Response Form for Coyote Removal Case Study

Team Members:

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Part I - Introduction
1.  What specific question do you need to answer?
2.  What variables will you monitor?
3.  What type of controls will you use?


Part II - Experimental Design
4.  Make two predictions concerning the effects of coyote removal.


Part III - Mesopredators
5.  What effect does coyote removal have on the mesopredator populations?
6.  What do think might have happened to the rodent populations?


Part IV - Rodent Population Size
7.  What is the primary factor controlling rodent population growth?
8.  What other changes might you expect in the rodent community?


Part V - Rodent Diversity
9.  In one sentence summarize the meaning of the graph shown in Figure 4.
10.  How does the competitive success of Ordís kangaroo rat change in the absence of coyotes?
11.  What term could be used to describe the role of the coyote in this community?
12.  Propose one possible cause for the decline in rodent diversity in the control areas after treatment begins.
13.  What would be the significant impact of coyote removal in this community?