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University Songs, Cheers and the Alma Mater

Alma Mater

Words by UB students, 2006
Music by Walter S. Goodale, M.D., '03

Verse #1:
The pride of our spirit and tradition,
Our alma mater's truth and name declare.
Celebrate our history and wisdom, O let us all prepare to sing her glory.

To Buffalo all hail to thee,
Noble and strong it's our university!
To blue and white pledge loyalty,
Singing, I will always remember thee!

Verse #2:
We'll ever keep our standards high,
And sing UB's praises to the sky.
Receiving the finest education,
Our knowledge we impart unto the nations.

(repeat refrain)

Verse #3:
Our friends we've made with ties that bind,
A union of our spirits, heart, and mind.
Together we'll continue life's journey,
O may dear Buffalo forever be.

(repeat refrain)

Click the photo to listen
UB Choir practices in Slee Hall
(photo by Frank Miller, 2000)

Click to listen to a performance of the new Alma Mater

Alma Mater (original version -- words circa 1902-2006)

Words by Samuel B. Botsford, LL.B., clas of 1902
Music by Walter S. Goodale, M.D., class of 1903

Where once the Indian trod the silent wood,
Above the beach where antlered deer have stood,
Where martyrs brought the faith, and patriot swords
Assembled oft to repel invading hordes.

Brothers tonight we sing the chorus free,
Pledging the health of our University,
To U. of B., to U. of B.
Our Alma Mater by the inland sea.

Before the Saxon march the forest fell;
The Church, the School, the Shop their story tell;
Off wind-swept beach proud ships securely ride,
Here Peace hath blest and Plenty doth abide.


Beside Lake Erie, where the Daring Deep,
The cont'nent's erring child, hastes to the leap,
And crushing cliffs in youthful, eager quest
From rock to rock leaps to her ocean rest.

The Ub Alma Mater

the 1927 Men's Glee Club (detail)

Click to listen to a choral performance of the Alma Mater (mp3 file)

Alma Mater sheet music, 2006 (PDF).

The Bison is King

Words and Music by Herbert A. Williams, M.D., '89 (Awarded First Prize, University Day, 1915)

The Bison is King (UB song)

Now here's to the Hip-po-pot-a-mus,
Who spends all his time in the mud.
the Wolves and the Foxes,
The Pigs, Sheep and Oxes,
And other things left from the Flood.
Now here's to the jolly old Snake who
Gave Grandfather Adam a fall.
The Shark and the Snark and
The whole Noah's Ark, and
The Bison is the King of them All.

The Clouds are White, the sky is Blue.
The colors right for me and you.
The Red, Green or Yellow
For some other fellow --
The Bison is the King of them All.

Now here's to brave Admiral Jonah,
His whale the first submarine boat.
The Mermaid, the Muskrat,
The Owl and the Tom Cat.
High C was his favorite note.
Now, here's to Giraffus Solongus,
His collars are seven feel tall.
The ostrich, the emu,
The Zebra, the Zebu,
The Bison is King of them All.


Now, here's to old Pithe-can-thro-pus
Who sat on our family tree.
The Dodo, the Hobo,
Who came from Ohio,
The rooster with manners too free.
Now, here's to the cute little possum,
He rolls himself up in a ball.
The mule and the donkey,
The Freshman, the Monkey,
The Bison is King of them All.


U. of B. Marching Song

Words by Norman L. Burnbam, M.D., '96
Music by H.H. Godfrey

(Awarded First Prize, University Day, 1916)

U. of B. Marching Song

Join the song,
March along,
Sons of old U.B.
This our motto be.
Blue and white,
Colors right
For the loyal son;
Will surley reign
Where loyalty has won,
Speed the motto on
Every loyal son,
Loudly her praises tell,
Friendship's bod to strengthen,
Memory's tie to lengthen.
So loud this chorus swell.

U. of B.
'Tis to thee we sing,
Proud to stand
Hand in hand,
Praise to thee we bring;
Hail to thee
With our might and main
Heart with voice unite to sing
This U. of B. refrain.

Hail to Thee,
Alma Mater dear,
Halls resound,
Echoes bound,
Giving hearty cheer;
Flag unfurled,
Colors hurled
To old Erie's breeze
Next our Nation's
Flag we prize
Our flag of U. of B.
Much we owe to thee,
Alma Mater dear
Honored they name shall be,
Proud of they achievements,
Future fame forsee, hence
This chorus tuned to thee.

U. of B. Student Song

Words by Julius Richter, M.D., '04
Music by Henry G. Peters

(Awarded Second Prize, University Day, 1916)

Freshie came to U. of B.
Quite a knowing scholar.
He knew it all from A to Z,
You can bet a dollar.
Cut his classes left and right;
"Chicken" dinners every night:
But exams came 'round all right --
He got it 'neath the collar

March along, Freshies;
March along, Sophs;
March along, Juniors;
March along, Profs;
Lead the Way, Seniors;
Step to the band.
Hi-ho! Buffalo,
Greatest in the land.

Sophomore's back to U. of B.
Snubs each Freshie proper.
Broke, because he's paid his fee,
Can't scare up a copper.
Bade his "chicken" take her flight,
'Tends to business day and night,
Daddy's purse this year is tight --
No "bunk" will go with Popper.

