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June in Buffalo 1986-2010: An exhibition honoring the 25th anniversary with David Felder as Artistic Director

David Felder portrait

David Felder, 2003. Photo by Irene Haupt

2010 marks the twenty-fifth consecutive year that June in Buffalo has been presented under the direction of David Felder. During that time 236 concerts have been presented with more than 1200 compositions performed, including dozens of world premieres by composers such as Mario Davidovsky, David Felder, Cort Lippe, Bernard Rands, Roger Reynolds, Jeffrey Stadelman, Augusta Read Thomas, and Charles Wuorinen.

June in Buffalo tulip emblem

June in Buffalo's tulip emblem designed by Bud Jacobs

More than 450 student composers have journeyed to Buffalo from around the world to have their music performed by performers of the highest caliber and to study with leading contemporary composers. As Nils Vigeland noted in his liner notes to the Electronic Music Foundation CD 033 (in 2001, referring to 25 years at that time from the beginning of the festival under its originator Morton Feldman in 1975):

In present-day America, twenty-five years is a long time to sustain an artistic organization. This recording reminds one of what extraordinary things can happen when gifted people decide to do something in the time and place where they live. And, they can happen in June, in Buffalo.

This online exhibit is principally based upon an exhibit held at the State University of New York at Buffalo Music Library in June 2010. Almost all of the photos are by Buffalo photographer, Irene Haupt, who graciously permits their use here.

David Felder

David Felder, 2000

David Felder, 2000. Photo by Irene Haupt

David Felder was appointed to the University at Buffalo music faculty Fall semester 1985. His most recent accomplishments include receiving the Academy Award in Music from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 2010 and being named a State University of New York Distinguished Professor in 2009. In addition to founding and directing the current incarnation of June in Buffalo, he also founded the Slee Sinfonietta in 1996 and serves as artistic director of the Robert G. and Carol L. Morris Center for 21st Century Music, established in 2007. He has been the Birge-Cary Chair in Composition in the Music Department since 1992.

David Felder and Yvar Mikhashoff

David Felder and Yvar Mikhashoff at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, N.Y., 1986. Photo by Tom Loonan

Felder came to Buffalo with excellent credentials for his new position. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, 27 November 1953, Felder received his Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) in 1983. His composition teachers during his student years included Roger Reynolds, Donald Erb, Bernard Rands, and Roger Erickson.

Prior to his arrival in Buffalo, Felder’s academic career consisted of teaching positions at Cleveland Institute of Music, UCSD, and California State University, Long Beach. Felder served as co-director of Long Beach’s New Music Ensemble and in the summer of 1984 he created a Composer’s Seminar for students that can be viewed as a predecessor to the current June in Buffalo. Working with guest faculty members Donald Erb and Bernard Rands, Felder repeated the seminar in 1985.

Craig Bove, David Felder, and Bernard Rands, 1986

Craig Bove, David Felder, and Bernard Rands, 1986. Photo by Irene Haupt

Nils Vigeland, Harvey Sollberger, David Felder, and Stephen Manes, 1986

Nils Vigeland, Harvey Sollberger, David Felder, and Stephen Manes, 1986. Photo by Irene Haupt

Los Angeles Times review

Los Angeles Times review of Long Beach Composer's Seminar, July 1985

June in Buffalo, 1986

David Felder only had about nine months after his arrival in Buffalo to create the new June in Buffalo. No funding was in place, so in addition to arranging for the first year’s composers and students, he had to create a budget proposal. As can be seen on the proposal, the initial proposal request for $20,600 for operating expenses was cut to $15,300. Felder learned the vagaries of programming when the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra withdrew from June in Buffalo 1986 the night before its scheduled opening concert.

Budget proposal for 1986 June in Buffalo (click to see entire document)

1986 JIB budget proposal

University at Buffalo news release announcing the 1986 June in Buffalo. (click to see entire document)

1986 June in Buffalo news release

Letter from Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra’s Executive Director, Gary Goods, to David Felder expressing interest in collaborating on programming for June in Buffalo 1987 and expressing regret for cancellation of the orchestra’s performance at June in Buffalo 1986. (click to see entire document)

1987 letter from Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

The advance flier for June in Buffalo 1986 without the Bud Jacobs tulip emblem.

1986 JIB flier 1986 JIB flier

June in Buffalo program, 1986

1986 JIB program

The 1986 June in Buffalo had 15 students attending. Faculty composers included Felder, Morton Feldman, and Lejaren Hiller from the UB music faculty, joined by Donald Erb, Jacob Druckman, Bernard Rands, and Harvey Sollberger.

Jacob Druckman

Jacob Druckman, faculty composer, 1986. Photo by Irene Haupt


David Felder

David Felder, 2007. Photo by Irene Haupt

The seminar approach of June in Buffalo has been successful because of the care exercised by Felder in his selection of faculty composers and visiting performers. The June in Buffalo schedule of rehearsals, performances, lectures, and master classes is far more demanding than the usual festival schedule. Faculty composers must not only be of the highest professional and artistic standing, they must also be truly devoted to teaching the next generation of composers. David Felder explained this important aspect of June in Buffalo in 1993:

The most important criterion I look for in picking these composers … is credibility as a composer with an international reputation who would attract younger composers because of their history of mentoring. We have to choose people who are vitally interested in what young composers are doing. Not all successful composers have this kind of interest in their younger colleagues, and a big reputation does not necessarily go along with a desire or interest in teaching. So, there are some famous people we pass over.

The ones we’ve selected, in turn, had elders who did the same for them, and they’re considering it a part of their duty to the profession to advance the careers of younger composers.

As quoted by Herman Trotter, Buffalo News, Friday June 4, 1993 Gusto section, p. 18-19

Morton Subtonick

Morton Subotnick, 2008. Photo by Irene Haupt

More than sixty composers have served as faculty composers at June in Buffalo since 1986.

In addition to Felder, the list of United States composers covers a wide range of styles and techniques. They include:

  • Bernard Rands
  • Earle Brown
  • John Corigliano
  • George Crumb
  • Charles Dodge
  • Jacob Druckman
  • Morton Feldman
  • Lukas Foss
  • Philip Glass
  • Jonathan Golove
  • John Harbison
  • Lejaren Hiller
  • Cort Lippe
  • Alvin Lucier
  • Miller Puckette
  • Steve Reich
  • Roger Reynolds
  • Christopher Rouse
  • Gunther Schuller
  • Harvey Sollberger
  • Jeffrey Stadelman
  • Morton Subotnick
  • Augusta Read Thomas
  • Nils Vigeland
  • Charles Wuorinen
Bernard Rands

Bernard Rands, 2002. Photo by Irene Haupt

Bernard Rands has been working with David Felder dating back to their work together at the Long Beach Composer's Seminar. He has served as a faculty composer at least eight times at June in Buffalo. Fifteen of his compositions have been performed during his visits.

Charles Wuorinen, Lucy Shelton, and Roger Reynolds

Charles Wuorinen, Lucy Shelton, and Roger Reynolds, 2007. Photo by Irene Haupt

Charles Wuorinen and Roger Reynolds have both been frequent guests at June in Buffalo as faculty composers. There have been twenty-three works by Wuorinen and fourteen works by Reynolds performed at June in Buffalo.

Donald Erb

Donald Erb. Photo by Marlene Andrusz

Donald Erb was David Felder's composition teacher at Cleveland Institute of Music. Erb was on the faculty of Felder's Composer's Seminar at Long Beach and joined him again for at least seven times at June in Buffalo as a faculty composer. Fourteen of his works have been performed at June in Buffalo.

James Avery, Augusta Read Thomas, and Mosves Pogossian

James Avery, Augusta Read Thomas, and Mosves Pogossian, 2006. Photo by Irene Haupt

Charles Dodge

Charles Dodge, 2008. Photo by Irene Haupt

Lukas Foss with Amy Williams and Helena Bugallo

Lukas Foss with Amy Williams and Helena Bugallo, 2000. Photo by Irene Haupt

George Crumb and Jan Williams

George Crumb and Jan Williams, 2000. Photo by Irene Haupt

Philip Glass

Philip Glass, 2000. Photo by Irene Haupt

Bernard Rands, John Harbison, and David Felder

Bernard Rands, John Harbison, and David Felder, 2002. Photo by Irene Haupt

Gunther Schuller

Gunther Schuller, 2006. Photo by Irene Haupt

UB and June in Buffalo faculty composers, Cort Lippe, David Felder, Jeffrey Stadelman, and Jonathan Golove, with flutist Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman, 2001

UB and June in Buffalo faculty composers, Cort Lippe, David Felder, Jeffrey Stadelman, and Jonathan Golove, with flutist Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman, 2001. Photo by Irene Haupt

The roster of international composers who have served as June in Buffalo faculty composers is equally impressive. It includes:


  • Horacio Vaggione
  • Erik Oña


  • Robert Normandeau


  • Bent Sørenson
  • Lars Graugaard
  • Poul Ruders


  • Kaija Saariaho


  • Tristan Murail
  • Philippe Manoury
  • Olivier Pasquet


  • Hans Tutschku
  • Walter Zimmermann

Great Britain

  • Simon Bainbridge
  • Brian Ferneyhough
  • Jonathan Harvey


  • Joji Yuasa


  • Roberto Morales


  • Louis Andriessen


  • Åke Parmerud

David Felder, Brian Ferneyhough, and Simon Bainbridge

David Felder, Brian Ferneyhough, and Simon Bainbridge, 2005. Photo by Irene Haupt

Horacio Vaggione and Ake Parmerud

Horacio Vaggione and Ake Parmerud, 2004. Photo by Irene Haupt

Roberto Morales

Roberto Morales, 2008. Photo by Irene Haupt

Joji Yuasa and Lukas Foss Joji Yuasa and Lukas Foss, 2000. Photo by Irene Haupt

Rand Steiger and Tristan Murail Rand Steiger and Tristan Murail, 2004. Photo by Irene Haupt

Philippe Manoury and Christophe Desjardins

Philippe Manoury and Christophe Desjardins, 2009. Photo by Irene Haupt


Performers, chosen to meet the rigorous challenges involved with preparing contemporary music for performance with short rehearsal schedules, must also be willing to fully engage in the creative process with younger composers. June in Buffalo also included a program for emerging ensembles for a few years. The idea, still in place on a less formal level, was to create lasting relationships between contemporary composers and promising performers.

