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The Girls’ Athletic Association

The essay “The Girls’ Athletic Association” seen below, first appeared in the 1923 issue of the Iris Yearbook.

The opinion for the past few years has been that an association should be organized for the promotion of athletics and healthful recreation among the co-ed members of the University, so in the fall of 1922 the Girls’ Athletic Association was instituted with Viola Hultin, President; Alice W. Cary, 1st Vice President; Marion Shanley, 2nd Vice President; Rebecca Dane, Secretary.

The aim was a big one to be fully realized in one short year but big strides have been taken in that direction and it is felt by the members of the governmental council that this foundation has been at least laid, for the succeeding years. All girls of the University are members by virtue of the athletic fee payment.

The first semester was spent by the officers and chairmen of the various sports (together forming the governing council) in organizing and developing plans for a foundation which would be strong enough to stand the test of time. Upon the completion of those plans immediate results began to take place. Basketball practice is held weekly, hikes are occurring weekly, swimming was enjoyed during the winter months and plans for a tennis tournament are nearing completion.

The various sports which prove of interest are basketball, swimming, hiking, bowling, horseback riding, baseball, and tennis. Plans for inter-collegiate contests are being made for next year and with the increasing enthusiasm a wholesome rivalry is expected to develop which will help to promote college spirit.

A banquet for the outgoing and incoming councils is held in the spring to perpetuate the purpose of the organization and to offer any suggestions which seem to the old council to be pertinent to the execution of the next year’s work.

The girl's atheltic association. Rebbecca Dane, Secretary. Viola Hultin, President. Alice W. Cary, Vice President, Marion Shanley, 2nd Vice President

Iris Editors – June 1923