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Niños Desaparecidos
by Katayoun Chamany

I used this case as an ethics capstone project for 12 precollege students participating in the Genomics Outreach for Minorities program, a summer research program targeting underrepresented minorities.

Even though the scientific technology and techniques described in the case have advanced since the case was written, I adapted Version Two of the case to the format of a public meeting whereby there were two representatives each for four roles and four people as council members with a focus on four aspects of the case (ethical, legal, social issues, and genetic science). The council was responsible for final development of an ethical plan of action.

The students interviewed expert advisors who assisted them in developing role profiles. The students’ performance via role-playing was outstanding. The “Instructions for Students” in the teaching notes were very helpful to the students. It is also my opinion (their instructor) that the case was enlightening and well received by all students.

I suggest that the scientific technology/techniques sections be updated to identify the most commonly used DNA testing approaches (i.e. STRs and mtDNA) for identification.

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Lori Miller
College of Engineering
University of Washington
Seattle, WA