Approximately 556 performers have participated in June in Buffalo since1986. The prominent ensembles include:

  • Arditti Quartet
  • Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo
  • Boston Composers String Quartet
  • Cassatt String Quartet
  • Ensemble for Intuitive Music
  • Feldman Soloists
  • Indiana University New Music Ensemble
  • Meridian Arts Ensemble
  • New Millennium Ensemble
  • New York New Music Ensemble
  • New York Virtuoso Singers
  • Norwood Brass Quintet
  • Nouvel Ensemble Moderne
  • Quatuor Bozzini
  • Quatuor Diotima
  • Red Fish Blue Fish
  • Sirius
  • Steve Reich and Musicians
  • SurPlus
  • Terra Australis Incognita
  • Trio Phoenix

Arditti Quartet: Irvine Arditti, Sashkot Sarkissjan, violins, Ralf Ehlers, viola, and Lucas Fels, violoncello, 2007. Photo by Irene Haupt

The Arditti Quartet first performed at June in Buffalo in 1989. It returned again in 2007.

New York New Music Ensemble

New York New Music Ensemble, 2003. Photo by Irene Haupt

The New York New Music Ensemble has performed at June in Buffalo eleven seasons, 1995-2000, 2002-2003, 2005-2006, and 2009. During its visits it has performed more than ninety works. Personnel has varied through the years but constants have been violinist Linda Quan, flutist Jayn Rosenfeld, clarinetist Jean Kopperud, pianist Stephen Gosling, violoncellist Chris Finckel, and conductor James Baker.

Harvey Sollberger

Harvey Sollberger, 2000. Photo by Irene Haupt

Harvey Sollberger has attended June in Buffalo fourteen seasons. During those seasons (1986-1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2006, 2009) he has served as a faculty composer and performed as a flutist and conductor. He has conducted more than ninety works at June in Buffalo to date.

Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman and David Felder

Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman and David Felder at rehearsal, June in Buffalo 2005. Photo by Irene Haupt

Flutist Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman joined the UB Music Department in 1979 and worked until her death in 2008. She was an enthusiastic and talented proponent for new music. She performed close to thirty times at ten different June in Buffalo's.

Nicholas Isherwood Nicholas Isherwood, 2006. Photo by Irene Haupt

Daniel Hoffmann

Daniel Hoffmann, member Of the Ensemble for Intuitive Music, 2008. Photo by Irene Haupt

Miles Anderson

Miles Anderson, 2003. Photo by Irene Haupt

Vinko Globokar

Vinko Globokar. Photo by Guy Vivien

Bozzini Quartet

John Corigliano with Bozzini Quartet: Merkel Clemens, Nadia Francavilla, violins, Stephanie BOzzini, viola, and Isabelle Bozzini, violoncello, 2003. Photo by Irene Haupt

Meridian Arts Ensemble

Meridian Arts Ensemble with composer Philippe Manoury, 2002. Photo by Irene Haupt

Three local ensembles play an important part in June in Buffalo performances.

Slee Sinfonietta

Brad Lubman conducting the Slee Sinfonietta, with vocalists, in a rehearsal of Steve Reich's Tehillim, 2007. Photo by Irene Haupt

The Slee Sinfonietta was formed by David Felder and Magnus Martensson in 1997 to provide professional performances of contemporary music varied instrumentations within the scope of a chamber orchestra. The roster of personnel is flexible and is comprised of UB faculty artists, visiting artists, regional professionals and advanced performance students. The Sinfonietta also performs on a regular basis throughout the year.

Slee Sinfonietta

Composer Philip Glass with conductor Magnus Martensson and the Slee Sinfonietta, 2003. Photo by Irene Haupt

Slee Sinfonietta

Trombonist David Taylor with conductor Harvey Sollberger, composer Charles Wuorinen, and the Slee Sinfonietta, 2006. Photo by Irene Haupt

June in Buffalo Chamber Orchestra

Harvey Sollberger conducting the June in Buffalo Chamber Orchestra, 2000. Photo by Irene Haupt

The June in Buffalo Chamber Orchestra is a virtuoso ensemble pulled together explicitly for June in Buffalo performances. The membership varies but is drawn from an international array of the most talented performers of contemporary music. June in Buffalo Chamber Orchestra

Jesse Levine conducting the June in Buffalo Chamber Orchestra, 2000. Photo by Irene Haupt

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Robert Franz conducting the Buffalo Philharmonic, 2009. Photo by Irene Haupt

The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra has performed at seven June in Buffalo’s. Current music director JoAnn Falletta will conduct the orchestra in the final concert of the 2010 June in Buffalo. The orchestra and the University at Buffalo have been collaborating on performances of contemporary music since the 1960s.

Steve Reich

Steve Reich, ca. 1987

Steve Reich, ca. 1987. Photo by Irene Haupt

On 1 June 2010 Pulitzer-prize winning composer Steve Reich will be awarded an honorary doctorate in music from the University at Buffalo. Steve Reich’s association with June in Buffalo dates to 1976, the second June in Buffalo under Morton Feldman’s direction. He returned again for the 1980 June in Buffalo.

David Felder and Steve Reich, 2000

David Felder and Steve Reich, 2000. Photo by Irene Haupt

The first performance of Reich’s music on a University at Buffalo contemporary music series event was on 4 May 1975 when Jan Williams and Donald Knaack performed his Clapping Music at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery on an Evenings for New Music concert. Reich has also been a presence in June in Buffalo under David Felder, serving as a faculty composer in 1987, 2000, 2003, and 2007.

Craig Bitterman and Steve Reich

Craig Bitterman and Steve Reich after their performance of Reich’s Clapping Music at June in Buffalo 2000. Photo by Irene Haupt

Brad Lubman and Steve Reich

Brad Lubman and Steve Reich, 2003. Photo by Irene Haupt

The following works by Steve Reich have received performances on Evenings for New Music, North American New Music Festival, and June in Buffalo programs since 1975.

  • City Life
  • Clapping Music
  • Daniel Variations
  • Drumming -- Part One
  • Drumming -- Part Three
  • Eight Lines
  • Marimba Phase
  • Music for 18 Musicians
  • Music for a Large Ensemble
  • Music for Mallet Instruments, voices and organ
  • Music for Pieces of Wood
  • My Name Is--
  • New York Counterpoint
  • Octet
  • Piano Phase
  • Sextet
  • Six Pianos
  • Tehillim
  • Three Tales
  • Triple Quartet
  • Vermont Counterpoint
  • Violin Phase
Beryl Korot and Steve Reich

Beryl Korot and Steve Reich at June in Buffalo 2003. Photo by Irene Haupt

Brad Lubman and Steve Reich

Brad Lubman and Steve Reich at June in Buffalo 2007. Photo by Irene Haupt

Steve Reich

Steve Reich at June in Buffalo 2007. Photo by Irene Haupt

Steve Reich

Steve Reich at June in Buffalo 2007. Photo by Irene Haupt

Composer/Title List

List of compositions played at June in Buffalo 1986-2010, arranged alphabetically by composer.

