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VI.D.1–7: “Work in Progress”/Finnegans Wake Partial Copies of Missing notebooks (1917–1927) in Scribal Notebooks (see MSS VI.C: 1933–1937):

General Introduction and Material Description

Peter Spielberg was the first scholar to recognize that in Mme Raphael’s scribal copies of Joyce’s primary Ulysses and “Work in Progress”/Finnegans Wake notebooks there was evidence of what we now know are more than eleven partial notebooks, none of which are part of the Buffalo Joyce Collection, and at least seven of which are now missing notebooks. As directed by Joyce, Raphael transcribed only those entries that Joyce had not crossed through with colored crayons; at times Rapahel transcribed the same notebook twice, presumably inadvertently. We have no further direct evidence of the remaining content of these notebooks, though a correlation of the sources of the notes and draft usage will uncover other transferred entries from these notebooks.

The manuscripts Spielberg catalogued as MSS VI.D.4 and VI.D.7 are actually copies of Ulysses notebooks (what Spielberg designated as MS VI.D.4 is in fact a transcription of four National Library of Ireland manuscripts [36,639/03–05/B] and MS VI.D.7 is a transcription of one or more other, still missing, early Ulysses notebooks). Danis Rose and John O’Hanlon prepared an edited version of MS VI.D.7 as The Lost Notebook: New Evidence on the Genesis of “Ulysses” (Edinburgh: Split Pea Press, 1989).

The remaining transcriptions of at least five now missing “Work in Progress”/Finnegans Wake notebooks are as follows (see TD 25–37):

Catalogue Number Date of Compilation of
Missing Notebook(s):
Transcription in Scribal Notebook(s)
VI.D.1: May–June 1925 MS VI.C.2, pp. [123]–[197]
VI.D.2: Mid-April–May 1925 MS VI.C.3, pp. [178]–[242]
MS VI.C.15, pp. [177]–[252]: duplicate transcription
VI.D.3 Early December 1924–February 1925 MS VI.C.4, pp. [220]–[280]; continued on
MS VI.C.15, pp. [001]–[091]
[VI.D.4] 1917–1921 VI.C.7, pp. [136]–[269]: NLI MSS 36,639/03–05/A–B
VI.D.5: August–September 1926 MS VI.C.8, pp. [217]–[242]; continued on VI.C.9, pp. [001]–[019]
MS VI.C.10, pp. [249]–[280]; continued on VI.C.16, pp. [001]–[065]: duplicate transcription
VI.D.6 Fall-Winter 1927 MS VI.C.11, pp. [096]–[217]
VI.D.7 1917 VI.C.16, pp. [232]–[274]

General Notes

Joyce made use of some of these notes, including the transcriptions of the Ulysses notebooks, while writing “Work in Progress”/Finnegans Wake, crossing through the entries in various colored crayons. See the descriptions of the relevant VI.C scribal notebooks for further information.