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Lejaren Hiller Archive: Technical Reports

from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and SUNY at Buffalo

Technical Reports from the University of Illinois at Urana-Champaign

Materials located: ML3798.I5

  1. Hiller, Lejaren Arthur. "Music for Two One-Act Plays: Revised Performance Scripts for 'B1ue is the Antecedent of It' and 'Cuthbert Bound'," 1961/68.
  2. Baker, Robert A. "Preparation of Musicwriter Punched Paper Tape for Use by the ILLIAC Digital Computer," 1961.
  3. Temperley, Nicholas M. "Personal Tempo and Subjective Accentuation," 1961.
  4. Hiller, Lejaren Arthur. "Report on Contemporary Experimental Music, 1961," 1962.
  5. Hiller, Lejaren Arthur. "lnformation Theory and Musical Analysis," 1962.
  6. Hiller, Lejaren Arthur. "Seven Electronic Studies for Two-Channel Tape Recorder (1963)," 1963.
  7. Beauchamp, James W. "A Statement of Progress of the Research Investigation 'Generation and Creation of New Electronic Sounds'," 1963.
  8. Hiller, Lejaren Arthur and Robert A. Baker, "'Computer Cantata': A Study in Composition Using the University of Illinois IBM 7090 and CSX-1 Electronic Digital Computers," 1963.
  9. Baker, Robert A. "MUsic Simulator-Interpreter for Compositional Procedures for the IBM 7090 Electronic Digital Computer," 1963.
  10. Beauchamp, James W. "A Report on the Magnavox Sponsored Research Investigation: "The Development of New Electronic Systems for Generating Musical Sound," 1964.
  11. Hansell, Susan Hostrup. "A Provisional List of Electronic Music Compositions," 1966.
  12. Hiller, Lejaren Arthur, J. L. Divilbiss, David Barron, Herbert Brün and Erh Lin. "Operator's Manual for the CSX-1 Music Machine," 1966.
  13. Hiller, Lejaren Arthur and Antonio Leal, "Revised Musicomp Manual," 1966.
  14. Beauchamp, James W., Alton B. Otis, Gary R. Grossman and James A. Cuomo. "Four Sound Processing Programs for the ILLIAC II Computer and D/A Converter," 1968.
  15. Beauchamp, James W. "A Computer System for Time-Variant Harmonic Analysis and Synthesis of Musical Tones," 1967.
  16. Rogers, Marvin C. Jr. "An Artificial Reverberation System for the Electronic Music Studio," 1967.
  17. Otis, Alton B. "An Analog Input/Output System for the ILLIAC II," 1967.
  18. Hiller, Lejaren Arthur. "Music Composed with Computer -- An Historical Survey," 1968.
  19. Hiller, Lejaren Arthur and James W. Beauchamp. "Review of Completed and Proposed Research on Analysis and Synthesis of Musical Sounds by Analog and Digital Techniques," 1967.
  20. Andrus, Donald. "An Analysis of the Acoustics Of Tamtam Sounds," 1968.
  21. Beauchamp, James W. "Electronic Music Equipment, 1950-1970, A Technical Survey," 1970.

Technical Reports from SUNY at Buffalo

No. 1-13 are catalogued separately; on the open shelves.

  1. Chang, Chaw-Bing. "The Design of an Interface Machine Between a PDP-8 Computer and an Ampex-354 Audio Tape Recorder," 1970. ML3798.C45
  2. Kleen, Leslie D. "Two Research Applications in Musical Applications of Electronic Digital Computers," 1972. ML3798.K6
  3. Brainerd, Robert F. "Two Musical Applications of Computer Programming," 1972. ML3798.B7
  4. Hiller, Lejaren Arthur. "Computer Programs Used to Produce the Composition HPSCHD," 1972. Buffalo: National Science Foundation Project No. GK-14191. ML410.H6542ZH6
  5. Asuar, Jose Vicent. "Programmed Control of Analog Sound Generators by a Digital Computer," 1973. ML3798.A82
  6. Kumra, Raveesh K. "The Composition of ALGORITHMS II by a Digital Computer," 1973. MT41.K8
  7. Gena, Peter. "'MUSICOL Manual, Version 1, (MUSical Instruction Composition Oriented Language) for the 6400 Digital Computer," 1973. MT41.G35M8
  8. Seirup, John. "TR4P4, A Fortran Program Dealing with the Computer Simulation of Traditional Four-Part Harmony," 1973. MT41.S44
  9. Gena, Peter. "Closed Subroutines for Music Composition (Eleven Subroutines by Lejaren Hiller and Peter Gena, Programmed in Fortran 4," 1975. MT41.G35
  10. Hiller, Lejaren Arthur. "Phrase Generation in Computer Music Composition," 1978. MT41.H588
  11. Ames, Charles. "Mustran 4.1, User's Manual," 1979. MT41.A59 1979
  12. Hiller, Lejaren Arthur. "Composing the Second Movement of ALGORITHMS III," 1980. ML410.H6542ZH58
  13. Hiller, Lejaren. "Computer Programs Used to Produce the Composition ALGORITHMS I," 1983. ML410.H6542ZH59
  14. Hiller, Lejaren. "Computer Programs Used to Produce the Composition, ALGORITHMS III," in preparation. (Not in Archive or The Music Library)