Composer Title
Aberdam, Eliane Toile D'Araignee
Adams, Daniel Dimensions Polyphonic
Adashi, Judah E., 1975- Hours rise up…
Suite: Eight Haiku by Richard Wright
Adzinikolova, Sara Doncaster Suite for piano
Ahn, Jean Ornamentation
Aikman, James Fantasy
Alexander, Kathryn, 1955- And the Whole Air Is Trembling
Alexander, Peter, 1959- Zym
Alford, Travis Kakophonia
Allen, Jason Metro for Brass
Aloupi, Maria Welt ist alles
Al-Zand, Karim, 1970- String Quartet
Anderson, Collin Medicine Shields
Ando, Yoshiko Turning Point
Andriessen, Louis, 1939- Memory of Roses
Antosca, Steve threads
Ariza, Christopher lathe
Arlen, Harold, 1905-1986 Get Happy
Arteaga-Fernandez, Alejandro Konstellationen
Askim, Peter Vital Signs
Winter's Tale
Asplin, David, 1954- In Curved Time
Aversa, Eleanor Sonora: Desert Songs
Axelrod, Lawrence, 1960- Duo concertante
Aylward, John End of Winter
Babbitt, Milton, 1916- Canonical Form
Double Sextett
None But The Lonely Flute
Sheer Pluck
Babcock, Andrew Transformations
Bacon, John, Jr. Haiku
Bailey, Keith Lotus of the Heart
Bailey, Richard H. (Richard Holmes), 1968- Core
Since the old dictators were dying we took turns being on top
There is no "e" in judgement.
Bainbridge, Simon, 1952- Four Primo Levi Settings
Marimolin Inventions
Three Players
Baldini, Christian, 1978- Two Adoration Motets
Baley, Virko Noctunral no. 6
Nocturnal #5
Sculptured Birds
Balter, Marcos, 1974- Raw Item
Bang, Malin ...nar korpen vitnar
Banks, Brian, 1964- Mountain Tryptich
Barber, Matthew Interface chapel
Barnson, Matthew Absorbing Wounds
Sibyl Tones
Barrett, G. Douglas Derivation X
Barrett, Richard, 1959- Tract (Part 1)
Baschet, Florence, 1955- Au commencement ... Berechit
Bassanese, Stefano Lamento del molare frustrato
Beach, H. H. A., Mrs., 1867-1944 Summer Dreams, Op. 47 for piano duet
Year's at the Spring
Beard, Jonathan (Jonathan Ryan) Memory whispers someplace in that jumbled machinery
Beaudoin, Paul E., 1960- Ein Brief
Becharse, Kari Four Songs on Texts by Donald Justice
Becker, Dan, 1960- Point of Balance
Beglarian, Eve Making Sense of It
Belcastro, Luca, 1964- THrowalua...TH
Bellor, Jennifer Soliloquy
Benadon, Fernando Crater of the Any
Bennett Pump That Player Piano
Béranger, Sébastien Le Triangle de Pascal
Berio, Luciano, 1925-2003 Brin
Sequenza XIVb
Berkhout, Bjorn, 1969- Quartet No. 1
Berkman, Robert Thorn-torn Lips
Bernard, Hector Torn
Berners, John Praeludium
Bidlack, Rick, 1958- Totem
Bielmeier, Douglas Metallurgy (Remix)
Biggs, Christopher Nommo Spacecraft or Interplanetary Spore
Sunbathing galaxy
Biscardi, Chester Mestiere
Bjorklund, Trevor Christian Orbiting the Singularity
Orbiting the Singularity
Blake, Daniel Portrait #2
Blake, Eubie, 1887-1983 Charleston
Bloom, Victor, 1956- Demolition '85/ I Know, I Know...
Boehmer, Konrad, 1941- Knederlied zu Dresden
Bogdanoff, Peter And it was Winter
Bolles, Marita Movements for String Trio
Boros, James, 1958- Ripkin, Head O'Might
Botter, Massimo, 1965- Kaleidoscope
Bove, Craig Night Voices
Piano Music
Bowater, Helen, 1952- Ixion's wheel
Bower, John Raven Luminescence
Brakel, Christopher D., 1977- Walls
Brand, Eliav, 1968- Bachalev Imo (In its Mother's Milk)
Studies of Fragmenting 7
Brayton, Dana Triage
Bresnick, Martin Bird as Prophet
For the Sexes
My Twentieth Century
Brideoake, Peter Shifting reflections
Bright, Colin Red earth (1985)
Broberg, Kirsten Soliloquy in Waves
Brotons, Salvador Piano Quartet, op. 48
Brouwer, Margaret, 1940- Sonata for violin and piano
Brown, Chris, 1953- Trio for violin, cello and piano
Brown, Earle, 1926-2002 Centering
December 1952
Graphic Music: realizations for flute and contrabass
Windsor Jambs
Buckinx, Boudewijn, 1945- Variations 2 on nothing
Buddin, David, 1968- Diversions For Three
Bunk, Louis Being and Becoming
in memoriam george harrison
Burkhardt, Helmut Cello Sonata
Burkhardt, Rick Serenade After Rimbaud
Burruss, Ryan, 1981- Pascal
Busoni, Ferruccio, 1866-1924 Fantasia Contrappuntistica
Byerly, Aubrey ...woven with a silent motto...
Cadiz, Rodrigo ePiano
Cadman, Charles Wakefield, 1881-1946 From the Land of the Sky-Blue Water
Cage, John ASLSP
Furniture Music Etcetera
Nowth upon Nacht
Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
Callahan, Moiya Sequence
Campion, Edmund J., 1957- Corail
Losing Touch
Cardew, Cornelius Autumn '60
Carey, Christian Quintet
String Quartet
Carpenter, Keith, 1967- Spike
Carr, James Hochziri
Carroll, Nicole Seeking Reconstruction
Carson, Benjamin Three Pieces for Piano
Carter, Elliott, 1908- Changes
Duo for Violin and Piano
Enchanted Preludes
String Quartet No. 4
Carvalho, Sarah Cleave II
Cassidy, Aaron, 1976- 10 monophonic miniatures for solo piano
String Quartet
Castillo, Patrick, 1979- Piece of coffee
Castillo-Rodriguez, Jose L. Ictus-I
Cavallone, Paolo Confini
Scendero a patti
Celimli, Evren As Waves of the Sea
Cerro, Emiliano del, 1951- At Least at Death...
Broken Colors
Chamberlain, Donald Nine Notions of Consequence
Chan, Ka Nin Mute Muse
Chan, Kwong-Yeung (Alan) Floes
Charke, Derek Cercle du Nord
Chen, Chia-Chi, 1978- Sound of the City
Chen, Janet Jieru Life without Stars
Chen, May Chee Chiariscuro
Chen, Yao String Quartet No. 3
Childs, Mary Ellen Kilter
Cho, SaBang Insight into Nonself
Choi, Grace, 1974- Sonority
String Quartet
Chong, Jong Yeoul Piece for Solo Bassoon
Chou, Tzu-Ling Sarana Quardo Parlante
Christensen, Mogens, 1955- Gura-The Growing Darkness
Chuaqui, Miguel, 1964- Archaeopteryx
Chumbley, Robert, 1954- Three Self-Studies
Clapperton, James, 1968- 3 Scots Folk Songs
When Alysander our king wes dede
Clark, Patrick Catgut!
Rhyming Shapes
Clarke, James, 1971- Dizzy from the Sun
Clarke, Michael, 1956- Refractions for trombone and tape
Cleary, David, 1954- Five Bilbies
Clingan, Alton Howe Decay of the Angel
Coble, William Summer Music, Part I (Monolith)
Cohen, Douglas, 1959- Movement through stasis
Neighbor music III
Cole, Andrew Sound, timbre, and density 3
Colella, Andrew Rhythmus 21
Rhythmus 23
Symphonie diagonale
Colgrass, Michael Variations for Four Drums and Viola
Conrad, Tony Sound piece performances
Cook, Christopher, 1962- Currents
Refluent pool
Cooper, Dan, 1970- Ozymandias
Copland, Aaron, 1900-1990 El Salon Mexico
Corigliano, John, 1938- Chiaroscuro, a soundscape for two pianos tuned a quarter-tone apart
Mr. Tambourine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan
Sonata for violin and piano
String Quartet No. 2
Troubadours: Variations for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra
Cornicello, Anthony I'll Have an Electric Mahabharata, Please
Cox, Cindy, 1961- Woven Rains
Cox, Frank, 1961- Four Pieces for Double Bass
Coxe, Stephen String Quartet
Two Songs
Crocker, Tepring Evening Ebb
Cronin, Tania While from the Bottom of the Pool
Crumb, George Black Angels: Thirteen Images from the Dark Land (Images I)
Music for a Summer Evening (Makrokosmos III)
Csapó, Gyula Infrared notes prismed through darkness
Csapó, Gyula Sarah Bande Magnetique pour L
Later Still
Daviđ Brynjar Franzson, 1978- Elimination of metaphysics
Davidovsky, Mario, 1934- Flashbacks
Synchronism, No. 10
Synchronisms No. 9
Davis, Greg ...for e.e. cummings…
Davis, Nathan Kroms Into the Wind
De Ritis, Anthony P. Ballet
Deacon, Christopher Concerto for Saxophone Quartet
DeBorde, John Q
Debussy, Claude, 1862-1918 Chansons de Bilitis
Deckler, Van Elderberry Flute Songs
Demers, Inouk La Question
Denisch, Beth, 1958- Pont Euxine for Viola, Percussion, and Celeste
Denisov, Ėdisson Vasilʹevich, 1929-1996 Choral Varie
DeSantis, Dennis Variations
Dias, Amílcar Vasques Tosjoe
Didkovsky, Nick Slim in Beaten Drummers
Dionne, Andrew Untitled 2
Dirty Dozen Brass Band Use Your Brain
Dodge, Charles, 1942- Any resemblance is purely coincidental
For Baird: etudes for violin and tape
Doenado, el Ur O#
Doerrfeld, William Birth Control
Donatoni, Franco, 1927-2000 Algo
Dong, Kui, 1967- Pangu's song
Dora, Sinan Owl
Dorsey, Marcus Sonatina for solo cello
Dramm, David, 1961- Knoceris
Dries, Eric Slaves of Convergence
Druckman, Jacob, 1928-1996 Aureole
Come Round
Come Round
Delizie Contente Che L'alme Beate
Dunker, Amy ...drawn by the moon
Dunleavy, Houston, 1962- Night Music
String Quartet No. 2...and the world is a colder place
Tears without Voice
Dusapin, Pascal String Quartet No. 4
String Quartet No. 5
Dzubay, David Chanson Innocentes
Eaton, John, 1935- Notes on Moonlight
Edlund, Mikael, 1950- Små fötter
Edwards, Brian Sonata
Edwards, Gus I'm After Madame Tetrazzini's Job
Pan, Pan, Pan
Edwards, Peter Ivan, 1973- Annicha
Einbond, Aaron, 1978- Crazy Salad
Eliasson, Anders, 1947- Disegno
Elisha, Adrienne Harrier
Inner Voices
