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UB Librarians are Recipients of the Luminary Award at the Panasci Technology Entrepreneurship Competition

Monday, April 22nd, 2024

Erin Rowley, engineering librarian; Michelle Zafron, coordinator, reference and education services for health sciences at Abbott Library; and Carolyn Klotzbach-Russell, social sciences librarian; were recognized for their contributions to UB’s Startup and Innovation Collaboratory (CoLab) at the 2024 Panasci Technology Entrepreneurship Competition on April 18, 2024.

For their work, they were honored with a Luminary Award, which recognizes friends of The CoLab who have contributed to support and guide UB students in their entrepreneurial journey and the development of the campus-based entrepreneurship and innovation center. Rowley, Zafron, and Klotzbach-Russell have played critical roles in supporting students to develop knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship.

Hadar Borden, director, Startup & Innovation Collaboratory powered by Blackstone LaunchPad and WNY Prosperity Fellowship Program, expressed that the trio exemplified the potential that emerges when collaboration transcends boundaries and that collaborations like this underscore the transformative influence libraries can wield by fostering strong campus partnerships.