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Data Management

Where can you learn about data management?

  • Data Management (MIT) - A general resource for planning and creating a Data Management plan. Includes information regarding citations, security and backup, legal issues, and organization.
  • Managing Your Data (University of Minnesota) - Provides information regarding the importance of managing your data, as well as a number presentations, slides, and workshops covering a variety of topics related to data management.

How can the UB Libraries help you manage your data?

The UB Institutional Repository, maintained by the University Libraries, is the primary tool to assist your data management. The institutional repository contains a variety of document types and handles all file formats. It serves as a central, permanent data repository and is supported by University enterprise-level backup. Please contact Karlen Chase, Digital Scholarship Specialist, University Libraries, for more information. 

What is a data management plan and why is it important?

  • DMPTool - Need a template for the data management plan in your grant proposal? UB is now a partner institution on this platform where you can log in with your UBIT and store your data management plans, as well as get templates for each funder.
    • NOTE: This tool is for creating and managing your data management plans at the grant proposal stage, not for storing your research data or publications. The UB Institutional Repository is the platform for storing data and publications resulting from your research.
  • Write a Data Management Plan (MIT) - A concise definition of elements needed in a data management plan and an excellent list of resources/tools for developing the plan.

Which funders in the U.S. require data management plans?

  • In addition to requirements for a data management plan, a February 2013 White House policy directive mandated the public release of research data (open data) for nearly all research funded by the federal government. Since 2013, the agencies have been working on issuing mandatory open data compliance policies. See our Federal Open Access/Open Data Requirements for Research.
  • NSF Dissemination and Sharing of Research Results (National Science Foundation) - Outlines in detail the requirements of grant proposals and data management plans according to NSF standards.
  • NIH Data Sharing Policy (National Institutes of Health) - Includes information on regulations involving data sharing, as well as a number of statements from NIH on data management (last revisions made in 2007).
  • Federal Funding Agencies: Data Management and Sharing Policies (Tufts Univ.) – A concise listing of major federal agencies noting if they require data management plans and links to those that do.

What resources can help you with Big Data and data-intensive scholarship issues?