Once Emerged from the Grey of Night
Elmquist, John Inroad
Elwood, Paul, 1958- Big Sky
Disbanded Horizons
Edgard Varese in the Gobi Desert
Oceano, 1936
Void beneath the Coffee Table : Over Marble Spaces (second movement)
Epstein, Marti, 1959- Ballade
Erb, Donald, 1927-2008 Concerto for Trombone
Déjà Vu
Déjà vu (in six movements)
Devil's Quickstep
Diversion for Two
Drawing Down the Moon
Rainbow Snake
Sonata for Solo Harp
Sonata for Solo Violin
String Quartet No. 2
Sunlit Peaks and Dark Valleys (in three movements)
Together forever
Erickson, Robert, 1917-1997 Ricercar a 3
Etler, Alvin, 1913-1973 Quintet for Brass Instruments
Fang, Man Quartet No. 1, South of the Yangtze
Farzinpour, Peyman Five Pieces for Chamber Orchestra
Felder, David Another Face
Another Face for Solo Violin
Boxman for trombone, tape, and live electronics
Boxman. Selections
Coleccion Nocturna
In Between
Inner Sky
Linebacker Music
November Sky
partial [dis]res[s]storation
Passageways 2
Rocket Summer
Shemayin: Chashmal, Sa'arah, Black fire/White fire
Six Poems from Neruda's "Alturas..."
String Quartete No. 2 Stekt-Stucke
Third Face
Three Lines from Twenty Poems
Three Pieces for Orchestra
Two works from Crossfire: Another face
Feldman, Barbara Monk, 1953- Variations for Six String Instruments
Feldman, Morton, 1926-1987 Coptic light
Crippled Symmetry
For Frank O'Hara
Instruments II
Music for Cello and Orchestra
Piano Four Hands
Triadic Memories
Vertical Thoughts 1
Viola in my Life
Viola in My Life IV
Ferguson, Sean, 1962- Envolee
Persistence of Memory
Ferneyhough, Brian, 1943- Bone Alphabet
Cassandra's Dream Song
Kurze Schatten II
Opus Contra Naturam
String Quartet No. 2
String Quartet No. 3
Trittico per GS
Festinger, Richard Serenade for Six
Finnissy, Michael ...a performance of "Impressions d'Afrique" by Raymond Roussel at the Theatre Antoine
Firant, Laurel, 1954- Beautiful Dreamer
Fisk, Douglas For Flute and Piano
Fitch, Keith, 1966- Cut River
Fitzell, Gordon spirits rebellious
Fitzgerald, Thomas Anthony Chitter Chatter
Flesher, Erik Composition C
Ford, Andrew, 1957- Chamber concerto no. 3: In constant flight (1988)
Fortuin, Harold, 1964- Untitled no. 3
Foss, Lukas, 1922-2009 Echoi
For Toru
For Toru
Percussion Quartet
Solo Observed
Solo Observed
Franey, Colin Pain
Freeman, Jason Sonata
Fried, Philip (Philip Aaron) String Quartet No. 2
Fromm, Mark Aqua Regia
Fu, Jun String Quartet No. 1
Fulkerson, Christopher Childermass: Excerpt
Furitsu, Ikue Biwaden II
Gade, Niles Tango Jalousie
Galante, Michel Kama Three Pieces for Solo Cello
Galperin, Miguel, 1972- Elevator Music for Spaces
Primary Line
García, Orlando Jacinto German Archer
Rendering Counterpoint
Garnett, Guy E. Divertimento
Gentry, Christian skewampity_widget
Gershwin, George, 1898-1937 Clap Yo' Hands
Gibson, John, 1960- Jangle
Gibson, Mara B., 1972- Fish Gotta Fly
Five Piano Etudes
mirar for soprano, flutes, cello and percussion
Gifford, Fred r/evolve
Glass, Philip Concerto (1995) movements I and IV
Concerto for Saxophones
Glassworks. Floe
Glassworks. Islands
Lecture by Philip Glass
Piece in the Shape of a Square
Satyagraha : Final Scene
String Quartet No. 3 "Mishima"
Symphony No. 3
Globokar, Vinko, 1934- ?Corporel for and on a body
Discours V
Echanges for a brass player ad libitum
Oblak semen for trombone solo
Prestop II for trombone and sound processor
Res-as-ex-ins/pirer for a brass player ad libitum
Golec, Beata E. Forests
Golove, Jonathan, 1966- Bad Dreams (The Seventeenth Murder)
Closely Related Fungi
E.Q. for electric string quartet
Max's 24-hour Pray-o-mat
Shreds of Evidence (for Thelonius Monk)
Gondai, Atsuhiko Zero Hour
Gordon, Michael, 1956- Paint it Black
Gottlieb, David Mark, 1954- soundbites, living on
Grant, David Piano Trio
Graugaard, Lars, 1957- Concealed Behaviours
Green, Michelle F. Proposition 6
Greenberg, Robert, 1954- Quasi un Madigali
Grella-Możejko, Piotr Kyrie
Griffeath-Loeb, Brian Vergence
Griffin, Sean Song
Grisey, Gérard Prologue
Grossman, J. Villavicencio Omaggio a Berg
Hagar, Donald Changes, an abstract for solo cello
Halle, John Softshoe
Hamilton, Bruce, 1966- verges
Hammer, Vincent Aginbite of Inwit
Chamber Piece No. 1
Coincidental Excursion
Duo for Bass and Guitar
Ledge: String Quartet No. 1
Ripples of Dissipation
Han, Aekyung Dilemma
Han, Haesook, 1964- Three Love Songs
Han, Ock Mi Cadre
Hanner, David ...habet vocis
Listening Room
Hänschke, Bernd, 1948- Changeant
Harbison, John Between Two Worlds
But Mary Stood
Dark Bloom
Mirabai Songs
San Antonio
Songs of Solitude
String Quartet No. 1
Harding, Susan Forrest Earliest Sky
Harnas, Emil, 1957- Aftos O Tafos Then Mbori Name Horessi (This Tomb Cannot Confine Me)
String Quartet No. 1
Harrison, Ellen La Cite du Globe Captif
Harsh, Ed Obstinate austerity
Harvey, Jonathan, 1939- Nataraja
Ricercare for trombone and tape
Song Offerings
Hasida, Mitsuyo Perception
Hassel, Daniel van Trade clause
Haubenstock-Ramati, Roman Interpolation: Mobile for 1, 2 and 3 flutes
Hause, Evan labyrinth of flames
Heinrichs, Williams Saddest noise, the sweetest noise…
Helgeson, Aaron Five pieces for string quartet
Helmuth, Mara bugs and ice...
Inchoate Energies
Hendze, Jesper Marduk
Henriques, Tomás, 1963- Espirais
Henze, Hans Werner, 1926- S. Biagio 9 agosto ore 1207
Herbert, Victor, 1859-1924 Always Do As People Say You Should
Panamericana, for solo piano
Hernandez, Arthur String Quartet No. 1
Hiller, Lejaren, 1924-1994 Algorithms Cycle (IV)
Algorithms I, II, III
Fast and Slow
Hindemith, Paul, 1895-1963 Sonata for Solo Viola, op. 11, no. 5
Hindman, Dorothy Elliston Forward Looking Back (In six movements)
Hintzenstern, Michael von Flussige Zeit
Ho, Hubert Gray Tortoise, Divine Tortoise
Hoh, Chung Shih Dropping Ives
Piece of String Quartet
Holochwost, Steven Fantasia on a Chinese Folk Melody
Homiski, Colin Firestorm
Hoover, Richard Sextet
Hopkins, Christopher, 1957- Echoes in the Narrows
Hopkins, Nicholas Joyce Transcription III
Hosokawa, Toshio Melodio
Hostetler, Randy, 1963- 8
Hu, Ching-chu, 1969- Song of the Flower Drum
Huang, Tsai-yun, 1979- Imaginary place
Hübler, Klaus-K. Reisswerck
Hurtado, Jose Luis Relieve doble
Hwang, Hae-Jeong Dialogue for Two Flutes
Getting to Know Your House
Imai Shintaro, 1974- Resonant Waves
Imbrie, Andrew, 1921-2007 Pilgrimage
Itoh, Hiroyuki, 1963- Xagna
Ives, Charles, 1874-1954 Ann Street
Calcium light night
From the Steeples to the Mountains
From the Steeples to the Mountains/Gyp the Blood...
Gyp the Blood...
Quartet No. 2
Three-page sonata
Jacobs, Edward, composer Passed Time
Jeong, Sooran, 1967- Derivation
String Quartet
Study -- Five Morphemes
Johanson, Michael, 1968- Re-emergences
Johnson, David Contredanse
Johnson, Evan Dehiscene, flottements
sunk: one
Johnson, Keith Victor Music for Violin and Marimba
Johnson, Lyle David Proximities
Jones, Stephen, 1960- Serendenza
Jones, Stuart, composer Out of Time
Joplin, Scott, 1868-1917 Elite Syncopations
Joyce, Brooke Piano Music (movement III)
Jung, Jiyoung Quintet
Kagel, Mauricio Atem for a brass or wind instrument
MM 51
Kaplan, Amelia S. In Memoiram
Karathanasis, Kostas Ligno Chalybeque
Kärkkäinen, Tommi Untitled
Kaufman, Christopher Gesture Music
Kay, Ulysses, 1917-1995 Five Portraits for Violin and Piano
Keller, Derek Farewell (Grief Cycle)
Kernis, Aaron Jay Air
Lullaby (for the earth)
Simple Songs
Kidde, Geoffrey, 1963- String Quartet No. 2 (movements 1 and 2)
Kim, A. Young Meeting of two strangers
Kim, Eun-Kyung Clouds
Kim, Hee Yun, 1971- Memoir of Dong-Yak
Kim, Jeeyoung Equilibrium
King, Mary J. Drop
Kirkwood, Neal Descriptions of Surrealist Paintings for Violin and Cello
Kleinsasser, William, 1961- Spiral
Three Point Echo
Knell, Peter Wendell, 1970- Joy
Köksal, Füsun, 1973- 'STYX'
Koonce, Paul C. (Paul Christian), 1956- Escape Tone
Koontz, Daniel, 1969- Chamber Sextet
Three Improvements
Korde, Shirish Constellations
Kothman, Kenneth Keith In Time
Kowalkowski, Jeffrey Aufhebung
Krausas, Veronika, 1963- Inside the stone
Kryszak, Alan, 1961- Recommended wildlife
Kuehn, Mikel, 1967- Broken lynes
Kurtág, György Kafka Fragments
Kuss, Mark Contraband
Kwan, Yu Mi Harbor
Kyr, Robert Six In One...
Lachenmann, Helmut String Quartet No. 3 Grido
Lai, H. Dali clock
Lake, Joseph And in my dreams you're alive and you're crying
Lamb, Sally, 1966- Four Pieces for Violin and Piano
Lampl, Kenneth H. Spectraos
Lann, Vanessa Inner Piece
Lansky, Paul, 1944- Small Talk
Values of Time
Lara, Felipe Tutti
Lee, Bik Exit
Lee, Brent, 1960- Maquette III
Lee, Eun Young Quiet way
Lee, Hye-Jeong, 1963- Haan (based on an excerpt from Ch'oyong)
Trio in two movements
Lee, Ya-Ting Ritual
Leese, Michael Crow Jane
