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Inside an Empty Lockwood

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The new six story building has three times the amount of usable space as the original Lockwood. It was built with a seating capacity of 2,100, four times that of the building which it replaced. It is capable of holding over 900,000 volumes on thirty miles of shelves (there were only ten miles in the original Lockwood). The new building was also designed for future expansion along its south wall.

(all images © Mark Ludwig)

The main Reference desk - behind the desk to the left will be the public catalog.

The services indicated in this photo will be located on the 2nd floor. This is also the location for the indexes and abstracts section of the reference collection.

moving the books into the new Lockwood shelves

"Main desk in the Documents Library which will occupy two floors."

"A small portion of the 30 miles of shelving in Lockwood. (the old Lockwood only had about 10 miles of shelving)."

"There are 341 study carrels in Lockwood. Each locked carrel is electronically equipped."

where the reference desk is

main entrance

circulation desk