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Yvar Mikhashoff Archive Inventory

Table of Contents


(For description of contents, see Autograph file)

Folder 1. Aaron Copland to Yvar Mikhashoff.

Folder 2. Sylvano Bussotti to Mikhashoff.

Folder 3. Joseph Fennimore to Mikhashoff.

Folder 4. Maurice Ohana to Mikhashoff.

Folder 5. Ernst Krenek to Mikhashoff.

Folder 6. Hunter Johnson to Mikhashoff.

Folder 7. Giacinto Scelsi to Mikhashoff.

Folder 8. Thomas Putsche to Mikhashoff.

Folder 9. Virgil Thomson to Mikhashoff.
Virgil Thomson to Mrs. Herbert W. Dickerman (photocopy)

Folder 10. Leo Smit to Mikhashoff.

Folder 11. Jan Kapr to Mikhashoff.

Folder 12. Ivan Wyschnegradsky to Mikhashoff.

Folder 13. Barbara Bond to Mikhashoff.

Folder 14. Frances Uitti to Mikhashoff.

Folder 15. Mrs. Dieter Salbert, for her husband, to Mikhashoff.

Folder 16. Mikhashoff to Frances Marie Uitti.

Folder 17. Lukas Foss to Mikhashoff.

Folder 18. Anders Eliasson to Frances Marie Uitti.

Folder 19. Peter Kaul to Mikhashoff.

Folder 20. Ole Friis Nielsen to Mikhashoff.

Folder 21. Leo Ornstein to Mikhashoff (photocopy).

Folder 22. Aaron Copland and Virgil Thomson to Mikhashoff, for the Buffalo Sesquicentennial.


Folder 1. Margit Fellegi, for Adam Fellegi, to Mikhashoff, December 16, 1977, regarding concert and recording dates in Budapest, January 1978.

Folder 2. Susan Krane, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, to Mikhashoff, November 19, 1979, regarding program for the concert to be given during the Sonia Delauney exhibit, January 1980.

Folder 3. Mikhashoff and Lukas Foss to the American Music Center, May 24, 1979 (photocopy), regarding commissioning of a work by Foss.

Folder 4.

Folder 5. Robert L. Ketter, President, SUNY at Buffalo, to Mikhashoff, October 25, 1974, regarding discretionary salary increase. John P. Sullivan, Provost, SUNY at Buffalo, to Mikhashoff November 13, 1974, with congratulations on receipt of merit raise.

Folder 6. George Kehler to Mikhashoff. Form letter, November 1, 1974, requesting biographical information for Kehler's research.

Folder 7. E. Ruth Anderson to Mikhashoff. Form letter, December 1973, requesting biographical information for her Contemporary American Composers: A Biographical Dictionary.

Folder 8. Recording contract with Radio-Television Suisse Romande, December 1977.

Folder 9. Hanne Wilhelm Hansen of Wilhelm Hansen Koncertdirektion to Mikhashoff, September 30, 1980, regarding 1981/82 concert season.

Folder 10. Jan Williams, Chairman, Music Department, SUNYAB, to Mikhashoff, November, 30, 1981.

Folder 11. Mikhashoff's nomination of Aaron Copland for Honorary Doctorate, SUNYAB, ca. 1981/82.

Folder 12. Richard Lawrence, Arts Council of Great Britain, to Mikhashoff, March 9, 1983, regarding ICA series.

Folder 13. Karl Aage Rasmussen, International Society of Contemporary Music, Denmark, September 20, 1983, regarding ISCM World Music Days.


Folder 1. undated programs: 1970- . Arranged chronologically by year
N.B.: for Zagreb Music Biennale, 1981, see posters folio (XII)


Folder 1. undated clippings before 1971- . Arranged chronologically by year


  • a Musik Nyt Ar, Denmark, January 1980 reviews and translations
  • b other 1980 clippings
  • c Sylvano Bussotti's Le Racine, Milan 1980


Folder 1. Vitae

  • Item 1. Proposed program of work for the degree of Doctor of Musical Arts [1973] (draft)
  • Item 2. Request for Final Oral Examination and Proposed Program of Work for the Degree of Doctor of Musical Arts, May 1973.
  • Item 3. List of larger compositions [1973]
  • Item 4. List of compositions ordered by opus number (draft)
  • Item 5. Curriculum vitae [1978]
  • Item 6. Curriculum vitae [1979-80]
  • Item 7. Curriculum vitae [1980]
  • Item 8. Repertoire 1979/80
  • Item 9. Professional Activities: Pianist/Programmer [1979]
  • Item 10. "Yvar Mikhashoff since 1980" [1982]
  • Item 11. Curriculum vitae [1982]
  • Item 12. Diploma, The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, Inc., 1964

