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North Campus Buildings

The University at Buffalo's North Campus is located almost exactly in the center of the town of Amherst, NY approximatly 3.5 miles from South Campus on the northeast edge of Buffalo, NY. In the mid 1960s, the University was quickly outgrowing its 178-acre campus which was once the grounds for the Erie County Almshouse and County Hospital. After a few unsuccessful attempts to aquire land for a new campus in downtown Buffalo, the University looked to to the surrounding suburbs. Nelson Rockefeller, then governor of New York, helped the University acquire 2,000 acres in Amherst and on October 1968 the University began the intensive planning for the newly-acquired land.

In July 1970, the State University Construction Fund and architectural design firm Sasaki, Dawson, Demay & Associates, Inc. published The Campus Plan in two volumes, which outlined in great detail the vision for the new campus.

Alphabetical Listing of Buildings on UB's North Campus

Alumni Arena

Baird Hall

Baird Point

Baldy Hall

Bell Hall

Bissell Hall

Bonner Hall

Capen Hall

Center for the Arts

Center for Tomorrow

Clemens Hall

Clinton Hall

Commons, The

Cooke Hall

Creekside Village

Crofts Hall

Davis Hall

Dewey Hall

Dorsheimer Laboratory/Greenhouse

Ellicott Complex

Flickinger Court

Flint Village

Fronczak Hall

Furnas Hall

Governors Complex

Hadley Village

Helm Building

Hochstetter Hall

Jacobs Management Center

Jarvis Hall

Katharine Cornell Theatre

Ketter Hall

Knox Lecture Hall

Lehman Hall

Lockwood Memorial Library

Mathematics Building

Millard Fillmore Academic Center

Natural Sciences Complex

Norton Hall

O'Brian Hall

Old Stadium

Park Hall

Roosevelt Hall

Slee Hall

South Lake Village

Student Union

Albert P. Sy Lecture Hall

Talbert Hall

UB Stadium

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