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Reimagining Lockwood 5

Friday, August 4th, 2023
music library 5th floor

Change is on the horizon for the fifth floor of Lockwood Library. As part of the UB Libraries’ strategic mission to enhance spaces in response to the university community’s needs, an exciting transformation is underway: the Music Library will soon find its new home within a specially designed section of Lockwood Library.

Lockwood Library, boasting the largest square footage among UB’s libraries, is set to accommodate not just the Music Collection itself, but also offer ample space for reader facilities and soundproof study rooms tailored for sight reading and attentive listening. In preparation for the upcoming relocation of the Music Library, a dedicated section within Lockwood Library had to be meticulously cleared.

Music Library sketch version 3

To ensure a relevant collection and optimize available space, the staff of UB Library undertook a comprehensive process of evaluating, organizing, and redistributing existing materials. Items that were previously situated on the northern side of Lockwood 5 have been successfully moved to alternate sections of the library as well as the Libraries Annex.

With this phase now wrapping up, construction of the distinct and branded new Music Library space is anticipated to commence shortly. The subsequent stages of the project will seamlessly follow, marking another significant step in UB Libraries’ commitment to enhancing the learning environment for the university community.