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Our Vision & Goals

Who we are

The Digital Scholarship team includes Heidi Dodson (CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Scholarship) and Rachel Starry (CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Social Science Data Curation). We work closely with our library colleagues in scholarly communication and publishing to support data management and the use of digital tools and methods for research, teaching and publishing at UB.

Our Vision

Our active goals for the initial 2018-2020 phase of UB Libraries’ new digital scholarship program concentrate on collaboration: we focus on building relationships and capacity, within and between the libraries, academic departments, and other educational support units across the university. We envision the library as a central space where faculty, staff and students can find assistance for developing digital projects, and we see our role as providing support for researchers, teachers and learners at UB to develop their competencies in digital tools and methods. To accomplish this, we are actively working to create more active and visible support within the libraries for data management and digital scholarship.

2018-2020 Goals

Collaborate with other library units to build support for research data management

  • Develop data management guides and resources
  • Increase transparency around – and continue building – library services in support of finding data, creating data management plans, preserving research data, and sharing data in trustworthy repositories
  • Collaborate with library faculty and staff working on scholarly communication and scholarly publishing to build capacity for Open Data initiatives

Develop a network of collaborators in digital scholarship across UB

  • Bridge disciplinary siloes to share expertise and resources across the university
  • Leverage existing momentum around digital humanities and expand the network of digital scholarship practitioners to include researchers in the sciences and social sciences
  • Enable both interdisciplinary research and innovative communication about the processes and results of collaborative research

Create a robust library program in support of digital scholarship and digital pedagogy

  • Collaborate with other library units to identify existing expertise and offer professional development opportunities for library faculty and staff to develop expertise in digital tools and resources
  • Provide workshops and other programming to teach digital scholarship skills to the wider campus community
  • Identify and collaborate with campus partners who are also engaged in supporting scholarly activities such as research, teaching and publishing

Explore and promote the potential of the library to be an innovative hub of critical digital engagement and creative making at UB

  • Work with other campus partners to explore the use of AR/VR (mixed and virtual reality) and makerspace technology in teaching and learning
  • Build library capacity for partnership on digital projects and the innovative use of technology in the classroom