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Polish Room


The Polish Room is open 10 hours a week and by appointment to the members of the UB community, visiting scholars and the general public. All materials are housed in secure stack areas on and off site, and are made available for use in the Polish Room. We ask for your understanding of the policies that balance the need for access with the long-term preservation of the collections, and appreciate your cooperation.

Requesting & Using materials

All materials housed in the Polish Room are non-circulating and are retrieved for researchers upon request. Some materials are located off site; please contact staff ahead of your visit to arrange delivery. Many items from the Polish Collection are located in the general collection in Lockwood Library, and are able to circulate.

  • Researchers are required to sign in and present photo I.D. at the service desk, and may obtain materials by presenting a call slip to the attendant.
  • There is no eating or drinking in the research room. Cell phones should to be turned to "vibrate" and all calls must be taken outside of the room in a cell phone-friendly area.
  • Use materials only in the Polish Room. Materials may not be removed to any other area of the building.
  • Only one archival box may be used at a time. The rest of the requested materials must be left on the cart when not in use. Only one folder may be used at a time. Use cards provided by the Polish Room staff to mark the place of the folder in the box. Put folders and items back in the same order and facing the same way as you received them.
  • Only notepaper, notecards, or materials actually in use are allowed on the work tables in the research room.
  • Take notes only in pencil (available at the service desk). Personal computers are permitted, provided that their use does not disturb other researchers and that such use does not physically damage the collections nor incur copyright infringement. Personal photocopying machines are prohibited.
  • Make no marks on the materials. Do not write notes on top of materials or rest books or other objects on the surface of items used.
  • While handling photographic materials, handle the photographic images by the edges.
  • All researchers are required to alert Polish Room staff when they leave the research room and to return all requested materials.
  • Researchers may be asked to submit for inspection any briefcase, laptop case, or any other parcel, book, notebook or other personal property before leaving the premises.
  • In accordance with the Student Conduct Rules, University Standards and Administrative Regulations, no person shall "willfully damage or destroy property of the institution or under its jurisdiction, nor remove or use such property without authorization."

Researchers must contact the Polish Room to obtain reproductions of images and to request permission to use any image. Copyright restrictions and reproduction permissions vary from collection to collection. Persons who publish or use this material in any manner assume all responsibility for identifying copyright holders and meeting any requisites for use. Use of any images from Polish Room collections must be accompanied by the correct collection citation.

Please feel free to contact the Polish Room if you can supply any information that helps to further identify either the content or creators of any images in our collections.