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  • Brando's Smile (Book) Brando's Smile (Book)by Susan L. Mizruchi
  • The Bone Clocks (Book) The Bone Clocks (Book)by David Mitchell
  • Virtual Unreality (Book) Virtual Unreality (Book)by Charles Seife
  • A Most Imperfect Union (Book) A Most Imperfect Union (Book)by Ilan Stavans
  • Il Capitale Umano (DVD) Il Capitale Umano (DVD)Directed by Paolo Virzì
  • My Salinger Year (Book) My Salinger Year (Book)by Joanna Rakoff
  • But Enough About You (Book) But Enough About You (Book)by Christopher Buckley
  • On the Run (E-Book) On the Run (E-Book)by Alice Goffman