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Among Joyce's possessions acquired by Buffalo are the family portraits that adorned the various Joyce domiciles in Paris. There is some reason to doubt the authenticity of the five portraits of Joyce's grandparents and great-grandparents. Quite possibly these were random portraits purchased by John Stanislaus Joyce, James' father, who may have acquired them to bolster the family's credentials to the gentry. The identifications used here were supplied by Joyce in a letter to Frank Budgen. Although unsigned, Joyce attributed them all to the Cork painter, Comerford. [1] Buffalo also holds other portraits of Joyce's family which are currently on loan to the National Library of Ireland for their Bloomsday centennial exhibit.

D. Sketch of James Joyce by Constantin
Brancusi (1929).

E. The map of Bloomsday
first exhibited at the
Librairie La Hune (1949).

F. Nora Barnacle Joyce, painted by Frank Budgen (c. 1919).

C. Anne McCann Joyce, Joyce's paternal great grandmother, (c. 1845).

G. James Augustine Joyce (1827-1866), Joyce's paternal grandfather (c. 1855).

B. James Joyce (?1800-?1855), Joyce's paternal great grandfather, (c. 1845).

H. Ellen O'Connell Joyce (1816-1881), Joyce's paternal grandmother, (c. 1845).

A. James Joyce, painted by
Patrick Tuohy (1924).

I. James Augustine Joyce, Joyce's paternal grandfather, as a young man, (c. 1845).