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Construction of the new Lockwood Memorial Library on North Campus

Dedication | Rare Book Collection | Construction | Move to North Campus | Empty Lockwood | Dedication Ceremony | Final remarks

By the 1960s when the private University of Buffalo had become the State University of New York at Buffalo and library collections were growing rapidly a new library building was needed (When the original Lockwood opened in 1935 the entire collection numbered approximately 65,000 volumes; in 1979 when the new Lockwood was dedicated there were in excess of 1.8 million volumes in the University Libraries). Designed for the new campus in Amherst, the Lockwood Memorial Library name was to be placed on the new library in recognition of the original endowment established by Mr. Lockwood.

The new Lockwood Memorial Library cost $9,374,000 to build with an additional two million spent on equipment. The building was designed by Harry Weese & Associates of Chicago and Anthony Carlino & Associates of Buffalo.