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Ordering Swank Digital Campus Streaming Feature Films

Swank Digital Campus Collection for UB


  1. Please check the Swank Digital Campus Collection for UB to see if a title is already active. Videos in the Collection can be viewed directly from the page. A valid UBIT account is required for off campus viewing.
  2. Browse the Swank Digital Campus web site for your titles. If a title is currently unavailable from Swank, we can make a request to see if it can acquired in the future (please note that films from certain movie studios cannot be licensed by Swank).
  3. Once you find your title in the Swank Catalog, please fill out and submit our Request Form.
  4. Your films should be available in the Swank Digital Campus Collection for UB within 7 days.  If your video does not show up after a week, please contact us.


  • Google Chrome browser no longer supports the Microsoft Silverlight plugins that is required for viewing Swank videos. Please use Firefox or another browser that supports Silverlight.
  • Authentication issue: If you receive the following error upon first opening a video, please refresh the page by pressing F5 or clicking on the “Reload Current Page” button next to the browser address bar. "Unable to open content due to license issue or netowrk issue. Detail: 6002 An Error has occurred."
  • All off campus users must authenticate through our database page before proceeding:

For further information and help with any aspect of Swank Digital Campus, please contact: