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Copyright and Multimedia

Public Performance Rights – Important information for campus groups holding film festivals or other public showings of multimedia materials.

Is it covered by copyright? Try the Copyright Genie

Reproduction of copyrighted works – Try this Section 108 Spinner.

Is it considered Fair Use? – Check out the Fair Use Evaluator.

A guide for performance and display of copyrighted content in traditional, distance and blended educational models - Exceptions for Instructors.

UB Libraries: Copyright and Fair Use - The University at Buffalo Libraries maintains this website to help its community of users better understand the rights and limitations extended to creators and original materials under U.S. Copyright Law. Additionally, this website provides information on the rights of academic users of copyrighted materials for educational purposes.

UB IT Digital Copyright Compliance - The information provided here is designed to help you understand digital copyright laws and policies as they apply to the sharing of copyrighted materials at UB.