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Delaware District


This Buffalo neighborhood centers on Delaware Avenue from the Scajaquada Expressway south to North Street. Ferry Street runs across the center of the district; a large residential area lies east of Elmwood Avenue.

High Schools

  • Canisius High School
    1180 Delaware Avenue
  • Nardin Academy High School
    135 Cleveland Ave
  • The Buffalo Seminary
    205 Bidwell Parkway Ave

Forest Lawn Cemetery (1850) - Mirror Lake
Birge Memorial on Mirror Lake shore

Delaware Park is the centerpiece of a city-wide parks system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. The park is a green haven in the city offering meadows, gardens, trails, Delaware Lake, the Buffalo Zoo, and recreational facilities. In the summer it hosts "Shakespeare in the Park," the second largest open-air Shakespeare festival in the country.

Adjacent to Delaware Park is Forest Lawn Cemetery. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the cemetery is known for its park-like beauty and outstanding examples of memorial sculpture. Many 19th & 20th century notables, including Civil War generals, famous inventors, and others, are buried here. President Millard Fillmore and Seneca Chief Red Jacket are among these. (See also: the Nation's Best Historic Places to Visit; Forest Lawn Cemetery).

Temple Beth Zion (1966-1967) - 805 Delaware Avenue - Harrison & Abramowitz, architects

Temple Beth Zion is a contemporary architectural monument featuring stained glass by Ben Shahn.

The Pan-American Exposition (1901) was sited on the Western/Northern end of the Delaware neighborhood.

Clement House

Clement House (1910-1913) - 786 Delaware Avenue - Edward B. Green, architect

Beautiful and often stately homes dating from the turn of the century surround the park. Many of them have been converted to organizational or corporate headquarters; for example, the Clement House, donated in 1941 by Carolyn Tripp Clement, to the Greater Buffalo Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Also in the Delaware District is the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, world-famous for its modern art collection.

Millard Fillmore Hospital at Gates Circle.

Running through parts of the Delaware District, Elmwood Strip, and West Side are the Soldiers Circle, Bidwell Parkway and Chapin Parkway. These Olmsted-designed parkways cross over many parts of Buffalo.