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48 Good Books and 48 Good Films Call for Submissions

Monday, March 7th, 2016

It is time again to recommend a new list of book and film titles for the University Libraries 48 Good Books and 48 Good Films project.  Why 48?  For the incoming Freshmen class, it equals one film and book a month for the four years of their college careers.  This program was popular in the early days at UB, and resurrected a few years ago when discovered in the UB Archives.

With your input, our goal is to compile a selection of 48 books and 48 films (including features, documentaries, animation and shorts) that embody the following themes: humanity, justice, environment, innovation, and health. 

Please submit titles of books and films that have inspired your intellectual, personal, and professional development, provide a brief reason why these titles are important to you and select an applicable theme.

The goal of this project is that in the course of a student’s college career this list of “unrequired reading and viewing” will “connect the dots” between academia and life and will inspire intellectual growth and a habit of life-long learning.  All submissions will be voted on by library and teaching faculty.

Suggestions may be submitted until April 15, 2016.