Crow Jane
Lefkowitz, David S. Quartet
Lentini, James, 1958- Orchestra Hall Suite
Lentz, Georges, 1965- Mysterium
Leone, Gustavo Confluence
Levering, Arthur Blue Volts
Levinson, Ilya Variations for solo violin
Liderman, Jorge Six songs
Ligeti, György, 1923-2006 Self portrait with Reich and Riley (with Chopin in the Background)
Lillios, Elainie, 1968- Dreams in the Desert
Earth Ascending
Lim, Elizabeth Dark Copernicus
Lim, Jie-Sun String Quartet No. 2
Liñán, Rafael Primavera Ametrallada
Lindberg, Magnus, 1958- Jeux d'anches
Lindsay, Eric, 1980- the one best system
Link, Stanley Boyd, 1963- In Ida's Mirror
Lippe, Cort, 1953- Music for Alto Saxophone and Computer
Music for Computer and Contrabass
Music for Five Players II
Music for Flute and ISPW
Music for Guitar and Tape
Music for marimba and computer
Music for Marimba and Computer
Music for Piano and Computer
Music for Piano and Computer
Music for Sextet and ISPW
Music for snare drum and computer
Lipten, David, 1961- Prolepsis
Lister, Rodney Portraits and Prayers
Livengood, Kerith Never gonna dance
Llaneza, Aristides Music for Five Instruments
Loewe, Jeffrey Plastic Constructions
Logothetis, Anestis Kulmination II
Lorenz, Ricardo Concertino for percussion and timpani
Louie, Alexina, 1949- Cadenzas : in three movements
Loy, Christopher Morgan Advent of Awakening
Lubman, Brad Trigram
Lucier, Alvin Fideliotrio
Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra
Still Lives
Lutoslawski, Witold, 1913-1994 Partita (in five movements)
Ly, Andrew Runes for a young believer
MacBride, David Face
MacDonald, David Amen
Machover, Tod Flora
With Dadaji in Paradise
Mackey, Steven, 1956- Heavy/Light
MacLeod, Duncan Nook
MacOireachtaigh, Fiachra Attack of the Headless Chickens
Maderna, Bruno Widmung
Madsen, Pamela A. Pneuma-Phrenesis-Abyss
Mahin, Bruce P. Rituals
Makan, Keeril Cut
Manoury, Philippe En Echo
Livre des Claviers
Livre des claviers
Michigan Trio: in five movements
Musique II
Partita I
Passacaille pour Tokyo
Ultima Trio
Ultima Trio
Mansurian, Tigran Five Bagatelles
Mantel, Mark Douglas, 1961- Beat Crisis: LAPD or KKK?
Bree, however, Has Subsided
Four from the Opposition of Corners
Triptych for Flute
Marsh, Gordon Ballade
Mȧrtensson, Magnus Ognat
Martino, Donald, 1931-2005 Fantasy - Variations
From the Other Side: A Divertimento for flute, cello, percussion, and piano
Martland, Steve Drill
Marty, Eric, 1969- ...eumerions...
Mason, Charles Norman Artist and His Model
Masteller, Brett M. From here to there (Mvt. 1)
Matamoros, Gustavo, 1957- Entropy
Mathews, Paul, 1968- Parody Sonatina
Matsuda, Shu, 1974- Fly Till Dusk
Mauceri, Frank X. (Frank Xavier), 1963- expiry
Maw, Nicholas Old King's Lament
May, Andrew Marginalia
Twittering Machine
McAllister, Margaret Quartet
McBride, Michael A. Alleluia
McFadden, Kevin S. Paid Programming
McFerron, Mike, 1970- Music for Viola and Piano
McNair, Jonathan B. Galapagos Lions
Huckleberry Finn in the Museum of Art
Mocha java blend
McWain, Andrew J. In Nomine Patris
Meadowcroft, Thomas tetes composees
Meale, Richard Incredible Floridas (1971)
Meckler, David Charles, 1960- Symmetry Jumps
Mercer, Chris Untitled
Messiaen, Olivier, 1908-1992 Messe de la Pentecote
Michaels, Joseph, 1977- Being
Michelson, Helena Romance
Mirelman, Sam, 1974- Notes More No
Studies After Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1
Miyama, Chikashi, 1979- Gleam
Mobberly, James Caution to the winds
Moncayo, Jose Pablo, 1912-1958 Huapango
Monhardt, Jonathan Hickory ridge
Monk, Meredith Double Fiesta
Moon, Barry, 1965- Interact 1
Two Songs
Moore, Keith, 1970- From the Diary of an Organaut
Vagrants on Every Floor
Morales, Roberto, 1958- Historia de Culebras
Morgo, Jen Riot
Morrison, John Howell Over the head (with a stick)
Rising Blue
Mosko, Stephen L. Road to Tiphareth
Muehleissen, John This chain of enigmas
Muir, Leah, 1978- Convent de la Tourette
Muller, Otto Vocis Secundae
Murail, Tristan Esprits des dunes
La Mandragore
Travaux et Les Jours
Muskal, Tamar Dmamah
Nakai, Tomoko Whirlpool
Nakano, Koji, 1974- Vision
Nancarrow, Conlon, 1912-1997 Five Studies for Player Piano
String Quartet No. 3
Studies for Player Piano #9 and #3B
Naples, John Toccata
Neal, Adam Deviations
Neill, Roger String Quartet
Nelson, Jon, 1966- Insomnia
Nelson, Richard James, 1954- Quartet for Winds and Strings
Ritornello variations
Neuman, Chris Sonata, no. 2
Nez, Ketty, 1965- Affinities
Nichols, Charles, 1967- Interpose
Nieder, Fabio, 1957- Essere Stelle Chiare
Nono, Luigi Fragmente Stille, An Diotima per Quartetto d'archi
Nordschow, Randy. 1969- two pianos
Nørgård, Per, 1932- I Ching
Norman, Katherine Islanders
Normandeau, Robert, 1955- Chorus
Northrop, Jonathan Bond Themes, Variations and an Invention
Oesterle, Michael ...In Ricordanze, In Feste...
Voci Spezzate
Ogburn, James Lamarck was a Mutant
Ogle, Brian William Portrait
Oh, Seung-ah Song of regret
Ohana, Maurice, 1913-1992 Tiento
O'Hara, Chelsea Creepy Raindrops
Ona, Erik Deja Vu
Fragments of "Jodeln"
Tiger und Patriarch
Onofrio, Gregory, 1962- Dies Irae from Prayers from Prison
Osterfield, Paul D., 1973- Triumvirate of Violin Duets
Pablo, Luis de Violino Spagnolo
Paick, Yoomi, 1978- Three Pieces for Clarinet
Pang, Chun Ting Infinite Plane
Pape, Gerard, 1955- Licht und Klang (In Memoriam Karlheinz Stockhausen)
Paraskevaídis, Graciela, 1940- suono sogno
Park, Karen (Kye Ryung) Ohne Grenzen
Park, Yong Jean String Quartet
Parkin, Michael Sinfonia for solo trombone
Parmerud, Ake, 1953- Flutes en Feu
Strings and Shadows
Patch, M. Equus
Paterson, Robert, 1970- Quintus
Paul, John F., 1955- Aandenken van gent
Into a Good Land
Peachey, Janet Trio
Pecquet, Frank Kaleidosonic
Pennycook, Bruce, 1949- The Redwood Quintet
Periera, David Chrysalis
Perron, Alain, 1959- Exil
Pfaff, William Three Pieces for Solo Piano
Pfeiffer, Greg Second Miniature for Clarinet
Phan, P.Q. (Phuc Q.), 1962- Solitary Reminiscence
Phillips, Robert Circumambulation
id entity
Piazzolla, Astor Invierno Porte-o
Verano Porte-o
Pierson, Tom Music for a Solemn Occasion
Place, Timothy Alan, 1976- Genomic Variations
Polonio, Eduardo, 1941- Discontent, from Ritmos de vidrio roto
Pompili, Claudio, 1949- Scherzo alla Francescana
Ponte, Nora, 1968- Amarrada al recuerdo 2
Pound, Robert Post-Jurisimprudence Conferentiality
Powell, Mel Three Madrigals for Flute Alone
Prado, Perez, 1916-1989 Mambo #5
Primiani, Leanna, 1972- Variations
Primosch, James Sacra Conversazione
Quakatz, Igor Wechselnden Jahreszeiten (The Changing Seasons)
Rabe, Folke Basta
Rai, Takayuki, 1954- Lucent Aquarelle
Rands, Bernard the receding mist...
Canti del Sole
Canti Dell'eclessi
Canti Lunatici
Fanfare for Brass Quintet
in the receding mist
London Serenade
Memo 1
Memo 4, for solo flute
Memo 7
Now again -- frangments from Sappho
Prelude...sans voix parmi les voix...
Tambourin, Movements I, II, III, V
Walcott Songs
Raynovich, William Jason Tautologies
Raz, Carmel, 1982- String Quartet No. 2
Redgate, Roger, 1958- Pau Au Dela
Redman, Will Wilderness and Self-Sufficiency
Rees, Michael, 1954- Mantis
Reger, Max, 1873-1916 Symphonic Fantasia and Fugue, Op. 57 ("The Inferno")
Reich, Steve, 1936- City Life
Clapping Music
Daniel Variations
Drumming -- Part One
Drumming -- Part Three
Eight Lines
Music for Pieces of Wood
New York Counterpoint
Piano Phase
Three Tales
Triple Quartet
Reiter, Berholdt vapors flow along the floor
Rentowski, Wieslaw, 1953- Albebragen
Reynolds, Belinda Interference Patterns
Reynolds, Roger, 1934- ...brain ablaze...she howled aloud
Angel of Death
Ariadne's Thread
Behavior of Mirrors
last things, I think, to think about
On the Nature of Things
Sanctuary I/Sanctuary II
Transfigured Wind III
Rice, Steven, 1979- Chamber Music
Riehm, Rolf, 1937- Toccata Orpheus
Rindfleisch, Andrew, 1963- Fanatical Dances
Rinker, J. T. ...distilled to pure suchness…
Petit Mort
Rivadenera, Pedro Frictions
Rivera, Carlos Raphael, 1970- Mystica
Roberts, Adam Populi Minuti
Robinson, P. Sleep Hath No Geography
Rogers, David W. Bonk
Rogers, Matthew Man and Machine
Rogerson, Christopher Fractured Light
Rohde, Kurt Preludium and Funebre
Rojko, Oros Running Away
Rolfe, James, 1961- Now What?
Romberg, Sylvia Will You Remember
Romig, James, 1971- Thread Sketches
Rook, Michael Waltz (for a Succubus)
Roosa, Alissa L. Kokopelli's Dream
Kokpelli's Dream
Rosenblum, Matthew Circadian Rhythms
Under the Rainbow
Roth, Eric, 1977- Body Death
Rouse, Christopher, 1949- Compline
Rotae Passionis
Rovan, Butch Blueprint
Rowe, Robert Flutter
Not About Water
Ruders, Poul, 1949- Sonata No. 1: Dante Sonata
Star Prelude and Love Fugue
Ruehr, Elena Trio
