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Charles B. Sears Law Library Floor Plans

O'Brian Hall, North Campus, Buffalo, NY 14260-1110

Floor 2: Main Entrance (PDF)
Floor 3 (PDF)
Floor 4 (PDF) l
Floor 5 (PDF)
Floor 6 (PDF)
Floor 7 (PDF)

Call Number Locator

By Call Number

NOTE: Call numbers may exist in multiple collections, and thus be housed in different locations. For example, CORE and LAWR COLLECTIONS are located on Floor 2 and GENERAL COLLECTIONS are located on Floor 3. So be sure to check COLLECTION location first!

Call Number Subject Covered Location
Library of Congress Call Numbers
A through J See Library of Congress Subject Outline Floor 3
H Social Sciences Floor 3
J Political Science Floor 3
K1-30 Law Reviews and Journals Floor 7
K31-9999 Law (General) Floor 3
KB-KE See Library of Congress Subject Outline Floor 3
KD United Kingdom. Ireland Floor 3
KE Canada Floor 3
KF 1 - KF 7680 United States Floor 3
KF 48 - KF 135 and KF 6285 C67 Federal Core Collection Floor 2
KF 7682 - KF 9999 United States Floor 6
(inc. some KFI & KFN)
United States: States - General Collection Floor 6
KFI LAWR Collection Floor 2
KFN New York State Core Collection Floor 2
KG-KZ See Library of Congress Subject Outline Floor 6
KG Latin America Floor 6
KH South America Floor 6
KJ Europe Floor 6
KK - KKZ Europe Floor 6
KL - KP Asia and Eurasia Floor 6
KQ - KT Africa Floor 6
KU - KW Pacific Area Floor 6
KZ Law of nations Floor 6
L through Z See Library of Congress Subject Outline Floor 6
Collections by Location
Floor 2
Archives & Special Collections, Law
Audio Visual Collection, Koren/AV
Berman Collection
Circulation Desk Collection
Federal Core Collection
Federal Reporters & Digests
Haas Collection
LAWR Collection
Leisure Collection
New York Alcove
New York Core Collection
New York Nominatives
New York Reporters & Digests
McKinney's & CLS
O’Brian Papers, John Lord
Reference and Reference Desk Collections
Reserve Collection
Special Collections, Law
Success Collection
Floor 3
General Book Collection
Regional Reporters and Digests
Floor 4
Floor closed for construction (as of June 2017)
Floor 5
Microforms, Law
Study Aids Collection
Textbook Collection
United Nations Alcove and United Nations Microforms
Floor 6
General Book Collection, including New York General Collection
Superseded Collection
Floor 7
Law Reviews and Journals
Martindale-Hubbell Law Directories
NYCRR Superseded Collection
Oversize Collection