Figure 1: Feeding, growth, and survival rates of coot chicks

On the left side of the figure (panels a, c, and e) are the values for the two control groups (nests with either all orange chicks or nests with all black chicks). But the only data shown are for the nests composed entirely of orange chicks. Remember this is the normal situation that we find in the wild. The values shown are the medians, interquartile ranges, and 10-90 percentiles. With this knowledge, plot the values on the graph you would expect for the control black chicks raised with only black nest mates.

On the right side of the figure (panels b, d, and f) is a space for the expected values for the chicks in the experimental broods. Here half of the chicks are black and half are kept orange. Now plot what you predict the values will be if the authors' hypothesis is correct.

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