Rust, Justin Everything that Rises Must Converge
Rutty, Alejandro Akisum Variations
Artificial Resonances
Ce Jour de L'an
Ryan, Jeffrey Two-by-Four
Rzewski, Frederic Piano Piece, no. 4
Sonata III: Allegro
Sabat, Marc Lost Coat
Sabey, Benjamin Spirit Matter
Sachse, Ernst Concertino
Sack, Bill Afterbonanza
Sagala, Jeremy David Lines in Illustration
Saggau, Jonathan Orphan Factory
Sander, Kurt Three Songs on Lyrics Poetry of Sappho
Sandred, Orjan Polykrom
Sanford, David, 1963- Corpus
Sanford, Richard, 1959- Foaming Paisley
Study for Tourmalion
Satterwhite, Marc Ario Tris
Sawyer, Eric On the Bushy Plain
Sbar, Robert Aerial Surveying
Scearce, J. Mark, 1960- Four Quotations, for baritone and string trio on poems by John Ashbery
Scelsi, Giacinto, 1905-1988 Wo-Ma n. 2
Schafer, Dominique String Quartet
Schneider, Mark, 1954- Pale Fire
Schneller, Oliver Aurora
Schoenberg, Arnold, 1874-1951 Chamber Symphony, op. 9
Schottenbaur, Michele A. Fantasy
Schramm, B. L., (Betsy L.) Songs for the Earth
Schreibeis, Matthew immaus
Schryer, Claude, 1959- Percussion of the Air
Schuesler, Philip T. One More Moment
Schuller, Gunther Bouquet for Collage
Schultz, Andrew, 1960- Spherics (1984)
Schulze, Lukas Without Words
Schwendinger, Laura Fable
Sciarrino, Salvatore Esplorazione del bianco I
Sonata No. 5
Vagabonde blu
Scodanibbio, Stefano, 1956- Dos Abismos
Voyage That Never Ends
Sculthorpe, Peter, 1929- Requiem
Sedicias, Dimas Segundo Metalofonico
Raymond My Friend
Raymond My Friend
Seeger, Ruth Crawford, 1901-1953 String Quartet
Seel, Daniel N., 1970- Klavier-stücke
Sessions, Roger, 1896-1985 Six Pieces for Violoncello
Setabundhu, Jiradej Chamber Suite
Settel, Zack, 1957- Eshroadepipel
Sharafyan, Vache Piano Trio
Sharman, Rodney Narcissus
Sherman, Michael Bloomages
Shernoff, Leon Piece for Sabine
Sherouse, Braxton Regulated action
Shin, Sung Ah Regress in Infinity no. 3
Shohl, David Dynamophone
Shulman, Moshe Brass Quintet
Siegfried, Kevin Arcs and Circles
Sierra, Arlene Elizabeth, 1970- October Prelude
Sigman, Alexander, 1980- il y va d'un certain pas
Simoni, Mary Hope Unity
Simonson, Eric, 1964- Tambo and Bones
Smit, Leo, 1921-1999 Under a Tender Moon
Smith, Steve, drummer Percussion Quartet
Smith, Stuart, 1948- Tunnels
Smooke, David Souvenirs
Snapper, Pieter, 1967- Planes of Lamentation and Light
Snider, Sarah Ballade
Soares, James Vertiginous rotation
Soh, Diana Flashed and Forgot: The practice of my absentmindedness
Sollberger, Harvey Advancing Moment
Advancing Moment
Advancing Moment
Chamber Concerto
Double Tryptich
Into Light
original substance/manifest traces
Riding the wind
Riding the Wind I
Riding the Wind II, III, IV
Three or Four Things I Know About The Oboe
To the Spirit Unappeased and Peregrine
Trickster Tales
Trio (...from winter's frozen stillness)
Two and the one
Soper, Katherine Songs for Solo Clarinet
Sørenson, Bent Angelus Waltz
Deserted Churchyards
Funeral Procession
Sosa, Rogelio Ricardo, 1977- Extractos I and II
Sprecher, Sandra Diapsalanta
Squarzon, Paolo, 1964- Circles
Srinivasan, Asha, 1980- Falling samsaaram
Stäbler, Gerhard ...Abschiede...(Farewells)
Spuren (Traces)
Traum 1/9/92
Stadelman, Jeffrey, 1959- Eastland
Facet Delay
House Taken Over
Incidental Music
Starry Wisdom
String Quartet No. 3
Two Movements from Aerial
Stanhope, Paul, 1969- Taste of Midnight
Stanley, Jane Deep Turn
Stanton, Geoffrey, 1956- Fantasia Leggiadro
Starobin, David Chase
Start, Elizabeth Jane Transmigration
Steen, Ken, 1958- Husk IV
Steiger, Rand, 1957- 13 loops
For Marnie
Steinberg, Russell Subterranean Dance
Stevens, John, 1955- Transit Shifts
Stiegler, Thomas quasi una fantasia
sonata facile for prepared violin
Stockhausen, Karlheinz, 1928-2007 Capricorn
In Freundschaft, nr. 46 1/2
Stoll, Tom Maps 2
Two Dreams
Stoneham, Luke, 1966- Magenta Cuts
Magenta Cuts
Stravinsky, Igor, 1882-1971 Five Easy Pieces
Piano Rag Music
Stromberg, John Come Down Ma Evenin' Star
Subotnick, Morton Other piano
Until spring revisited
Suttor, Matthew I Find Comfort in Thunder
Suzuki, Kotoka Whisper Nocturne
Swafford, Tom Cells
Swenson, Paul Hellion
Swilley, Daniel Fracture No. 2
Szlavnics, Chiyoko Papyrus Bending
Taggert, Mark Alan September, 1999
Takemitsu, Tōru Between Tides
Litany - in memory of Michael Vyner
Piano Distance
Rain Tree Sketch II - in memory of Olivier Messiaen
Tallgren, Johan Quatuor a Royaumont
Tan, Su Lian, 1964- Moo Shu Wrap Rap
Tarantino, Todd Haziri
Taxin, Ira Brass Quintet
Brass Quintet
Taylor, Edward Sextet
Temperley, Davy Five Rhythmic Studies for Piano
Theofanidis, Chris, 1967- Visions and Miracles
Thigpen, Benjamin 0.95652173913
Thomas, Augusta Read Blizzard in Paradise
Bubble: Rainbow - (spirit level)
Carillon Sky
Red Moon
Rumi Settings
Six Piano Etudes
Sonnet from the field: second movement
Spirit Musings
Thomas, Robert Quintet
Thomas, Scott, musician So You Say
Thompson, Bruce Venatil Chronicle
Thompson, Jason, 1983- Glyphs
Thompson, Lesleigh, 1966- Sphygmus
Thorman, Marc Variations for Solo Violin
Tiensuu, Jukka \L
Arsenic and Old Lace
Timpson, Michael, 1970- Mirrors of the Psyche
Tormey, Alan Stephen, 1974- ISTIKLAL
Torstensson, Klas Koorde
Trawick, Eleanor, 1965- Brooklyn Summer
Three Movements for Two Pianos
Trevino, Jeffrey Trailer for UBIK (Sound collage after Phillip K. Dick)
Trivers, Juliana restore
Trudel, Alain, 1966- Yo
Tsoe, Dong Sudden Reconstruction III
Tsunenishi, Mariko Dan
Tutschku, Hans, 1966- Bleierne Klavier
Tuzun, Tolga Dechirement des Petales
Uechi, Jason, 1968- nonet: etherdrift
Ueno, Ken Circular Pentagram
Ulman, Erik, 1969- Eliezer and Rebecca at the well
Vaggione, Horacio, 1943- 24 Variations
Vali, Reza Four Persian folk songs: Rain, Kuridsh folk song, Lullaby, Folk song from Luristan
Van Herck, Bert Impuls
VanHassel, Daniel Trudge Blasted Exotic
Vanneschi, Luca Quartetto classico
Varèse, Edgard, 1883-1965 Density 21.5
Vayo, David Border Crossing
Vernusky, Michael selah
Vigeland, Nils Aurochs and Angels
Vigeland, Nils Eleven Pages
Transparent things (1985)
Vigil, Ryan untitled
Vigue, Ronald G. Still Life Glances
Villen, Arturo Moya One Sound
Voigt, Steve Steel-Petaled Flower
Volans, Kevin, 1949- Kneeling Dance
She Who Sleeps with a Small Blanket
Volker, Mark, 1974- Sisyphus Rising
Vrebalov, Aleksandra, 1970- Orders
Wachner, Julian, 1969- Landscapes
String Quartet in Three Movements
Wagenaar, Diderik Lent, vague, indecis
Walsh, Craig, 1971- Lines
Walsh, Nicholas Andrew Temple of the Leviathan
Wanner, Dan, 1971- Black Bile
Webb, Barrie Second Skin for amplified didgeridoo and tape
Weeter, Jeffrey Canto
Weidenaar, Reynold, 1945- Thundering Scream of the Seraphim's Delight
Weisberg, David, 1971- Notte Lunga
Weiser, Alexander ...mallet meringue
Weisman, Stefan Stick-Shift Confessions
Welch, Carl Chapman Metakatalepsis
Welton, Scott Sparrow Prelude
Werntz, Julia Piano Piece
White, Barbara, 1965- Movements for Piano solo
Wilkes, Jonathan Elegy for a broken Buchla machine
Wilkinson, Carlton Gemini
In Love's Absence
Wilkinson, Carlton Joseph Femmes Armees
Williams, Amy, 1969- Abstracted Art
Binary Stars
Four Movements for string quartet
Suite for Five
Yellow, Violet, AND Red: Three waltzes for Yvar
Williams, Carter Distances
Williamson, Gordon, 1974- Three Sketches for Guitar
Wolff, Christian, 1934- Edges
Wolpe, Stefan Waltz (for Merle)
Womack, Donald Visceral
Woo, Jihyun Buffalo and Me
Woolf, Randall, 1959- ...nobody move...
Chaotic Regime
Piano trio. First movement
Wright, Gary D., 1956- Sky Gamut and Saraband
Wuorinen, Charles Archaeopteryx
Bagatelle (1987-77)
Bamboula Squared
Blue Bamboula
Brass Quintet
Concert for Double Bass Alone
Duo Sonata
Fenton Songs I
Fenton Songs II
Great Procession
Micro Symphony
Mission of Virgil
New York Notes
On Alligators
Percussion Quartet
Piano Sonata No. 3
River of Light
Saxophone Quartet
Second Sonata
Sonata for Violin and Piano
String Sextet
Xenakis, Iannis, 1922-2001 Embellie
Yamaji, Atsushi, 1968- Vestiges
Yamamoto, Hiroyuki, 1967- Forma
Yayalar, Tolga traces/recollections
Yim, Jay Alan, 1958- Moments of rising mist
Yip, Stephen, 1971- Yi Bi - A Lotus Flower
Yoo, Boem-Seok Shapes
York, Wes Bartlett's Rhapsody
Young, La Monte For Brass
Yuasa, Joji Jo-Ha-Kyu
Projection II
Yudo, Luiz Henrique Jouet
Zajonc, Michael, 1956- Foil
Maxwell's Demon
String Quartet
Trio for Clarinet and Piano
Zamboni, Mauricio Gomez Evil Female Bass Player Dilemmas
Zanter, Mark Five Guitar Preludes
Zappa, Frank Big Swiftly
Dupree's Paradise
Echidna's Arf
T'mershi Du Ween
Zeeland, Cees van Initials
Zimmermann, Walter, 1949- Riuti
Zivian, Eric, 1968- Music, When Soft Voices Die
Zohn-Muldoon, Ricardo El Rizar de la Tarde

