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Pan-American Exposition of 1901

The Esplanade Band Stands1


AT the Architectural Bureau on the Exposition grounds a number of clever and able young designers were employed, some of them being ex-students of the École des Beaux Arts of Paris, and it was decided to give them some opportunity for individual expression in some of the minor constructions about the grounds, so that a system of competitions was instituted for designers for some of these things, among others, for the Esplanade band stands. The design executed was the work of Mr. J. M. Lyall of New York. It is thoroughly original in form and very expressive of its purpose, with its four great sounding-boards under the domed roofs and the gay and festive character of its flowery detail. Another of these competitions was for the bridge at the south end of the Venice Canal. This was the work of Mr. Frere Champney, also of New York.


1. Text quoted directly from the Art Hand-Book, Official Handbook of Architecture and Sculpture and Art Catalogue to the Pan-American Exposition. Ed. David Gray. Buffalo, N.Y.: David Gray, 1901. Sources of the images are noted with each.