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The Women of the Office of the President

entrance to the President's Office on the 5th floor of Capen HallThe University President is much like the Chief Executive Officer of a large corporation and is responsible for overall strategic planning for and the sustained performance of the University. As Anthony DiGiorgio, President of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has said, the President's job can be broken down into three general areas: Planning, Leadership, and External Relations. As the most visible symbol of the University, he expected to maintain and enhance state and private funding for the University, to extend the University’s services and good will to the public, and to find ways for the University to contribute to the social, economic, and intellectual development of the state, region, and local community, as well as to oversee the daily operations of the University and lay the ground work for its future development.

The women of the president's office are responsible for making sure that the President is able to keep up with all of his various duties. Although often anonymous, their contributions to the daily functioning of the University are immeasurable

Jane Liebner

Assistant to the President for Events and Protocol Years in the Office of the President: 1990-present

Jane Liebner became Assistant to the President for Protocol and Social Planning in 1990. In this position Liebner organizes most of the events on the president's social calendar taking care of everything from guest lists and RSVPs to meal planning and decor. Much like a wedding planner, Liebner takes on the Herculean task of organizing large events on a regular basis, making sure that they go off flawlessly, but always stays behind the scenes.

Legendary for excellence, detail, and volume of the work that she does, Liebner was awarded the SUNY Chancellor's Medal for Professional Service in 1994.

Carla Benz

Executive Assistant to the President
Years in the Office of the President: 1983-present

Carla Benz has served in support positions in the Office of the President since 1983. She moved to her current position of Executive Assistant to the President in 1994. In a general memorandum issued at the time of her appointment, then-President William Griener described her job saying: "Carla's function will be primarily to facilitate each day's events as they happen". She will "assume responsibility for many of the daily functions that support me; she will accept and refer scheduling requests, greet visitors, receive telephone calls, and otherwise help keep me moving through the day."

Connie Holoman

Deputy to the President
Years in the Office of the President: 1993-present

Constance "Connie" Holoman has served at UB for approximately fifteen years. Before joining the staff of UB, Holoman held positions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Saint Xavier College, and the University of Chicago. In 1989, Holoman came to UB as the assistant to the director of the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis. In 1993, Holoman joined the Office of the President, first as the Internal Operations Officer, and later obtained her current position of Deputy to the President