How to Create/Edit an Inclusion File

There are two ways to get an updated inclusion list for Docs2000, but first do the following:

Then, do one of the following:

One method is to use the DSIMS site.

The user name is your depository number and the password is your depository’s internal password.

Your depository coordinator will know both.

The selection profile data in DSIMS can be downloaded in a CSV file. At the time I write this, there are 3 columns (item number, status, and date active).

If you have any questions on DSIMS, there is a tutorial available on the FDLP Desktop.

Once you logon, you can click "Selection Profile" in the upper left and download your list as csv

The other method, which doesn't require a logon, is to:

  • Go to the Item Lister site
  • Select Data Output Type: "Selections in Rows and Columns"
  • Enter your Depository Library Number
  • Click "Submit"
  • Click "Download CSV" button
  • Click "Open"
  • If you're given a choice, choose to open the file with Excel

For either of the above methods, once the file is opened in Excel the steps are the same, as follows:

Once the file "MYITEMS.TXT" is in your label program's directory, you can run DOCS 2000.

You might want to do this every quarter, as your inclusions change. You can edit the file "MYITEMS.TXT", using NOTEPAD, whenever you make a change to your profile.

If you have been using the original, DOS-based, DOCS program, and are moving to Docs2000 you already have your inclusion file "MYITEMS.TXT". You just need to copy (or move it) to the directory of "DOCS 2000" and you'll be ready to go!

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