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Pan-American Exposition of 1901

The Exposition Buildings

When David Gray, editor of the Art Hand-Book1, was compiling descriptive information for the buildings of the Pan-American Exposition, he sought out the architects themselves:

"The descriptions of the chief buildings of the Pan-American Exposition have been written for the Art Hand-Book (except in a few instances) by the architects that designed them. It is felt by the Editor, therefore, that they may be presented as accurate and official descriptions of the Exposition architecture.— Editor."

Each of the following pages begins with such descriptions as published in the Art Hand-book. Additional material, including third-party descriptions, criticism, detailed renderings and photographic images will follow.

Birdseye View

Birdseye View of the Pan-American Exposition. Artist: Rendering by Harry Fenn after drawings by Carrère and Hastings Source: Kerry S. Grant. The Rainbow City: Celebrating Light, Color, and Architecture at the Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, 1901. Image from the collection of the Buffalo and Erie Country Historical Society.

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Related Maps

Building Map of the Pan-American Exposition. Artist: Rendering by Murray Smith? Source: Published by Orvis and Smith, 1901. From the collection of the Buffalo and Erie Country Historical Society.

Plan of the Pan-American Exposition to be Held at Buffalo, New York, May 1-Nov 1, 1901. Artist: Rendering by C. E. Peltz. Source: From the collection of the University Archives, University at Buffalo

Ethnology Building Temple of Music Pylons of the Triumphal Causeway Pergola Pergola Pergola Building Pergola Building Esplanade bandstand Esplanade Bandstand U.S. Government Building Mfg. & Liberal Arts Building Agriculture Building Electric Tower Stadium Horticulture Group Restaurant Restaurant Propylaea Propylaea Electricity Building Machinery Building State and Foreign Buildings Art Building (see larger map) Service Building New York State Building (see larger map) Model Dairy Bazaar Building Acetylene Building Spanish Mission (to be built here) Larkin Building (to be built here)


1.Art Handbook, Official Handbook of Architecture and Sculpture and Art Catalogue to the Pan-American Exposition. Ed. David Gray. Buffalo, N.Y.: David Gray, 1901.