Performer List

List of performers who have appeared at June in Buffalo 1986-2010.

Performer Function
Abbott, Lorraine Piano
Abramo, Matt Double bass
Acquisto, Daniel Percussion
Adelstein, Pamela Benjamin, 1944- Viola
Aguilar, Gustavo Percussion
Aistrup, Rob Double bass
Alberman, David Violin
Aldrich, Simon Clarinet
Aldridge, Erin Violin
Alexander, Kathryn, 1955- Flute
Amherst Saxophone Quartet Ensemble
Amherst Saxophone Quartet Ensemble
Amidon, Bradley Percussion
Anderson, Miles, 1937- Trombone
Anderson, Nancy Violoncello
Andersson, Magnus, 1956- Guitar
Andersson, Magnus, 1956- Guitar
Andolina, Salvatore Saxophone (Soprano), Clarinet
Andrade, Levine Viola
Anspach, Eryk Flute
Anthony, Ryan, trumpeter Trumpet
Arditti Quartet Ensemble
Arditti, Irvine Violin
Ardizzone, Matthew Guitar
Arnold, Tony, 1966- Voice (Soprano)
Arron, Edward Violoncello
Artaud, Pierre-Yves Flute
Artmann, Mary Violoncello
Askim, Peter Double bass
Augenmusik Ensemble
Avery, James, 1937- Conductor, Piano
Bacon, Brian Viola
Bacon, John, Jr. Percussion
Bahn, Lina Violin
Bailey, Richard, 1956- Electronics
Baird Trio Ensemble
Baker, James Conductor, Percussion
Baldini, Christian, 1978- Conductor
Baley, Virko Conductor, Piano
Banham, Carolyn Oboe
Barnieck, Jens Piano
Barrett, Gregory Clarinet
Beaudry, Craig Trombone (bass)
Beaudry, Genevieve Violin
Becker, Robert Percussion
Bentley, Julia Voice (Mezzo-soprano)
Bentley, Karen Violin
Berkman, Robert Pianola
Bettez, Michel Bassoon
Bitterman, Craig Percussion
Black, Robert, 1956- Double bass
Bloom, Victor Piano
Blum, Eberhard, 1940- Flute
Boncaldo, Maria Viola
Boston Composers String Quartet Ensemble
Bouchard, Lise Trumpet
Bouwhius, Gerard Piano
Bowyer, Kevin, 1961- Organ
Bozzini, Isabelle Violoncello
Bozzini, Stephanie Viola
Bradley, Stephen, 1946- Electronics
Breneman, Beth Ann Harp
Brose, Lawrence F. Film
Brown, Earle, 1926-2002 Conductor
Brown, Elizabeth Holt Voice (Soprano)
Brown, Sandra, 1948- Piano
Brundage, Kirk Percussion
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Ensemble
Bugallo, Helena, 1971- Piano
Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo Ensemble
Burgess, Gary, 1938- Voice (Tenor)
Burhans, Caleb Violin
Butler, Christopher Double bass
Byrd-Marrow, David Horn
Cameron, Michael Double bass
Campbell, Laura Piccolo
Canonici, Corrado Double bass
Caplan, Elliot Film
Carere, Russ Saxophone (Alto), Saxophone (Soprano)
Caroli, Mario, 1974- Flute
Carrasco, Jacqueline Violin
Cassatt String Quartet Ensemble
Castellani, Joanne Guitar
Caston, John Violin
Caulley, Justin Viola
Chapin, Will Guitar
Charke, Derek Flute
Charvet, Marie Violin
Chastain, Kathleen Flute
Chevalier, Franck Viola
Christner, Philip Trumpet
Chyi-Wang, Kuang Violin
Clapperton, James, 1968- Piano
Conrad, Tony Violin
Conway, Robert, 1955- Harpsichord, Piano
Cooke, David Trombone
Cooke, David Trombone
Cooper, Barbara Voice (Mezzo-soprano)
Cooper, Grant Trumpet
Cornicello, Anthony Electronics
Couch, Leon, 1970- Organ
Couroux, Marc, 1970- Piano
Cousins, Mark Double bass
Crimi, Mark Percussion
Csapó, Gyula Piano
Cudd, Patti Percussion
Curtis, Stan Trumpet
Dahn, Nancy Violin
Dain, Katherine Voice (Soprano)
Darling, James Violoncello
Davis, Christine Bailey Flute
Davis, Colin, violinist Violin
Davis, Gareth Clarinet
De Mare, Anthony Piano
DeGroot, Niek Double bass
DeHart, Justin Percussion
Dejean, Gilbert Bassoon
Denk, Jeremy Piano
DeSano, James Trombone
Desgoutte, Marie Violin
Devendra Anand Clarinet
Dionne, Andrew Conductor
Dissanayake, Amy Piano
Docenko, Gregory Violin
Doerrfeld, William Piano
Domenici, Catarina Piano
Dove, Barry Percussion
Drouin, Jacques Piano
Druckman, Daniel Percussion
Druckman, Jacob, 1928-1996 Conductor
Dunleavy, Houston, 1962- Conductor
Dzubay, David Conductor, Trumpet
Dzubay, Tasha Clarinet
Eby, David, cellist Violoncello
Edwards, Taci Flute
Egen, Jared Double bass
Eggeling, Viking, 1880-1925 Film
Ehlers, Ralf Viola
Elisha, Adrienne Viola
Elisha, Adrienne Viola
Elliott, Martha Voice (Soprano)
Ellis, Beverley Violoncello
Elwood, Paul Banjo, Dancer
Ensemble für Intuitive Musik Weimar Ensemble
Erb, Donald, 1927-2008 Conductor
Esler, Robert Percussion
Evans, Greg Horn
Fackelman, Harry Saxophone (Baritone), Saxophone (Tenor)
Faieta, John Trombone
Falcao, Mario Harp
Fancher, Susan Saxohpone
Farnum, Elizabeth Voice (Soprano)
Farrugia, Pauline Clarinet
Feinberg, Alan Piano
Felder, David Conductor, Electronics
Feldman Soloists Ensemble
Fels, Lucas Violoncello
Femiano, Michael Percussion
Fernandez, Robert Percussion
Ferrari, John Percussion
Ferris, Rachel Harp
Finckel, Chris Violoncello
Finn, Michael, trombonist Trombone
Fischer, Johannes Percussion
Foerster, Frank, 1957- Viola
Foley, Justin Percussion
Fonville, Jon Piccolo
Forget, Normand Oboe
Fortuin, Harold, 1964- Synthesizer
Foss, Lukas, 1922-2009 Piano
Francavilla, Nadia Violin
Franz, Robert Conductor
Fredericks, John Clarinet
Freidrich, Bodo Viola
Freimuth, Ben Clarinet
Fullam, John Clarinet
Furminger, Thomas Percussion
Galante, Rossano Trumpet
Gallagher, Kevin R., 1969- Guitar
Gangele, Louis Clarinet
Gaub, Eugene Piano
Gaub, Nancy McFarland Violin
George, Mary Beth Saxophone (Bass)
Gex, Elizabeth Viola
Giguere, Alain Violin
Gilewski, Stephen Double bass
Glendinning, Andrew Trombone
Globokar, Vinko, 1934- Trombone
Gobbetti-Hoffman, Cheryl Flute
Golaszewski, Lacey Saxophone (Baritone)
Gold, Matthew Percussion
Goldray, Martin Piano
Golec, Beata E. Piano
Golove, Jonathan, 1966- Violoncello
Goodman, Lindsey Flute
Gordon, Joshua Violoncello
Gordon, Joshua Violoncello
Gormley, Lon Trombone
Gosling, Stephen Piano
Gosselin, Rene Double bass
Grabois, Daniel, 1964- Horn
Greenberg, Jacob Piano
Greene, Brian, 1961- English horn, Oboe
Grégoire, Julien Percussion
Greitzer, Deborah Violin
Guillen, Lorena Voice (Soprano)
Gythfeldt, Marianne Clarinet
Haeussler, Stefan Violin
Halpin, Thomas Violin
Hamel, Claude Violin
Hamilton, Barbara Viola
Hamlin, Darcy Horn
Hammer, Vincent Guitar
Hanzlik, Lou Trumpet
Harkins, Ed Trumpet
Harris, John Mark Piano
Harris, Michael Voice (Baritone)
Harry, Donald R. Tuba
Hartenburger, Russell Percussion
Hassett, Marsha Violoncello
Haupt, Charles Violin
Haussler, Stefan Violin
Heinrich, Thomas Violoncello
Hendricks, Richard Percussion
Hendze, Jesper Percussion
Hernández-Hidalgo, Omar Viola
Herrington, Benjamin Trombone
Hershey, David Percussion
Hilash, Bohdan Clarinet (Bass)
Hintzenstern, Matthias von Violoncello
Hintzenstern, Michael von Piano
Hoca, Claudia Piano
Hoener, Clayton Violin
Hoffmann, Daniel Trumpet
Hopkins, Christopher, 1957- Conductor
Hornsby, Richard Clarinet
Hostetler, Randy, 1963- Piano
Hunter, Steve Saxophone (Tenor)
Indiana University New Music Ensemble Ensemble
Inglefield, Sonja Harp
Instrumental Factor Ensemble
Irek, Shirley Piano
Isherwood, Nicholas Voice (Baritone)
Izquierdo, Rene Guitar
Jenkins, Matthew Percussion
Johengsen, Carl Voice (Tenor)
Johnson, Evan Piano
Johnson, Lura Piano
June in Buffalo Chamber Ensemble Ensemble
June in Buffalo Chamber Orchestra Ensemble
June in Buffalo Percussion Ensemble Ensemble
June in Buffalo String Quartet Ensemble
June in Buffalo String Quartet Ensemble
Kagan, Justin Violoncello
Kampmeier, Margaret A. Piano
Karis, Aleck Piano
Karre, Ross Percussion
Katz, Naomi Violin
Kawa, John Voice (Tenor)
Kelley, Richard, trumpet player Trumpet
Kelly, Susie Violoncello
Kemper, Christian Oboe
Kernis, Aaron Jay Conductor
Kestel, Sven Double bass
Kibbey, Bridget Harp
Kiebler, Sven Thomas, 1964- Piano
Kierstine, Julie Voice (Soprano)
Kim, Eun Ju Piano
King, Robert, trombonist Trombone
Klein, Michael Leslie Piano
Kleinsasser, William, 1961- Conductor
Kolor, Thomas Percussion
Komatsu, Chosei Conductor
Kondonassis, Yolanda Harp
