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Study Carrels

Locked study carrels in Lockwood Library are available each semester to Faculty, Professional Staff, Ph.D. candidates and graduate students. First consideration is given to persons who need to make extensive use of Lockwood Collections.

Study Carrel Application

First consideration is given to persons who need to make extensive use of Lockwood Collections. The carrels will be assigned according to the following priorities:

# Status Location of Department
1. Ph.D. candidate writing dissertation Main St.
2. Graduate student writing thesis Main St.
3. Ph.D. candidate writing dissertation Ellicott Complex
4. Graduate student writing thesis Ellicott Complex
5. Faculty/Professional Staff Main St.
6. Faculty/Professional Staff Ellicott Complex
7. Ph.D. candidate writing dissertation Academic Spine
8. Graduate student writing thesis Academic Spine
9. Faculty/Professional Staff Academic Spine
10. Other**

Locked study carrels are available each semester to:

  • Faculty & Professional Staff
  • Graduate School of Education
  • Informatics
  • Management
  • Ph.D. candidates and graduate students from the College of Arts & Sciences
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Schools of Architecture and Planning
  • Social Work

Carrels will be made available to graduate students not writing dissertations, theses, and proposals and to Faculty/Professional Staff and graduate students from Faculties and Schools other than the ones mentioned above, if they become available.

Length of Assignment

Carrels are assigned for the full semester (Summer counts as one semester). Applicants should inform the Libraries Facilities Office, Silverman Library, if they intend to stop using the carrel prior to the end of a semester. The vacated carrel will then be reassigned to the next person on the waiting list for the remainder of the semester.


An individual who wishes to hold a carrel for two consecutive semesters must reapply. He/she will have a lower priority than a new applicant. A “new applicant” is defined as an individual who has never had a carrel. Next in priority is one who has not had one during the preceding semester. Carrels will be assigned to new applicants in priority order and then to carrel holders who wish to renew carrel assignments.

  • If the carrel holder wishes to keep library materials in a carrel overnight or for a longer period of time, the materials must be charged out at the Circulation Desk. Instructions on charging books out to carrels only are available upon request at the Circulation Desk. All library materials which have not been charged out will be regularly removed from the carrels by library staff.
  • Periodicals, Reference, etc. are high use items. Please do not leave them in carrels. Return them to their respective shelving areas.
  • Carrels are not to be subleased or used by friends, etc. It is the responsibility of the carrel holder to notify the Library when the assigned carrel is not longer needed. If you will not be using the carrel for the entire semester, please contact the Libraries Facilities Office, Silverman Library, 716-645-2510 as soon as possible. The carrel will be assigned to the next person on the waiting list.
  • The Library WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PERSONAL PROPERTY LEFT IN CARRELS. Electric appliances other than computers, typewriters, tape recorders, are prohibited. REMEMBER: the carrels are open at the top. Therefore, do not leave anything of value in them since it could be taken by someone climbing over the top.
  • Library furniture OTHER THAN THE CHAIR PLACED IN THE CARREL, must not be moved into a carrel. Any problems with broken furniture in the carrel should be reported to the Access Services Director's Office (645-2510).
  • When conferring with colleagues, or using audio equipment, computers, or typewriters, please keep volume levels as low as possible since the carrels are open at the top. If complaints are received from library users about noise from within carrels, carrel holders will be required to make reasonable accommodations. Information about group study space and reservable group study rooms.
  • Smoking, food and beverages ARE PROHIBTED IN CARRELS.
  • Carrel holders must remove ALL BELONGINGS by the last day of the assignment. A letter from the Libraries Facilities Office, Silverman Library, will inform you of that date.
  • Carrel holders are responsible for the observance of ALL REGULATIONS. The Library reserves the right to revoke carrel assignments or other library privileges at its discretion.
  • Please put garbage in cans outside—do not leave it in the carrel.