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Request Digital Campus Streaming Film

  • Please check the Swank Digital Campus web site for film availability. See our brief guide for assistance in searching.
  • Films MUST be connected to a valid course offering using a UBLearns (Blackboard) course page.
  • Swank Digital Campus requires a 7-day processing time. Special requests may take longer.
  • Close captioning is not included unless specifically requested. A closed captioned film will take longer to process, and captioning can not be toggled on and off. *For close caption, please mark the check box when submitting your form.*

*Mandatory Fields are preceded by an asterisk.

Contact Information

Film Information

Please click the "Add Film" button and enter all the requested information. You can request up to TWO films for each course that you are teaching. Click the "Add Film" button for more slots at the bottom of the page. *Clicking the "Remove Film" button will delete the numbered slot and all the information you have entered for that section.*


For further information and help with any aspect of Digital Campus, please contact: