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Fruit Belt


This Buffalo neighborhood centers on High Street, with the "33" (Kensington Expressway) enclosing the southern boundary of the Fruit Belt. Jefferson Avenue runs along the East Side, but it is Grape, Peach, Orange, and Lemon Streets that gave the name to the district.

Cherry Street was once part of this neighborhood but the completion of the Kensington Expressway (rte 33) isolated it from the rest of the Fruit Belt.

Gethsemane Grape Street Baptist Church (55 Grape Street) serves this African-American community. (The church was formerly called: St. Paul's Evangelical United Brethren Church.)

Community Center
The Futures Academy, Buffalo PS No.37 (295 Carlton), is part of this progressive East Side neighborhood.

Mural located on the Moot Senior Citizen Center (76 Orange Street).

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