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About Oscar A. Silverman Library

Silverman Library

The Oscar A. Silverman Library is located in Capen Hall on the North Campus of the University at Buffalo. The library features a variety of research, reading, and study spaces for undergraduates and graduate students.

The Oscar A. Silverman Library is named in honor of the Dr. Oscar Ansell Silverman who was an authority on modern literature, a great teacher, and a former director of the University at Buffalo Libraries.

Dr. Silverman's relationship with the University dates back to 1926, when he joined UB as a member of the English Department. Dr. Silverman moved through the ranks and achieved the title of full professor in 1943. From 1956-1963, he served as chairman of the English Department.

As director of the University Libraries from 1960-1968, Dr. Silverman expanded the collection from 350,000 to 1 million volumes. Professor Silverman played an instrumental role in the acquisition of materials which are now a part of the Poetry/Rare Books Collection, including the Robert Graves poetry collection and works of James Joyce. Silverman was, in fact, an avid Joyce scholar.

A graduate of Yale University, Dr. Silverman is considered a giant in the development of the University at Buffalo Libraries, having designed and directed the most imposing period of library enrichment in the University's history -- a period which saw the acquisition of twice as many volumes as had been collected in the first 114 years of the University's existence.

Considered a renaissance man, Dr. Silverman was as active in the Western New York community as he was on campus, constantly working to build bridges of understanding between the University and Western New York.

Dr. Oscar Ansell Silverman is indeed remembered as one of UB's finest!