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XIX. Miscellaneous James Joyce Material

Folder 1

2 programs of "Miss Margaret M. Sheehy’s Dramatic and Musical Recital," featuring a performance by Joyce; 8 January 1901, 1l recto–verso.

Notes Also see MS IX.3 as well as X.K: Joyce to Michael Healy and XIII: Healy to Beach.

Folder 2

Biglietto d’Abbonamento (subscription ticket) for Joyce’s lecture on Hamlet in Trieste, Italy; 4 November [1912].

Notes Reproduced in LII. Also see XVI: correspondence from Silverman to Russell.

Folder 3

File of items removed from books in Joyce’s library, with archivists’ notes; n.d.

Folder 4

3 of Joyce’s canes/ashplants: 1 is black with monogrammed ivory handle and 2 are of lighter wood.

Folder 5

2 receipts from Alexander Ehrenzweig, Joyce’s Zurich photographer, in German; 20 September 1919.

Folder 6

Notes on the pre-publication history of Ulysses in The Little Review and Joyce’s biography in Beach’s hand, with drawing of an eye on the verso; n.d.

Folder 7

Bill for Joyce from the Paris American Art Co.; 25 February 1922.

Folder 8

2 leaves of Joyce’s personal expenses in his hand, one with accounts on the verso in Beach’s hand and a stamp reading "Unnumbered Press Copy"; n.d. [?after 1922].

Folder 9

Presumably a radiograph of Joyce’s teeth, with the doctor’s envelope, and with additional notation and envelope, both in Beach’s hand; [19 April 1923].

Folder 10

Joyce’s British passport; issued 3 May 1924.

Folder 11

Invoice and receipts from C. Ruf, Joyce’s Zurich photographer, in German, with separate notation in Beach’s hand, with an envelope with notations in Beach’s hand; 20 September 1919 & 5 June 1924.

Folder 12

Note in Joyce’s hand on the verso of an order form from The New Criterion ; n.d. [after 1926].

Folder 13

[X.K.4]: Joyce’s draft for an advertisement; n.d. [?1927].

Folder 14

Solicitation for a "Memorial to F. Cruise O’Brien"; before 8 July [?1927].

Folder 15

Receipt for payment received by Dr. Louis Borsch, (to Beach, on behalf of Joyce); 2 November 1928.

Notes See also XII: correspondence from Beach to Borsch.

Folder 16

Address of Dr. Borsch’s clinic in Beach’s hand; n.d.

Notes See also XII: Beach to Borsch.

Folder 17

Invoice for Joyce from "Compagnie d’Assurances Générales"; 29 July 1929.

Folder 18

2 typed copies of a document concerning Joyce’s eyes, each 2l, in French; n.d. [?1929].

Folder 19

Note on "Iridectomie" in Beach’s hand in French; n.d.

Folder 20

Presumably a sketch of Joyce’s eye troubles on the verso of a Shakespeare and Company business card; n.d.

Folder 21

Bill from Deval for Joyce, with an address in an unknown hand, and further notations in Beach’s hand; February 192[?].

Folder 22

Receipts for a Remington typewriter, with a business card with notations probably in Joyce’s hand; 1926–1930.

Folder 23

Draft of the listing for Joyce in "Who’s Who" in Beach’s hand, written on the verso of a Shakespeare and Company (rue Dupuytren) lending library card; n.d. [probably mid 1920s].

Folder 24

Biographical information about Joyce in Beach’s hand; 3 February 1930, 2 l .

Folder 25

2 "St. Patrick’s Day" menus from Restaurant Les Trianons, 1 of which is signed by the guests; 17 March 1931. Also included are a bill from the restaurant and an envelope with notation in Beach’s hand.

Folder 26

3 press clippings about James and Nora Joyce’s marriage; 4 July 1931.

Folder 27

Prescription for Joyce’s glasses by Dr. Vogt; 14 September 1932.

Folder 28

Joyce’s glasses, including the lenses, the ear pieces, and a case; n.d. [?1932].

Folder 29

A leather wristwatch strap that once belonged to Joyce, with envelope, and notation in Beach’s hand; n.d. [?late 1920s].

Folder 30

Notes on Japanese articles/translations of Ulysses and "Work in Progress" in Joyce’s hand on "Hotel Lord Byron" letterhead; n.d. [?19 October to mid November 1932], 2l.

Folder 31

The Joyces’ rue Edmond Valentin address in Joyce’s hand, with notations in Beach’s hand; 16 February 1935.

Folder 32

Joyce’s later British passport; issued 19 June 1935.

Folder 33

"République Française" telephone bill for Joyce, in French; 2 March 1936.

Folder 34

The Joyces’ lease for the apartment at 34, rue de Vignes; March 1939.

Folder 35

Rent payment receipt for the Joyces’ apartment at 34, rue des Vignes; 4 March 1939.

Folder 36

Biographical information about Joyce in his hand in French; n.d. [?1939].

Folder 37

Joyce’s République Française identity card; 1939.

Folder 38

Joyce’s République Française ration card; n.d. [December 1939–April 1940].

Folder 39

Receipt from the Pension Delphin, Zurich; 31 January 1941.

Folder 40

Typed subscription letter for the Joyce fund; 15 February 1941.

Folder 41

Notation in Joyce’s hand on a telegram receipt, with further notation in Beach’s hand; n.d.

Folder 42

4 Black & white and colored prints of Joyce’s "Ex-Libris Post-mortem" bookplate, for Joyce’s Personal Library in Buffalo ; [?1949].

  1. All iteMS are a single leaf, recto only unless otherwise stated.