Folder 2. Promotional brochures

  • Item 1. Yvar Mikhashoff, pianist
  • Item 2. Piano Program, State University of New York, Department of Music
  • Item 3. Terry Charles Schwarz, Arts Management. Brochure including description of The Lost Art of Melodeclaration by Schmidt and Mikhashoff.
  • Item 4. The Lost Art of Melodeclamation
  • Item 5. Cambiata, Inc.
  • Item 6. Drafts of up-date for publicity brochure

Folder 3. Photographs.

  • Envelope 1. Early photos.
  • Envelope 2. Miscellaneous photos.
  • Envelope 3. Professional photos.
  • Envelope 4. Photos from performances.
  • Envelope 5. Photos from performances


For lists of Mikhashoff's compositions and transcriptions, please refer to: Yvar Mikhashoff Collection of Compositions and Yvar Mikhashoff Collection of Compositions: Transcriptions, based on Matthew Sheehy's An Annotated Catalogue of the Yvar Emilian Mikhashoff Musical Compositions and Transcriptions in the Music Library, SUNY at Buffalo: ML410.M66AXS54 1998.

Box 13.

Crossword puzzle: "Championship" 2-7-65, Houston

Cuchulain; a trilogy based on W. B. Yeats [Musical play]
libretto by Mikhashoff: typescript ; libretto translated from Maeterlinck; 4°

Illustrative sketches for songs, Paris, 1969
8° in spiral binder


Folder 1. Graz, Austria, summer, 1975, 1976

Folder 2. Copenhagen, September 1978
Newspaper and magazine articles in Danish, with English translations, programs, letter from Friedrich Gurtler of the Danske Musikkonservatorium regarding seminar and recital by Mikhashoff.

Folder 3. Holland, June 1982

Folder 4. Almeida 1985


Folder 1. Nils Vigeland

Folder 2. William Eddins

Folder 3. Anthony de Mare

Folder 4. John Newell

Folder 5. Michael McCandless

Folder 6. William Doppmann (teacher)


Folder 1. Reviews by Mikhashoff

Folder 2. Program notes [by Mikhashoff]

Folder 3. Program plans and suggestions

Folder 4. Graphics and designs for posters and programs

Folder 5. Cambiata, Inc. [as received]
Documents, reviews, information on the group and its members.

Folder 6. Ives [as received]
Program plans and performance materials for "an Ives Stereopticon"; notes for "an Ives Retrospective"; "A Thematic Survey of the First Movement (Emerson) of the Sonata no. 2, `Concord, Mass., 1840-1860-,' of Charles Ives" By Mikhashoff [n.d., 12p.]; Ives bibliography; etc.


Folder 1. Articles about Mikhashoff and/or Buffalo

Folder 2. Other articles saved

Folder 3. Invitations

Folder 4. Programs in which Mikhashoff was not a participant

Folder 5. Poetry and literature, art, etc.

Folder 6. Brochures

Folder 7. Miscellaneous: Information on competitions and awards; payment statement from Brock University; addresses and phone numbers

Folder 8. Bussotti. Musica per amici: Mikhashoff's performance copy

Folder 9. Cage. Music Walk: realization

Folder 10. Catalogs including works or recordings by Y. Mikhashoff

Folder 11. Hanon. The Virtuoso Pianist: lesson book used by Mikhashoff Dec. 1952-1954

Folder 12. School papers: Notes and finished report on Pacific Islands

Folder 13. School papers: Notes on Egypt, hieroglyphics


1. Clippings, programs, letters and photos through 1974.

2. Clippings and programs numbered to coordinate with a list of Mikhashoff's professional activities as pianist/programmer, 1974-1979.


Located in Seminar Room Treasure cabinet #5, bottom

Folio 1.

Dated posters (in chronological order)
Undated posters following
also: Program booklet for Zagreb Music Biennale, 1981


Recordings (jackets autographed) are listed under Mikhashoff in the Autograph file and are housed in the Treasure Room oak cabinet 6, bottom.

Folder 1. Cassette tapes (4 90-minute) of The Great American Piano Marathon, Symphony Space, New York, May 19, 1984.

Additional lists of Mikhashoff recordings can be found under:


A complete list of video recordings collected by, or featuring Mikhashoff is available at: Yvar Mikhashoff Video Collection.