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Web Reference

Book & Journal Publishing


New and used book search and price comparison tool.

All that JAS: Journal Abbreviation Sources

Web resources leading to journal abbreviations.

Atlas of Early Printing

Site depicts the spread of printing through Europe in the fifty years following the European refinement of the tools and process to make impressions from movable type cast in metal.

Book Reviews

UB Libraries' guide to selected resources on locating book reviews

Book Reviews Search Engine

Searches the websites of newspapers & magazines that have book review sections (e.g. New York Times, New Yorker, Slate, The Atlantic, etc.).

CASSI (CAS Source Index)

Invaluable as a reference tool to decipher histories, dates, and abbreviations for chemical, scientific, engineering, and technical journal titles.


Allows you to quickly find where journal titles are available in fulltext in over 245 different electronic collections.

E-Books MultiSearcher

Search a variety of sources of free electronic books simultaneously.

Electronic Journal Holdings

UB Only

Find out what journals you can read on your computer.

Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory

UB Only

Directory of magazines, journals, and other serial publications.