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My Account Help

What is My Account?

Similar to the Account feature on many websites, My Account allows a library user to view details about his/her library transactions. These details include a list of library items checked out from any university library with the item’s due date. Books and article/chapters requested by UB Faculty/staff and students through Delivery+ are listed. Library overdue fines and fees are listed. Faculty/staff may view a list of their audiovisual booking requests and a list of their proxies. In addition, users may place requests , recalls and renew library materials online.

How do I access My Account?

  • Select My Account from the right corner of the University Libraries website
  • Input your UBIT username and password. If you have a blue courtesy card, please use the Libnumber printed on the face of the card for the username. Select Log In

What is My Account Overview?

My Account Overview is a summary of the following transactions:

  • Delivery+ Requests
  • Items on Loan
  • Loan History List
  • Library Fines (Please note that library fines transferred to Student Accounts are not listed)
  • Booking Requests – Faculty/staff only
  • Proxies/Sponsors - Faculty/staff only

More details about each transaction are viewable by clicking on the number to the right of the type of transaction on the My Account Overview page.

Can I view the history of Delivery+ requests that have been placed via the library catalog and through Interlibrary Loan?

Yes. Select View Requests on the My Account Overview page to view the history of requests that have been made via the UB Libraries’ Catalog. All journal articles and book chapters delivered electronically can be viewed. Physical items requested from any library worldwide can be tracked.

Can I view the items I have checked out from the libraries?

Yes. Select the number listed to the right of Items on Loan on the My Account Overview page. Items on loan and renewals will be listed. Use the renew option listed in the blue box to the left to renew library materials. Use the Loan History Tab on the My Accounts Overview page to view all the items that have been returned.

Can I pay a library fine using My Account?

Fines can be paid using e-pay by selecting Library Fines from the My Account Overview page. Click on the dollar amount. Fees for library replacement copies cannot be paid through My Account.

Last Update: 09/19/2013