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Fragmentary Partbooks c. 1520

The following sequence of images demonstrates how the fragments were reconstructed using Photoshop.

F. 49v clearly is missing a few notes. The image of f. 50r highlights the notes which are stuck on this page but belong to f. 49v.

F. 50r was upside down when it was glued to f. 49v. Therefore, to put the stray notes in their proper orientation with respect to f. 49v, we must flip and rotate f. 50r. When the image layer containing these extra notes overlays the image of f. 49v, we see an enhanced version of f. 49v.

Further enhancement of f. 49v occurs when the image of a completely separate fragment is reattached.

The images above are 72 dpi. A 150 dpi image of f.50r gives scholars a chance to examine the manuscript more closely.

Additional 150 dpi images: f. 50r, flipped, f. 49v, enhanced one level , f. 49v, fully enhanced. Normal views of f. 49v, f. 49v enhanced, f. 50r.

F. 49v and f. 50r contain motet no. 44. A transcription in modern notation is available.

F. 49v

F. 50r

F. 50r flipped

F. 49v enhanced

F. 49v further enhanced