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Research Tip: Finding Federal and State Docket Sheets and Documents or Life After Bloomberg Law Dockets

Friday, November 1st, 2019

Lexis Advance Courtlink is our go-to database when you are researching cases and need to see complaints, briefs, or other court documents. It is available through Lexis Advance.
STEP #1: Sign on and go into Lexis Advance, click on the grid next to the words “Lexis Advance Research” on the top black task bar. Then click on Lexis Advance Courtlink. Help for Courtlink is available at:
STEP #2: To see both docket sheets and the documents, select the combined category in the “Search for” box, then select your court and add keyword search terms or use the segments, e.g. docket number, litigants, or attorneys, as appropriate, to your search.
STEP #3: Choose dockets to review from the list retrieved. First, you will see the docket sheet with the parties, attorneys, and associated cases. Continue scrolling to the documents and choose the documents you want to view. Be aware that NOT all of the documents are available to view, just the ones that say “free” to the left of the document.
STEP #4: Do not despair if the document you want to view does not say “free.” Come to the reference desk and the reference librarians will use Pacer with you to retrieve the document, if it is available.

Need Help? The reference librarians are available to help you at our desk, at 716-645-2047, or during our reference hours:
Marcia Zubrow, Information Services Coordinator, 11/1/2019