Koppelman, Daniel, 1957- Organ, Piano, Synthesizer
Kopperud, Jean Clarinet
Korot, Beryl Speaker
Kosower, Paula Violoncello
Kranock, Suzanne Bassoon
Krieger, Jeffrey Violoncello
Kriesberg, Matthias Conductor
Kuehn, David, 1941- Trumpet
Kvistad, Garry Percussion
LaBerge, Ann Flute (alto)
Larson, Philip Voice (Bass)
LaVoie, Elise Violin
Lawton, Andrew Percussion
Leandro, Eduardo Marimba
Leclair, Jacqueline Oboe
LeComte, Manon Harp
Lee, Chung Lin Flute
Lee, Yu Hui Tamae Violin
Leshnower, Jennifer Violin
Levine, Jesse, 1940-2008 Conductor, Viola
Liberman, David I. Contrabassoon
Lim, Sunghae Anna Violin
Lipsky, Arie Conductor, Violoncello
Little, Lorna Piano
Livingston, Hugh S. Violoncello
Lowenstern, Michael Clarinet
Lubman, Brad Conductor
Luckman, Colleen Saxophone (Soprano)
Luke, Jeffrey Trumpet
Luoma, Mikko Accordion
Macomber, Curtis Violin
Manes Piano Duo Ensemble
Manes, Frieda Piano
Manes, Stephen Piano
Manouelian, Varty Violin
Mantel, Mark, 1961- Conductor
Marcellus, John Trombone
Mark, Andrew (Andrew Christopher) Violoncello
Marsh, Peter, 1931- Violin
Martensson, Magnus Conductor, Viola
Martin, Lois, violist Viola
Martin, Roland Organ
Masteller, Brett M. Electronics
Masuko, Takaaki Percussion
McChesney, David Trumpet
McCluskey, Tom Percussion
McConnell, Mark Double bass
McFarlane, Christopher Bassoon
McNair, Jonathan B. Conductor
McNutt, Elizabeth Flute
McRae, Richard, 1957- Trombone
McWhorter, Brian Trumpet
Mendoza, Francesca Violin
Menzies, Mark Violin
Mercer, Chris Computer
Meridian Arts Ensemble Ensemble
Merkel, Clemens, 1968- Violin
Messing, Ann-Marie Percussion
Metz, Don Guitar (Electric)
Midler, Kenneth Percussion
Mikkelsen, Kelley Violoncello
Miranda, Anthony Conductor, Percussion
Miribel, Nicolas Violin
Mizutani, Mari Violin
Monson, Patti Flute
Mook, Theodore Violoncello
Moon, Barry, 1965- Narrator, Guitar
Moon, Timothy Percussion
Morales, Pedro Violin
Morales, Roberto, 1958- Piano
Morgan, Julie Voice (Mezzo-soprano)
Morlet, Pierre Violoncello
MOSAIC Ensemble Ensemble
Mosko, Stephen L. Conductor
Moss, Kristen Harp
Muehleissen, John Electronics
Mueller, Zizi Flute
Mukaiyama, Tomoko Piano
Murphy, Joseph, 1960- Saxophone (Tenor)
Myers, Florence Oboe
Nascimben, Michael Saxophone (Alto)
Négyésy, János, 1938- Viola
Neimann, Edmond Piano
Nelson, Jon Trumpet
Nelson, Lazara Violin
Nelson, Nelda Voice (Mezzo-soprano)
New Millennium Ensemble Ensemble
New York New Music Ensemble Ensemble
New York Virtuoso Singers Ensemble
Nicely, Tiffany Percussion
Noguchi, Hiro Trumpet
Nonken, Marilyn Piano
Norin-Kuehn, Deborah Voice (Soprano)
Norwood Brass Quintet Ensemble
Nouvel Ensemble Moderne Ensemble
Numata, Yuki Violin
O'Connor, Tara Helen Flute
Ohrenstein, Dora Narrator
O'Keefe, Patrick, clarinetist Clarinet
Oliveira, Fabio Percussion
Oliver, Mary Viola
Ona, Erik Conductor
Orgel, Seth Horn
Orland, Michael Piano
Orlando, Courtney Violin
Oshima, Michiko Viola
Ostryniec, James Oboe
Otani, Muneko Violin
Otto, Chris Violin
Ouellet, Francis Horn
Ozaki, Rin, 1973- Percussion
Pace, Ian Piano
Parker, Dennis, 1959- Violoncello
Paterson, Robert, 1970- Percussion
Patterson, Scott Trombone
Paul, Thomas, 1943- Double bass
Payne. Nicola Violin
Pelletier, Guy Flute
Peloquin, Marc Piano
Perone, James E. Clarinet
Piontek, Gregory Violoncello
Piorkowski, James Guitar
Plante, Gilles, 1961- Clarinet
Plitmann, Hila Voice (Soprano)
Pogossian, Movses Violin
Pons, Pascal Percussion
Popoff, Tawnya Viola
Poulin, Brigitte Piano
Pound, Robert Conductor
Powell, Michael, trombonist Trombone
Powell, William, clarinetist Clarinet
Poy, Nardo Viola
Puckette, Miller, 1959- Electronics
Pyne, James Clarinet
Pyne, Kyle Clarinet
Quan, Linda Violin
Quatuor Bozzini Ensemble
Quatuor Diotima Ensemble
Quinn, Daniel, 1968- Guitar
Quint, Doug Bassoon
Ramos, Lucia Violin
Rands, Bernard Conductor
Rawls, Scott Viola
Red Fish Blue Fish (Musical group) Ensemble
Rehard, Phil Tuba
Rehfuss, Susan Voice (Soprano)
Reich, Steve, 1936- Percussion, Whistler
Renick, Colin Saxophone (Alto)
Rentowski, Wieslaw, 1953- Organ
Richard, Michael Clarinet
Richards, John Pickford Viola
Richer, Patrice Trombone
Richter, Hans, 1888-1976 Film
Rieppi, Pablo Percussion
Roberts, Adam Percussion
Romanos, Jane Voice
Rosenbaum, Harold Conductor
Rosenfeld, Jayn Flute
Rosenthal, Stephen, 1954- Saxophone (Tenor)
Roth, Martina Flute
Rowe, Gretchen Flute
Royal, Susan Flute
Rudich, Rachel Flute
Rutty, Alejandro Conductor
Rynes, Eric Violin
Saetveit, Duane Horn
Saeverud, Trond Violin
Sai, Ailing Harp
Salamone, Michael Percussion
Saltini, Roberto, 1964- Percussion
Sanders, Stefan Trombone (bass)
Sanford, Richard, 1959- Electronics
Saram, Rohan de Violoncello
Sarkissjan, Ashot Violin
Saxton, Ian Audio technician
Schick, Steven Percussion
Schlossman, Paul Oboe
Schmidt, Heidi Emanuel Voice (Soprano)
Schmidt, Heidi Emanuel Voice (Soprano)
Schram, Sarah Oboe
Schuermans, Lieve, flutist Flute
Schuler, Jennifer Bassoon
Schulz, Robert Percussion
Schwartz, Rhonda K. Flute
Schwartz, Timothy Horn
Scirri, Sabatino Flute
Scodanibbio, Stefano, 1956- Double bass
Seeber, Todd Double bass
Seel, Daniel N., 1970- Piano
Seelye, Todd Guitar
Shanahan, Shane Percussion
Shapiro, Jonathan Percussion
Sharp, Erica Violin
Sheppard, R. John Trumpet
Short, Brian Percussion
Silver, Mort Clarinet
Simas, Jerome Clarinet
Simas, Jerome Clarinet
Simkin, Elizabeth Violoncello
Simoni, Mary Hope Piano
Simpson, Edward Voice (Baritone)
Sims, David Violoncello
Sirius (Musical group) Ensemble
Slee Sinfonietta Ensemble
Smith, Rohan Violin
Smith, Steve, violinist Violin
Sollberger, Harvey Conductor, Flute
Soltis, Kevin Percussion
Sperry, Paul Voice (Tenor)
Spritzer, Evan Clarinet
Starobin, David Guitar
Starr, Eric Percussion
Steve Reich and Musicians Ensemble
Stevens, Cyrus Violin
Stewart, Mark Violoncello
Stewart, Raymond G., 1962- Tuba
Stinson, Caroline Violoncello
Stipp, Lois Voice (Mezzo-soprano)
Stokes, Calvin Harp
Stout, David Video
Stuart, Greg Percussion
Stutz, Elissa Piano
Subotnick, Morton Computer
Supove, Kathleen Piano
SurPlus (Musical group) Ensemble
Swartzwelder, Mary Horn
Swist, Christopher Percussion
Tahmizian, Emma Piano
Takagi, Satoshi, 1979- Percussion
Taylor, David, 1944- Trombone (bass)
Terra Australis Incognita (Musical group) Ensemble
Teyssier, Alice Voice (Soprano)
Theriault, Kristen Harp
Thomas, Suzanne, harpist Harp
Thompson, David B. Horn
Tiensuu, Jukka Harpsichord
Tilles, Nurit Piano
Ting, Liuh-Wen Viola
Todd, Sally Piano
Toth, Benjamin Percussion
Trawick, Eleanor Conductor
Trio Phoenix (Canada) Ensemble
Trudel, Alain, 1966- Trombone
Tunniclif, Theresa Clarinet
Turner, Simon, violoncellist Violoncello
Tutschku, Hans, 1966- Electronics
Tzschoppe, Olaf, 1962- Percussion
University at Buffalo Percussion Ensemble Ensemble
Unland, David Tuba
Upton, Heidi Piano
Vaes, Luk Piano
Vaillancourt, Lorraine, 1943- Conductor
Van Cleve, Libby Flute
Vaughen, Ann Newton Piano
Velez, Glenn Percussion
Vigeland, Nils Conductor, Piano
Wagner, Erich Clarinet
Watras, Melia Viola
Webb, Barrie Conductor, Didjeridoo, Trombone
Wei, Sharon Viola
Weibel, Peter Video
Weirsma, Calvin Violin
Wendzikowski, Andrew, 1979- Percussion
Werner, Tobias Violoncello
Whiteside, David Flute
Whitfield, John, 1961- Violoncello
Wiersma, Calvin Violin
Wilkins, Lee Violin
Williams, Amy, 1969- Piano
Williams, Carter Viola d'amore
Williams, Diane Viola
Williams, Jan, 1939- Conductor, Percussion
Winn, James, 1952- Piano
Wolf, David, violinist Violin
Wolfe, Lisa Violin
Wong, Deborah Violin
Woolweaver, Scott Viola
Worthington, Scott Double bass
WSPV Saxophone Quartet Ensemble
Wuorinen, Charles Conductor
Zachry, Lauren Voice (Soprano)
Zajac, Raymond Percussion
Zak, Eric Percussion
Zeeland, Cees van Piano