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General Conduct

Visitors and staff share responsibility for creating and sustaining an environment supportive of scholarship.


As outlined in the University at Buffalo Code of Conduct on page 28, sub-section E, and in the UB Card policies, we ask that all visitors to the UB Libraries adhere to the appropriate use of identification and present proper UB identification upon request. Library patrons must not allow others to use their nontransferable identification or network authentication.


You have the responsibility to refrain from trespassing. Trespassing includes but is not limited to:

  • Refusing to leave a campus library at closing time or during building evacuations, including failure to vacate study carrels and group study rooms;
  • Being in a library without permission of an authorized library employee before or after operating hours;
  • Entering restricted areas such as staff conference rooms and staff offices.


In areas of the Libraries that are not designated silent study areas, you can expect to encounter a certain level of noise, talking and collaborative work. We respect the needs of those who are sharing the space with us. Here’s how to do that:

  • Keep your conversation at a low volume;
  • Use earbuds to listen to any electronic device;
  • If you talk on the phone, use a quiet voice or take the conversation outside of the Libraries;
  • Do your best to make sure you are not disrupting others.

Silent Study

We recognize the importance of having a quiet place to study and work. You will find designated silent study spaces in the Libraries. In these designated silent study spaces, you have a right to expect a minimum of noise. This means that when using the silent study areas you will:

  • Refrain from talking;
  • Turn off the sounds on your cell phone (rings, beeps, etc.);
  • Have conversations outside of and away from silent study spaces;
  • Ensure that earbuds are not leaking sounds that others can hear;
  • Make sure you are not disrupting others.

If you are in a designated silent study space and you cannot or will not agree to be silent, then you should move to another space to do your studying. You have the right to respectfully ask others to be quiet. If the noise persists, you have the right to ask a library staff member for assistance in quieting the area.

Vendors, peddling and soliciting

No person shall engage in vending, peddling, product sampling, or soliciting on library grounds. These activities include but are not limited to:

  • Solicitation of signatures on petitions;
  • Conducting surveys;
  • Distributing pamphlets or literature;
  • Requests for donations;
  • Sales or offers to sell goods or services.

Any groups wishing to engage in charitable fundraising activities must first gain permission of the University Libraries,

Free speech activities are permitted outside of library buildings as long as they do not interfere with library operations or activities, interfere with safe pedestrian access to the libraries or book returns, or block fire exits. These activities must adhere to the University at Buffalo’s policies on Freedom of Expression.