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Robert Graves Audio


These recordings of Robert Graves are copyright © the Estate of Robert Graves. They were digitized as part of a 2009 Preservation and Access grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for a two-year project to reformat, catalog and make accessible over 1,300 cassette and reel-to-reel recordings dating back to 1962.

[Presentation of the manuscripts of Robert Graves to the University at Buffalo, May 15, 1960] [sound recording]

Poet Robert Graves presented his manuscript collection to the Poetry Collection at the University at Buffalo in 1960. This event celebrates the acquisition of the Robert Graves Collection and its first public exhibition. University Chancellor Clifford C. Furnas begins by acknowledging the generosity of donor Mildred Lockwood Lacey, the widow of Lockwood Library’s benefactor, Thomas B. Lockwood. Furnas speaks about the importance of a library and its mission to scholars and patrons. Next, Charles D. Abbott, the first Lockwood Library Librarian and the founder of the Poetry Collection, reminisces about the past twenty-five years and the increasing greatness of the Library’s collections. Abbott describes conversations he had with Thomas B. Lockwood regarding Lockwood’s interest in Robert Graves and the work I, Claudius. Robert Graves then takes the podium and speaks with humility and humor about Abbott’s offer to purchase his manuscripts. He accepts his "celebrity" at the University at Buffalo and apologizes to any publishers who may have lost money on his books. Graves' speech culminates with his realization that the University will serve as "the grave of Graves" and that he "will be comfortable here." Current University Librarian, Oscar A. Silverman, concludes the presentation by bestowing upon him the title of honorary fellow of the Lockwood Memorial Library. Graves thanks him and donates additional books to the University, and with this, the exhibition of the Robert Graves Collection was open to the public.

Recorded at the University at Buffalo on May 15, 1960 on a 7 inch Scotch reel-to-reel tape.

[Poetry reading at the University at Buffalo, May 16, 1960] [sound recording] / Robert Graves

Poet Robert Graves reads his poetry for the University at Buffalo audience. Graves incorporates humor and wit throughout the reading and provides anecdotes prior to reading each poem. Graves also speaks about his poetry writing style, the challenges of aging and his interest in mushrooms. He has selected poems to read from 1955-1960.

The face in the mirror -- The coral pool -- Gratitude for a nightmare -- Friday night -- The naked and the nude -- A slice of wedding cake -- A bouquet from a fellow roseman -- Forbidden words -- Nothing -- The second fated -- Around the mountain -- The person from Porlock -- Here live your life out -- Established lovers -- The quiet glades of Eden -- Call it a good marriage -- Old world dialogue -- The were-man -- Surgical ward men -- Twice of the same fever -- Come enjoy your Sunday - How and why -- Mysteries of the toad stool God.

Recorded at the Butler Auditorium, Capen Hall, University at Buffalo on May 16, 1960 on two 7 inch Proline reel-to-reel tapes.

[Poetry reading, 1969] [sound recording] / Robert Graves

Recording of Robert Graves reading his poetry.

Contents: Arrears of moonlight -- What do you say -- Dancing flame -- Like owls -- The barber -- Mist -- The word -- Perfectionist -- Bites and kisses -- Free hold -- Despite the mirrors -- Pride of love -- Song: There once was two lovers -- Song: Palm tree -- Dewdrop and diamond -- Song: Just friends -- Song: Of course -- Loose flesh abbey.

From the Hand and Flower Press Collection. Recorded on a 5 inch reel-to-reel tape in 1969.