about Charles Abbott - who they were, some of their publications, and other interesting artifacts.

Curated by Linda Lohr, Curator, History of Medicine, HSL




Poisons of Literature

HSL, Reference Consultation area, first floor, October 2016--

Image of Bottle containing Arsenic

Arsenic, Foxglove, Cyanide, Hemlock and Curare. Recognizable poisons used in indigenous cultures, and also written into many novels and other literature.


Image of Agatha Christie Novel cover


Curated by Marc Boissoneau

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