Junior's back to U. of B.
Prosperous and sunny.
A growth upon his lip you see,
Makes his face looks funny.
Fifty "bucks" from dear Papa,
Brand new suit from Mamma,
"Call me 'Doc', you hear. Ha-ha!
My treat: I've got the money.

Mighty Senior stands at last
Merits all our gazing.
He's filled with lore of three years past:
Knowledge quite amazing.
His degree, with it be crowned,
Dear U.B., to her be bound.
Wedding bells may then resound: --
At last he'll get his hazing.

U. of B. Student Song

Women's Glee Club in 1927 (detail)

Click to listen to the University Chorus perform this song,
May 5, 1986. (1:15 minutes)


Words by Alice R. Bennet, M.D., '90
Tune: "Dr. Eisenbert" Deutsches Studentenlied

(Awarded Third Prize, University Day, 1916)

I sought the druggist in our town
My Cough to cure with mixture brown.
The job well done I chanced to say
"Where did you so well learn the way?"
Diploma did this name display,
"B U F F A L O."

I went one day to make my will
My lawyer did his work with skill
As I paid the fee "Dear Sir," said I,
"For the bar where did you qualify?"
He smiled and promptly did reply
"B U F F A L O."

A dental man, -- an aching tooth,
A flash of tool, relief forsooth
"O, Thanks" said I "But where dear heart,
Did you learn so well your dental art?"
He stared and answered with a start
"B U F F A L O."

The tummy-ache I had one night
The doctor came and set me right
Said I "Old man, in the name of sin,
Where did you get your good sheepskin?"
He coughed and answered with a grin,
"B U F F A L O."

Now when I'm dead and laid out cold
If I ask the undertaker bold
"Kind sir, where did you learn your work?"
I know he'd sit up with a jerk
And answer me with the same old smirk,
"B U F F A L O."

the 1927 Men's Glee Club (detail)
Click to listen to the University Chorus perform this song,
May 5, 1986. (1:00 minute)

UB Song of Praise

U. of B. Song of Praise

Key of G
Tune: "Maryland, My Maryland"

We'll sing her praise far and near,
U. of B., our U. of B.
Our Alma Mater always dear,
U. of B., our U. of B.
The blue shall satnd for loyalty,
The white shall stand for purity,
Our one aim shall be unity,
U. of B., our U. of B.

We'll ever keep her standard high,
U. of B., our U. of B.
And sing her praises to the sky,
U. of B., our U. of B.
Then we, the fair co-eds shall be,
The embodiment of loyalty
And boost the greater U. of B.
U. of B., our U. of B.

Alumni Song

(Dedicated to Dean Willis G. Gregory
and the Class of '06, School of Pharmacy)

Enshrined in the beautiful city
That sits by an inland sea
Are the wonderful buildings of learning
The College that's dearest to me.
Here memory still loveth to linger
O'er friendships that ever shall last,
While Time, with the tip of his finger,
Turns gently the page of the past.

Away are the lads and the lassies
Whose hearts were so gay and so bright;
They have joined in the rush of the masses
In the world, to battle for right.
But though Time shall furrow their faces
And threaten our temples with grey,
Allegiance all cares still displaces,
The old love that thrills us to-day.

Then sing we her praises forever.
The fadeless old Blue and the White;
She is crowned with immortal splendor
And dowered with love of the right.
A song then for old Alma Mater
We waft to the Angels on high
From hearts that have never forgot her
Tho' years may have long since passed by.

Alma Mater Hail

O Alma Mater, hail to thee,
Thy name enshrined ever be;
Among thy halls we learn to see
The g-lory that we praise in thee
O Alma Mater, hail to thee
Thy name enshrined ever be!
O Alma Mater, hail to thee
Hail, all hail to U. of B.

To books and arts and many skills.
We labor long to bind our wills.
And to thy precepts bow in praise
To honor thee through all our days.
O Alma Mater, hail to thee
Hail, all hail U. of B.

Our friends we make with ties that bind,
And bend to each a loving mind
Till one and all we sing our praise,
And with our song thy fame we raise,
O Alma Mater, hail to thee
O may our song forever be.
Dear Alma Mater,
Hail to thee Hail, all hail to U. of B.

Singing the Praises of U.B. in the 1907 Iris Yearbook


Who-Rah Yell

"Who Rah, Buffalo!"
BUFFALO BUFFALO "Who Rah, Buffalo!"
LET'S GO, BUFFALO! (3 times)


Stamp feet, clap hands, whistle
Boom, Ah, BUFFALO!

Deaf and Dumb Yell

(clapped with the hands)
Rub-a dub, dub-dub, dub-dub,
Rub-a-dub, dub-dub, dub-dub,
Rub-a-dub-dub! DUB!

Double "B"

B-B U-U F-F A-A L-L O-O -- Buffalo!
B-B U-U F-F A-A L-L O-O -- Buffalo!
Team, Team, Team!


(Slow) Rah-Rah-Rah-Rah -- BUFFALO
(Faster) Rah-Rah-Rah-Rah -- BUFFALO
(Faster) Rah-Rah-Rah-Rah -- BUFFALO
Team, Team, Team!

Cheerleaders, 1964
Cheerleaders, ca. 1940s - showing off a new brand of Pharmaceuticals
Cheerleaders, 1964