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Women's Work: A Tribute to the Women Who Make UB Work

Women have been an important part of UB's history from its very beginnings. The University's first alumna graduated in 1876. The University hired its first female staff member in 1888 and its first female faculty members seven years later. As such, women have been, and continue to be, an important part of the life and legacy of this University.

This small exhibition focuses on the achievements that women faculty, staff, and administration have made and their contributions to the University at Buffalo over the past 100 years. Because women have been so involved in the University it would have been impossible to have an all-inclusive exhibit. We have chosen to feature the biographies of approximately 80 women, past and present, who through their own achievements will represent hundreds of their colleagues.

There have been a multitude of women over the years who through many different capacities have made the University work. From administrative assistants to nationally recognized scientists doing cutting-edge research, each woman who has worked at UB, whether specifically highlighted or not, has made a contribution to the University.

Dedicated to Bernice Noble (1940-2003), professor of microbiology and chair of the President's Task Force on Women at UB, the exhibition is intended to promote the research of women's collections. We also hope to inspire the female faculty, staff, and administrators to donate their papers to the University Archives in order to help contribute to the documentation of women's work at UB.

Debuting on September 28, 2004, Women's Work is a multipart exhibition that is as multifaceted as the women of the University. In addition to the physical exhibit in the Special Collections Reading Room in 420 Capen Hall (click here for directions), satellite exhibit cases will be located in Lockwood Library, the Undergraduate Library, and the Law Library all on North Campus as well as the Health Sciences Library on South Campus.

Although the photographs, scrapbooks and publications of the physical will eventually be taken down, this multi-media special web exhibit will continue to be accessible through the University Archives' website. We hope you will browse through this website which includes all of the biographies of the 80+ women selected for the exhibit, samples from oral histories with some of the women, AND a taste of UB women's work: programs for and reviews of Sylvia Dimiziani's concerts, Susan Howe's poetry, a short movie directed by Meg Knowles, clips of Virginia Leary speaking at a teach-in, a radio interview with Helen Lyman...

  • Biographies

    Includes the biographies of over 80 women, past and present, representing the multitude of women who have made significant contributions to UB.

  • Women's Events throughout the History of UB

    Includes timelines of UB women's strides from 1876-2004, the evolution of women's studies from 1969 to 1989, and highlights of women's contributions in UB athletics from c. 1963 to 2002. Also includes and synopsis of the President's Task Force on Women at UB and lists of awards and honors given to UB women.

  • Documenting Women's History at the University Archives and Beyond

    Documenting women's history at the University Archives and beyond.