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Welcome to Digital Campus

The UB Libraries have partnered with Swank Digital Campus to provide access to streaming videos. A collection of more than 19,000 feature films, classic films, and documentaries can now be embedded directly into the Blackboard course management system and will allow students the flexibility of semester-long, 24/7 access to course-assigned films beyond the traditional classroom setting. Digital Campus can ease or eliminate the current constraints of course reserve in which physical copies of DVDs must be shared between students.

The Digital Campus portal also includes an interactive platform feature that allows the creation of custom lesson plans based on course-specific films:

  • Embed questions, notes and discussion points directly into the streaming video platform
  • Highlight specific scenes using the time-stamp tool
  • Attach supporting documents
  • Encourage on screen, exportable note taking
  • Promote online collaboration and discussion

Films available for Spring 2015

Once a film has been ordered and activated, it will be available for all faculty members for the semester. The following films are currently available, list will update as more films are activated, please contact for link to the videos.

*For more licensed streaming videos, please check our Kanopy Streaming Service page.

12 Angry Men (1957) 1984 All That Heaven Allows
Atonement Blue Velvet Cat People (1942)
A Civil Action Cloud Atlas Dances With Wolves
Dead Poet's Society (1989) Elysium Flight
Gasland II The Great Lie Grizzly Man
The Handmaid's Tale If a Tree Falls Inception
Little Big Man Mulholland Drive Munich
The Purple Rose of Cairo A River Runs Through It The Searchers
The Shining The Shining (Open Caption) Stories We Tell
Thunderheart THX 1138 The Tillman Story
Unthinkable When a Man Loves a Woman Wide Sargasso Sea
Zero Dark Thirty Zoot Suit  


Swank Digital Campus Feature Film Streaming Policy

  • Films must be linked to course curriculums through UB Learns.
  • The Libraries will fund up to 2 films per course.
  • Academic departments are responsible for funding films beyond the 2 films per course limit.
  • The Libraries will facilitate the ordering of all films, send the links to the requesting faculty, and invoice departments for the cost of the films.
  • As of December 2013, the cost per film is $100 per semester; $175 per year.
  • There is no restriction on the number of faculty who can use the film as part of their course curriculum

Please note:  Swank Digital Campus streaming is designed for student viewing of required films. Films are subject to campus bandwidth limits, and may suffer quality issues when projecting onto a large screen for classroom viewing. Quality is generally not an issue when viewing on personal computing devices.

Faculty members can contact for a link to the movies to be used in class or in UBlearns.

Search the Swank Digital Campus catalog of films to see if a movie title is available to stream.

1. Access the Digital Campus web site and use the SEARCH box, upper right corner  [Fig 1]; or select the Advanced Search Movie Search link [Fig 2], for more specific search options.
2. Make a note of all the titles you would like the Libraries to acquire for your course, and submit them via our request form. Even if your title is not available, let us know via the form and we will ask if Swank can acquire the film.

Fig. 1
Swank Title Search

Fig. 2
Swank Advanced Search

UB Portal login

For faculty use only when creating an interactive lesson plan. You will need to obtain the username and password to login. You can request the portal login by emailing

Once we receive your request we will send you a link which you can add to your blackboard page. You can also embed the link, create lesson plans, and use time stamp for film segments.

Adding a Swank film link to your UB Learns course page.
Digital Campus Faculty Guide
Digital Campus Student Guide


  • Films MUST be connected to a valid course offering.
  • Swank Digital Campus requires a 7-day processing time. Special requests may take longer.
  • Close captioning is not included unless specifically requested. A closed captioned film will take longer to process, and captioning can not be toggled on and off.

For further information and help with any aspect of Digital Campus, please contact: